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    1 Review
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      19.06.2010 19:16
      Very helpful


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      get one before they dont even exist anymore.

      There have been many wonderful secret societies down the years. The Freemasons, that whole Da Vinci Code thing, and of course the Manson Family. Well, right now, you gentle reader, have stumbled upon perhaps the greatest secret society there is, the VHS player owners society, particularly the JVC HR-S599 VHS players society- way better than the Freemasons and only slighty worse than the Mansons.

      In the modern world we live in, where it costs a staggering £145. 45 to get a license to watch TV, or £30 a month to watch internet televison, VHS remains the last bastion of (almost) free viewing around. And this is where the krux of the secret VHS owner club lies, in the next-to-nothing viewing of all your favourite things, from fishes to the Aristocats. Now that VHS, or videos to the layman, can be bough for the cheap, cheap price of 5-for-a-pound or even free, you would have to be stupid, or stupidly rich, now to take up this offer. And the JVC HR is just about the best incarnation of this offer.

      The player is easy to use, stylish looking and can fit just below, on top or even next to your tele-box. The added bonusof tracking control means that even the oldest, most worn out VHS can still be played. My household currently own a copies of both snow white and the house of the devil, the oldest and newest VHS available, respectively, and the JVC has no problem with neither. The screen quality is great for both.

      What i am trying to get across here, is that despite what Mr.BluRay, or Mrs.Freeview will tell you, VHS player ownership is good, great even, and the JVC HR-S5955 is one of the best out there. I highly recommend, get them before they're gone!


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