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Xbox 360 MW3 Special Edition Slim

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Manufacturer: Microsoft / The slim xbox 360 with MW3 Branding and a controller, headset and limited edition upgraded 320GB Hard Drive.

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2012 12:01
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      Great for MW3 Enthusiasts or those needing a bigger special edition HDD

      I chose this console over all the other's in the same ranges because of its large, limited edition hard drive. I was however, a little disappointed by a huge design flaw. You can't turn the beeping and EMP noises on or off when you open the disc tray or press the power button. You can't even change the volume, it's just stuck on a high volume so when trying to play Xbox silently when everyone is asleep is out of the question, the EMP and "kisssshhhhh" sort of noises it makes are irritating and you can't turn them down or change them. I have found a way around this and that is to simply hit the power button on the controller which silently turns the console on, and going all the way to the Xbox dashboard or guide menus and then opening the disc tray from there. It's a real faff and a complete nuisance!

      This console is better built that the old one, no red ring to report, in fact it uses a lot less power and has a significantly lower change of red ring. It is of course red dot of death now since the red ring thing has gone because it was just bad rep Microsoft wanted to get over. Not really working is it?

      The console is a lot quieter than the old one, it doesn't vibrate as much, and it doesn't whirr about and create havoc when running an intense FPS game. The console has had a fault in its first 6 months with me though, the disc tray normally turns the console on when you press it, it did on the old console and for a few months it did on this too. You just slide your finger over the button and it opens and turns the console on to save time but now I just get the annoying EMP noise, disc tray doesn't open and the console stays off.

      The console itself is very fast, no issues with lag when loading up the dashboard or guide button but sifting through tons of menus is just a pain and takes time. The loading of menus is fast, the maze of getting through them all is not. The console has coped better with online gaming and the internal wifi adapter means you don't need to shell out £50 for a new one, or even more than that in some cases. The connectivity is excellent no problems to report here and no dropping out of signal from time to time like the old console did. Bear in mind the old console was just a few meters from the router and often got below 2 out of 4 bars.

      This is high build quality console where the casing and external parts are concerned even if the internal bits and pieces aren't so good. The casing has withstood light knocks, drops and constant wedging or hard objects up the side without being scrapped. It also has stickers on it and these have not taken the special paint off or damaged the console in anyway.

      So why would you pay more for a special edition console? Buy a slim, 320GB Hard drive and just save yourself some money. You're paint an extremely large amount for some simple paint on controllers and a console, and then you pay more to get annoyed by the EMP power on. Up to you, this is more for the enthusiast than the average MW3 player.

      Ill give it a very generous four stars, it earns a star for not getting red ring so easily unlike its older brother.


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