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    1 Review
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      14.02.2002 23:16



      If you've read anything about Tivo then this is nothing new to you, and I won't go on and on about how great it is because you've probably heard it all before. But I will say that this box and the Tivo service will really change the way you watch TV. Guaranteed. Features I like: 1. The ability to pause live TV is essential for people with kids or weak bladders 2. Season pass recording allows you to record a show every time it's on, and it knows the difference between a new show and a repeat. 3. Recommender system. You rate shows with either a thumbs up or thumbs down and it will record similar shows based on what you like without you telling it to. So you end up watching shows that you might not have thought you would like. It will avoid those with a thumbs down. 4. The entire system from installation and setup to using it on a daily basis is so well though out and easy to use. The navigation makes sense, the remote is well thought out and everything down to the way it looks is beautiful. 5. The Wishlist. Have a favorite director, actor or sports team? Setting up a wishlist will record anything with these in it, so you'll never miss your favorites no matter when they are on. You don't even have to know that they are on because it does it all for you. It is simply light years ahead of any VCR in terms of functionality and ease of use. You find something on the schedule and clicking one button sets it to record. No more looking for tapes and rewinding to the right spot. It's digital, it's instant, it's brilliant! I've heard some stories from people who get bad boxes but I've yet to hear from one person who hasn't had it taken care of, and face it people, it can happen to anything. If you're worried, get the extended warranty. The units can be a little pricey but I think I think it's a small price to pay to be able to enjoy watching TV again. It's
      just fantastic to have that much control. This is the best electronic device I've ever bought. Buy it now, you won't regret it!


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