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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009

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    3 Reviews
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      07.08.2009 20:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great software, well worth your money.

      Don't think I've ever done a review of this kind before, so I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for reading.

      When we brought our second computer about 5/6 years ago now, my mother and grandmother were sold on a Anti Virus software called Norton. I did go a little bit off the rails at one point last year, which resulted in 60 trojans on my computer, Norton had to go, it had not found any of them and it wasn't until I downloaded the free software called AVG that these Trojans were found. AVG, even though it's supposed to be one of the best, mainly because it's free had to go as well, it was a great little system however I wanted something better, something to make sure that my computer doesn't break so badly that even my computing lecturer comes up to me and says he can't work out what's wrong with it.

      He recommended Kaspersky, I had never heard of it before and at the time, it was the best in the market for detecting viruses on computers. We at first brought Kaspersky Internet Security on our computer upstairs, it took us 2 months to actually get it installed on their due to bloody AVG which leaves so many hidden files on your computer that you have to do quite a bit of hunting. It wasn't until I brought my new Acer laptop, and got a good price for Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009, that we decided to get off our ass and install the Internet Security on our computer and for free we got the techs at PC World to install Kaspersky Anti Virus on my laptop.

      What is Kaspersky?

      Kaspersky was founded back in 1997, and it offered anti virus, anti spam, and anti intrusion products. The company is currently based in Moscow, Russia as it is a Russian product but has offices all over the world. It has now won the editiors choice award two years in a row for best anti virus software, however this version, 2009, did not win due to another antivirus software hitting Kaspersky out of the park.


      I did not install this onto my laptop, so I'm going off our installation of Internet Security.

      Installing Kaspersky onto a new, completely clean laptop/computer will be a piece of cake, you just follow the instructions on the screen like you would with anything when you install things, and then voila, you should have Kaspersky on your computer. However, if you are using it on a normal computer which has been in use for a bit, then you will very likely have trouble, especially if you are updating from AVG free. It amazed me that when I put problems with installing Kaspersky due to AVG into google how many other people had the same problem.

      If you do have this problem then go onto Kaspersky's technical support website and they'll give you a .zip to download. This includes a .exe document which will get rid of AVG or any other programmes that Kaspersky wants you to get rid of. It's a very long process, one that should be unnecessary, I think the .zip file should be included with the installation and Kaspersky should just get rid of AVG straight away.

      You might then have problems with your Firewall, we didn't, so I'm not going to go into too much about this, but if you do just go back onto technical support and it'll give you the necessary tools.

      Ease of Installation: 3/10 (Takes way too long if you have used the computer before and have previously downloaded anti-virus software)


      Once you have completed the installation process and have restarted your computer oh so many times then you'll find Kaspersky Anti Virus either in your system tray or on your desktop. Click on this and then it'll load the screen.

      When you first go on after installing you might be a bit worried when you see that your Anti Virus is red and it's saying you need to fix it now. We had this problem, but all it takes is you to click Fix Now and then it should be fixed.

      The main screen when you're computer is protected is a deep blue and green colour with a white bit in the centre where everything goes on. The main section is the protection section. Here it is all about the protection of computer data against malware, internet fraud and unauthorized access. All of these are very important and if none of them are up to date then you might have problems.


      To the left on the main section of the screen is a list, the first section is the Protection section and beneath it is links to Anti Malware, System Security and Online Security. All of these just elaborate a little bit more of what you get on the main screen.

      Full Scan/Quick Scan

      Then you have the Scan section and beneath that is two links called Full Scan and Quick Scan, these scans are both brilliant. The Full Scan section is probably the most recommended one to use.

      When you click on the link it'll come up with a list of different parts of your computer and ticks next to the things it's scanning. This includes things like system memory, start-up objects, hard drive and removable drives. Mine at the moment doesn't have Email ticked but you can have that if you want.

      Then you have the main portion of the full scan section, you have four different things which all have links beside them which are quite important. The first thing is Security Level and besides mine I have recommended, and then below there is On Threat Detection. If you click on the link beside it, it'll bring down a drop down menu, here you choose what you want to happen, I would recommend using select action automatically. Then you have Run Mode, this is the main bit, and it saves you a job, if you click on the link, and go to settings you can choose when you want the scan to run. Mine at the moment is every day at 6pm. Then it tells you when the last start was. Beside that you have the play button which says start scan.

      Quick Scan has pretty much the same thing, I really only use this if I want to scan one object or one portion of the computer.

      Interface ease of use: 8/10 (Pretty easy to navigate)


      I only paid £14.99 for mine as there was a problem with the sticker on the product not matching the price on the computer so she did a deal for me. The normal price for the 1 user version of this is about £19.99 which is a pretty good price for what you are getting.

      If you are looking to buy it from the website, then you will be looking at paying around £30 for the product. Make sure that you shop around, I do believe that the product is worth £30 however if you can get it cheaper then try.

      If you have a number of PC's you want to protect then I would recommend buying the 3 Pc's version or even the 5 PC's version of the anti virus software. It is £39.99 for the 3 PC's version and £64.99 for the 5 PC's version, but again, these numbers are from the Kaspersky website which means they are probably a lot more expensive, so please shop around for a great price for this product.

      Price: 8/10 (A great price for what you're getting)


      If you do have a naughty evil file which has been detected by Kaspersky then it'll ask you what you want to do with it, it gives you three options, ignore, delete or disinfect. I would recommend deleting.

      This is pretty easy to do, my mum had a little bit of trouble as she had the three options to choose from and she wasn't sure which one to choose, however to be honest, your best choice is to delete the problem and you should be perfectly fine.

      Ease of removal: 8/10 (Pretty easy to use, I've not had any problems)


      Kaspersky does this job for you, it automatically updates it's virus and malware database, however it will from time and time again ask you to install programs or updates. This is probably one of the most important things about Kaspersky and Anti Virus software, it's important that you update the software or you will be open for attacks.

      The updates are very easy to do, and a lot of the time, they're updated without you knowing. This is brilliant as I don't like to be bothered with things like that, and I think that a software like this should be able to handle updating itself without any manual support.

      Ease of Updating: 8/10


      Of course everyone now seems to use AVG Free, because not only is it free, it delivers brilliant protection. Or does it? I'm sorry but when we finally were able to take off AVG Free, and installed Kaspersky, Kaspersky found a lot of viruses that AVG had pretty much just by passed. These weren't even just little viruses as well, even one Trojan was unfounded by AVG.

      This does show, that even though you are paying £20 for this product, you are pretty much getting total protection and you can go on your computer safely and do what you want without any little naughty things getting into your computer and then ruining all of your files etc. You are safe with this product no doubt about that.

      My previous experience with anti virus protection is not brilliant. For years, after friends had recommended it, we had used Norton Anti Virus and when I joined the computing course and got a lot more adventurous on the computer, Norton decided to be a lazy ass and just sit back and let my computer be ruined by all of the bad things that I had let on my computer. My teacher was even baffled at how bad it had got considering I had an anti virus programme on there. Norton has never really done a brilliant job and now we have completely got rid of it.

      If you compare Kaspersky to either of these programmes, then it is most definitely the superior antivirus programme. Not only is it affordable, but it is simple to use. I have even recommended it to my nan, who needs simple programmes like this to keep her computer safe.

      System Requirements

      I'm not going to go into this as I'll be here for days, however I will give you a link to a page which lists all of the system requirements for all that want to know:



      If you have any problems with your Kaspersky Anti Virus then check out the customer support on their website.


      We had to use this site when writing about antivirus and technical support at college, and it helped me so much with my essay that I had to write at the end of it all. A brilliant technical support which should help you.

      Technical Support: 9/10 (Brilliant)


      I think the worst bit about Kaspersky is the installation process, it has found quite a lot of viruses on our computer that AVG missed, I have had no problems with my laptop so far, as Kaspersky has always told me if there is a file or anything like that that seems a little evil. The price is pretty good for what you get, it seems pretty safe and it seems to have detected quite a lot of viruses especially on our computer.

      The biggest problem we've had so far with the one on our computer is the fact that it did not like Sims 3, we had installed Sims 3 on our computer before installing Kaspersky, however one day is threw a paddy and wouldn't let us use it. After a bit of fiddling, even I don't know what I did, but it let it through. This is one of my only annoyances about this product.

      I put this review to bed for a little bit, and at this point, whilst writing this, I have had the antivirus software for almost a month now and have not yet had any viruses what so ever. Kaspersky doesn't just deal with the viruses, but it stops them before they come onto your computer. Considering how much time I spend on a computer, for it not to even have one little virus is just brilliant.

      I believe that this version of the software is the most effective for everyone's computers, if you want something that is easy to use, not too expensive and does what it tells you it does, then this is the product for you. It is very good, and I have yet to have a problem with it other than the problems at the beginning with Sims 3 and AVG Free.

      Check this product out, it's well worth the money. I can be pretty sure that this will be the only antivirus software that I'll use in the future, unless it goes down the toilet or a better/cheaper one comes out. Please before buying this software, make sure that you check out the system requirements, and please before buying, look around. I got the product for £14.99, but on the Kaspersky website they're charging £29.99. A big difference here, and I know for some this is a big difference.

      If you are looking for a good, cheap and effective antivirus software then this is for you, if you have any problems with previous antivirus software (most specifically with AVG) then just google your problem. I can't remember how I fixed mine, but it takes quite a bit of fiddling, but google will help you and you should be able to solve the problem in the end.

      Hope this helps. Please rate and comment. All of your comments and rates are much appreciated. Thank you.

      (C) Kirsty 2009


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        20.06.2009 12:58
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A no nonsense Internet Security package

        We moved recently and joined the BT Home Hub generation in our new house. At first we were so pleased and amazed with the speed and brilliance of our internet connection until the problems came.

        Our computer and it's former anti-virus and spyware software was out of date, the free downloads we were using from AVG and Bullguard just weren't strong enough to cope with the threats that our computer was receiving and at one point we did a scan and found 179 trojan viruses. It got to the point where we couldn't even turn the PC on before we were instantly shut down.

        Our local PC world said - Your best bet is to wipe your PC completely and reboot it - they offered the service for £30 but we opted to do it ourselves. At the same time we bought the Kaspersky Internet Security package which was on special offer as it was bank holiday weekend for £19.95 (it normally retails at £29.95). Previously we have tried Norton Anti Virus, Bullguard and Panda and been relatively happy with all three. We'd never heard of Kaspersky - but we were on a budget and the PC world guys although there to sell, said it was as good as anything else - was this a bargain - well we had to give something a try.

        Having to wipe your computer, reboot it and live for over a week without interenet access tends to make you feel a bit twitchy and has unpleasant withdrawal symptoms - my husband and I actually had to converse - etc.

        About Kaspersky & contact details

        Anyhow onto the Kaspersky 2009. It comes with a user guide and disk which you load into your computer to install. There is a help guide in the user manual, and you can call 0871 7891635 for free technical support or email sales@kasperskylab.co.uk or go to http://support.kaspersky.com/support/rules to help you with further questions that are not in the guide or rules. Further to this there is a forum that you can use http://forum.kaspersky.com where you can view topics published earlier, leave comments and create new threads.

        What's new about Kaspersky

        According to the guide the main feature of the application is to restrict programs from accesing system resources and to prevent unwanted actions from suspicious programs. (The basis of any good anti viral software).

        This particular version has a stronger firewall and filtering components and requires less input from the user due to the lists of trusted applications (whitelisting)

        It has a higher system security level scanning service to prevent the sneaking of hazardous programs in such as we had been suffering at a terrible level due to our new speedy connection.

        It now comes with new wizards which check for further threats on your computer, operating systems and browser settings and ones to help fix damages after malware attacks.

        There is the ability to have security of confidential data offered by the new tool of a virtual keyboard - great for added security when entering bank and credit card details.

        There is a privacy cleaner which deletes all information about the users actions which can present and interest to intruders.

        It has revised parental control to ensure children can be restricted to undesirable areas of the net.

        Due to the extended databases of phising sites there has been a greater protection added against internet intruders

        Anti spam has been made more efficient due to the use of Recent Terms server technologies

        Security of the use of wireless networks is ensure through the scan of Wi-Fi connections.

        So as you can see it has all the functions we have come to expect from good Internet Security Software.


        The general requirement to install this software are

        - 75MB of free hard drive space

        - CD-ROM for installation of the application

        - A mouse

        - Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher - for updates

        - Microsft Windows Installer 2.0

        Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (SP2 or above), Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP2 or above) Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

        - Intel Pentium 300 MHz processor or higher

        - 256 MB free RAM

        Once you have established this the installation is easy - you just install the disk, run the program and accept the terms - it takes you through the set up wizard.

        Once Installed

        The first thing we did, and they advise you to do is to run a complete scan to detect all the malware programs.

        We then ran the Security Analysis Wizard to see to damage/corruption these viruses had caused to our poor PC and to find vulnerabilities in the software and anomalites in the system settings. Viruses were, detected, found and disposed of quickly.

        The Anti-Spam component uses a "self-training" algorithm to detect unwanted messages so you need to start the Anti-Spam training wizard to configure the component to work with your email.

        Once you have done all this your computer is ready and in order to evaluate the level of protection needed for the future finish with the Security Management wizard.

        The Terms

        We have bought a years licence from Kaspersky and at the end of twelve years we will be sent email and pop up reminders to purchase further licence for continued protection. - It will probably be at the usual price of £29.95

        Throughout the next 12 months Kaspersky will regularly update, as many other programs now do.

        Should we need any support we can contact their round-the-clock support service.


        After the trauma of being attacked by so many viruses, and the added fear that I may have given out my bank details, so far Kaspersky has offered us complete peace of mind.

        Neither my husband or I had ever heard of it, but now we are very happy. We bought it at a good price, it is set to do a complete scan on a weekly basis.

        One other thing it doesn't seem to disrupt our computer use like bullguard, norton and panda have done in our experience. My parents have panda and it is so twitchy, it freaks out at the google homepage and has moments where it shuts itself down. Our experience of bullguard and norton is that they regularly cut in with this that and the other and haven't been that user friendly

        Kaspersky however is just ticking along in the background doing it's job.



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          07.06.2009 18:45
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Overall very good

          Kaspersky Anti-Virus is my personal choice for virus protection and removal - it is not too expensive, reliable, has many features and options and you can be sure it will prevent and remove those pesky and annoying viruses.


          PRICE - A single license for Kaspersky Anti-Virus is £29.99 which seems a little high, but compared to competitors is very reasonable. You can also pay more for extra features, and a three license edition for those with multiple PCs is only £10 more.


          PROTECTION - One feature I like about Kaspersky is that it scans all files, emails, web pages etc. before they are loaded or run; this means it is very easy to protect and prevent against viruses. Kaspersky has only once failed to stop me running a file that contained a virus, but many times has prevented me from doing so.

          Other protection features included in Kaspersky are anti-malware protection so that your system will be safe from all sorts of malware such as spyware, adware etc. and not just your normal viruses and trojans. The anti-malware protection works in the same way as the standard projection and monitors your web, email, files and memory.

          Anti-phishing protection is the final protection feature included in Kaspersky and is simple - it stops you getting tricked and conned into using false websites and handing over personal and financial details.


          SCANNING - You can set Kaspersky to scan your computer every set period (mine scans every weekend) as well as doing manual scans. Scan length depends on the resources of your computer (eg. RAM, processing power) as well as the number and size of files that Kaspersky has to scan. Scans on my PC at first only took 20 minutes, but now take several hours.

          However, unlike my old Norton Anti-Virus that slowed down my computer and rendered it almost unusable whilst scanning, Kaspersky uses very little resources and you can still use your PC as usual.

          Once a scan if finished you have the option to remove any infections or viruses found and you get a full report containing details of the scan.

          You also have the option to do a full scan, which takes a long time, or a quick scan which scans essential PC areas as well as areas normally infected by viruses - it also checks for any viruses present in your memory/RAM.


          REMOVAL - Virus removal with Kaspersky is as easy as pie. If a virus is detected during a scan there a simple option will appear to either ignore the virus, delete the file or disinfect the file - you don't have to interfere once you tell Kaspersky to remove it and it takes hardly any time to do so.


          UPDATES - Kaspersky automatically updates it's virus and malware database, but will prompt you to install any program updates or updates to the software itself (these can be annoying as they are quite regular and require a reboot).

          Updates are released a lot, normally you can manually do updates every several hours and there will be an update - this is reassuring as it shows Kaspersky are actually making virus definition updates quickly.


          USABILITY - The software is simple to order from the official site and installation is no big problem - once you have the software up and running the interface and design is intuitive and easy to get to grips with.

          You have tabs for protection, scanning, updates and license so you can manage all your scans, perform updates, check how your protection is and change any settings. There are a lot of settings available, but they all come with help and instructions so nothing is hard to understand.


          SUMMARY - Overall Kaspersky is a very good anti-virus application, it is easy to use, is updated regularly, catches many viruses before they an run and can easily be used to remove infections.

          My only recommendations would be to make it a little cheaper (even though it's price is already competitive) and to add more substance to the program to make users feel like they are really safe - a better look to the design would be good as well.


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