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Panasonic NV-F 710

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2002 00:09
      Very helpful



      Panasonic are own of the most well known and well respected companies around. They make some of the best audio/visual equipment around and this VCR is no exception. FEATURES VideoPlus - Allows you to program the VCR to record something via a simple code printed in most TV guides. Very useful and simple to use, and accessed via the simple press of a remote button, and brought up onto the main screen if you attach it by SCART. NICAM Stereo - The current standard for stereo, this means the VCR can record in full stereo. PDC - (Program delivery control) Basically this works when you are setting recordings. It only starts recording when the program starts. So if a program starts early or late the VCR somehow recognise this and starts the recording early. Very useful, and works well too, no probs. Tape Library - The VCR gives every video you record with a number. Then when you record on the tape any program it can identify what the program is called and it stores it in its 'Library' you can then search through you collection for the correct tape for a program, then put it in, press a button, and it will find the start of the program and play it for you. This works 90% of the time but it doesn't always get the program name correct, but you can manually alter it if required. Subtitle recording - Records the subtitles for all relevant programs, so if you hard of hearing or have a particularly noisy house, this is very useful. Super Drive - Mean super fast rewinding etc. The thing nearly sounds like its going to take off when its on full rewind. This can be a problem as it takes about 5 minutes of time to slow down again, and doesn't always get up to speed that quickly especially if your near the beginning of the tape. 4 Head - Means you can freeze the screen to picture quality on pause. QUALITY OF RECORDING.. Is very very high. Everything is just as clear as it is on nor
      mal TV. LOOKS Look nice. Can get it in Black or Silver like me. Looks good in both, and is well built. PRICE Quite pricey but very good I promise.


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