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Sharp VC-MH 722

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2000 18:13
      Very helpful



      Although the RRP of this make and model is £179, it's worth checking out online stores, as some (e.g. qed-uk.com) have been offering it for £155. The VCMH722HM is at the high end of the low range of the market. Some cheapish videos can be quite clunky, but the VCMH722HM actually runs quite smoothly and has a nice range of features: - VideoPlus (you enter the programme's number printed in your TV guide, and the video translates the number into the appropriate start and end times and channel - a very quick and easy way to programme your video recorder, even for technophobes!) - PDC (works in conjunction with VideoPlus; if your programme over-runs then the timer settings are adjusted accordingly - especially handy if the programme follows a football match that's gone into extra time, etc.) - auto set-up (whizzes through the channel settings for you; this used to take me 20 mins with my old video recorder after every power cut...) - skip search (will fast forward for between 30-120 seconds) - index search (useful if you want to watch a programme you didn't record at the beginning of the video tape) - security (enter a passcode and you can store your address on the video recorder which the police could use to identify it if it's ever stolen and recovered) - one-touch recording (each press of the 'Rec.' button extends the recording by half an hour) - real time counter - NICAM stereo - Very fast rewind (useful if your tape's due back at Blockbusters in 5 minutes) The counter gives you a few display options - a clock, the real time counter and time remaining on the video tape. The skip search isn't as useful as it might be - most ad breaks are at least 3 and half minutes long, and the skip search's maximum time is only 2 minutes. The fast forward picture search is fine if you've recorded using the standard play speed, but it's quite jumpy and nearly impossible to decipher wh
      at's on screen if you've recorded something at the long play speed. The fast forward picture search also isn't as fast as I'd like. Other than that, I'm very pleased with it. It's easy to use, the remote control is nice and straightforward, and the picture quality's good.


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