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    1 Review
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      29.03.2001 22:08
      Very helpful



      I bought the V860 in January 2001 for its editing functions but have been impressed with the more day to day features on the video. It has replaced my old unit (a Nicam Matsui) as the main vid in the house and the matsui is relegated to the family room. The Toshiba has a superb remote, very well laid out and easy to use and has the advantage that it can operate the TV as well. Mine is a Philips but you can program the remote to a number of different manufacturers. It will also control a Toshiba DVD player if you have one. I dont :-( It also has some nice features. When you use the Video with a SCART lead (and you should to get the most from it) it automatically select the correct input on the TV when you start playback - no more looking for the correct channel - and then switches back to the TV tuner when you stop. This is so useful I only realised 2 days ago that I never tuned the TV to the video RF output! It also switches over when you start the menu system or Video Plus controls so on screen programming is a doddle. Having said that, it needs to be as there is no programming feedback on the front panel so you MUST have the TV on to set a program (I miss this from my matsui). Also it only has 6 program slots (as opposed to the more usual 8) which is restrictive if you go away for a week or two. I always record in long play, (the pic quality is not bad) but the video defaults to short play on the timer so you have to change the selection by hand every time - tedious! This is, however, made up for by another unexpected feature. Often I will set the video for a given program and then use the playback to watch some other pre-recorded tape until the last minute, switching tapes and engaging the timer record just in time to catch the live program. Occasionally I have been too engrossed in the pre-recorded tape to make the switch, missing the beginning of the live item. The Toshiba will remind you (on screen) at i
      ntervals starting 15 minutes before, that it needs to record! On the editing side, the jog/shuttle is very good for placing the tape ready to record. There is an Insert edit feature that allows you to position the beginning very accurately and then limit the record time to overwrite a scene. The styling is good (silver) and with 3 SCART sockets + front inputs there is lots of room for other systems and a controller for a satellite system so that you can record more than one channel. For just under £200 on the internet a great video.


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