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AVG Anti-Virus 9.0

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2011 03:20
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      I do recommend AVG 9.0 compared to Norton 360 or whatever they bring out at MacAffee.

      Back in the early 2009 I was literally being computer raped by all the fake alerts on AOL and sites called FunWebSearch.Com and MyWebSearch.com. Most of it just walked by my MacAfee software program and with the constant emails I was sending Comcast there was nothing we could do. I was really tired of paying $123.75 for virus removal from computer techs that remove viruses for a living. Well, Comcast must of gotten enough back lash emails like mine and decided to change. The following week the CEO of MacAffee stoled 50 million and no one has seen him since. Comcast changed to Symantec/Norton 360 and from the start I seen problems. Boot up times when starting your computer. Scanning photos and files before I emailed them made no sense because hey, there already in my system files and you scanned them the last time you scan my machine. Then going online was such a waste, waiting times for Norton to scan your online searches, tying up your system. I have a 150 GB regular hard drive for my operating system and a 80GB hard drive for virtual memory, plus one giga byte ram yet with Norton it just seemed to snail up my computer. I knew I needed something different.

      One morning I was on one of my favorite sites, Tagged.com and up sprang a Trojan-Huas virus and it shut down my Norton through the back-door process. I got a hold of my friend Petey @ Catoctin Computers and when I brought it in I watched him go through the whole process of getting rid of viruses. He explained to me that on a average there are 40,000 new viruses written in a day. Wow, yeah hard to believe. But he discussed about the boot up time when he was fine tuning my computer back and showed me what AVG 9.0 could do. I was amazed how quiet it was compared to Norton. AVG 9.0 lets you work on your computer as it protected, Norton was making your workload harder by scanning as you were trying to use that program. I bought the one year license. He install my version after he deleted all of Norton's components. I paid the $123.75 for the virus removal and the $54.99 for my one year license.

      Boy was I a happy camper when I got home and lit my computer up. The first thing that booted up in 30 seconds was my AVG 9.0 and then my regular programs. Then I saw the little pop-up come up in the corner "firewall established, gaming mode turned off". Instead of going to the kitchen and making me a sandwich and getting a drink, my computer was ready to use in 3 minutes.

      What I like about AVG is that it's virtually quiet until something happens. Norton was never quiet. Just like the other programs you can schedule when you want to scan your computer. I do mine every two weeks because of one simple fact. AVG Does Not go after Internet tracking cookies, so I use the free AD-Aware program every week to demolish them.

      AVG 9.0 is written for retrieval of viruses, spy ware and malware. It has twelve programs running silently as you work on your computer.

      Anti-Virus runs protecting you from viruses, worms and Trojans whether your on-line or not.
      Link Scanner blocks dangerous website and checks links on the search engines for any troubles or threats.
      Identity Protection is a proactive identity protection and offers privacy related security.
      Update Manager get the most recent updates automatically from AVG for the Internet or your local network.
      Anti-Spyware protects you from ad-ware, spyware and malicious programs that are out to screw your computer up.
      Anti-Rootkit Cleaner allows AVG to search component rootkits in your operating system as your working.
      Anti-Spam cleans your computer from phishing attacks like fake alerts on AOL.
      System Tools is for the advance geeks to go into the processes of the programs and find out what's connections are and not working getting a clear view on what's wrong and where to fix it.
      On-line Shield is far most advanced than Norton. All you have to do is type in where to go on your search engine and AVG has already given you the heads up on which site is the clean and safe.
      Firewall on Avg 9.0 is one of the strongest out the by blocking and admitting traffic.
      Email Scanner scans your emails both outgoing and incoming without the hassle and wait that Norton makes you sit there and wait.
      Resident Shield allows you to work on-line or off as you work on your computer, say for instance switch programs and going to Microsoft Office. Your machine won't slow down while scanning.

      That is all the programs that AVG is running as your computer is on in the Overview. Now in the next section is Scanning. You can go to the first choice and scan your whole computer. I approximate that I have 319,500 files on it and takes close to 45 minutes to scan my whole computer with Norton this process is over an hour. The next job task if you want is scanning Specific files or folders and can also be used for scanning different drives. The next job task if you want is the Rootkit in the main registry files, DLL's and EXE's to see if they are cleaned or corrupted. The final one is Scanning Manager, the more you scan the more wear and tear you put on your disc's in your hard drive. If you do not get any alerts I would suggest every other week just to make sure or have a secondary program like LavaSoft's Free Trail of AD-Aware. At anytime you can go to the 5 components sections at the top left of your program box. There you can look in your virus vault to see if AVG caught something as you slept or weren't home, or you can start anyone of the functions from the component list.

      Overall I have not been threaten by one virus since owning this AVG 9.0 Version and I'm very happy with the results by the confidence it gives me to search the web. I like the streamline quickness of the program, and not taking long periods of time to scan each thing I was looking at or emailing. AVG does it all quietly and smoothly without holding me up. It works excellent with both my Microsoft XP Home Edition on my desktop and have had no quarrels with it on my laptop that has Vista. AVG 9.0 will work on 32 bit, 64 bit, and the new transistorized computers.

      Thanks for reading !!!!

      Try it out for 15 days and see if I'm not right.




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        28.05.2010 23:00
        Very helpful



        Keep to the free one

        I have been using AVG FREE for the past few years, and it has got me through some big virus attacks but after a recent attack with a Trojan, I needed to upgrade to AVG 9.0 and REALLY protect my computer from the increasing amount of online threats!

        Installation was extremely easy, and the product can be downloaded directly from the AVG website, taking a matter of minutes. Once downloaded, the installation process is also easy with step by step instructions and takes up to ten minutes to download.

        Once you have installed it, a few configuration screens later, you are ready to scan your PC for any viruses and threats! This version of AVG will also ask if you want to scan your system for trusted files so that they won't be scanned during a computer scan and save time overall. This only takes a few minutes and is recommended.

        The interface of AVG 9.0 is extremely simple and looks like other versions, so will not be foreign to those familiar with the product. There are three tabs on the left side: OVERVIEW, COMPUTER SCANNER and UPDATE NOW.

        OVERVIEW~ Security Components and Status Overview

        COMPUTER SCANNER~ Scan for threats and set up scheduled scans and other scan settings. In AVG 9.0, there is an added Anti-Rootkit Scan, and the settings for a normal computer scan has more options.

        UPDATE NOW~ Update the software for any additional virus data, software patches and additional add-ons.

        The design of AVG 9.0 has a lighter finish and looks more professional and would really fit into a Windows 7 Operating System with its colour scheme.

        AVG 9.0 has the following features:

        - Anti-Virus
        - Anti Spyware
        - Linkscanner
        - Anti Rootkit Scanner
        - Email Scanner
        - Online Shield
        - Resident Shield
        - Updates

        AVG 9.0 makes scanning very easy and is a few clicks of a button away. Just click the Computer Scanner tab to the left, click Scan whole computer (you can change the settings as well) and it will start scanning. You can minimize the interface to the tray icon and just get on with using other computer programmes.

        The scan will take a minimum of a couple of hours if it is your first go, I have had it take up to five or six hours if I'm simultaneously using it to browse the internet and listen to music etc. I would highly advise you to run the scan in a chunk of time where you won't be using the computer, and start the scan after you switch it on, so the CPU isn't clocked up and your computer is nice and cool and not overheating! In this way, it shouldn't take more than a few hours.

        If there are any problems such as spyware or viruses found, it will notify you on the chart display (as well as an icon on the tray in the form of an exclamation mark), which is split into warnings and threats, and they can all be removed at a click of a button and sent to the virus vault! Once it is all over, your computer is healthy and virus free!

        If you have set up a scheduled scan, it will start running when you have it set up discreetly in the tray, so your computer activity will not be disturbed.

        It has been much more efficient with the scanning than the free version, and it does get rid of most of the viruses, but that said, it does let things slip and slide by occasionally, so I would definitely have a secondary scanner when using AVG, or just get a more expensive one that's good.

        There is an AVG toolbar that you can install (it will ask during installation), which will help prevent virus attack when surfing the internet, and will warn you of harmful webpages.

        I have this installed and it has been useful in avoiding those sites that want to give spyware or viruses.

        It costs £29.99 per year, with discounts to existing customers and regular internet discount codes. It is worth the price, but the FREE VERSION will do just fine for those who do not want to pay!

        AVG 9.0 is an improvement to the FREE version. However, because you have to pay for this, the effectiveness just doesn't justify the costs. It does only slightly more than the free version- I don't notice the difference, apart from slightly more efficient scanning. I would advise that you stick to the free version, and if you want a better anti-virus, pay for a better one such as Norton.


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