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Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2010

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    3 Reviews
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      26.02.2011 18:27



      It's okay for antivirus but the false-positives will drive you nuts.

      Before switching to Kaspersky 2011, I used this all of last year, mainly because someone else in my family bought it so we had a license of 2 computers, making it virtually free for me to use. But unless you also are getting this free, I wouldn't recommend it to you.

      Now this doesn't have the same main flaw that most Norton or Symantec products had in previous years, which was that it would also hog up a ton of system resources. No, this software does use resources, but not an excess amount of them like you may be used to. And this software also has a massive database of known viruses so the protection is quite good, but for me it still had a big problem, and that was false-positives.

      False-positives are when your antivirus software thinks that something is a virus, but it really is not. And for Norton, everything is a virus. I understand that it's better to be too careful than not careful enough, but this is just ridiculous. Just because I want to install something that wasn't made by Microsoft does NOT mean it contains a ton of malware, why can't Norton understand that? And the most frustrating part was, I like to develop software, I'm not going to be the leading programmer for Windows 8, but I'm starting to learn simple stuff in Java and things like that. Every time I would design any sort of program, Norton would quarantine it because it was "unsafe". Now why would I program a virus and use it on myself? And recovering files, though not too challenging to do, was a time-consuming process because every time I would reboot the computer they would quarantine the files AGAIN.

      So I would say unless you (like I did) are getting this for free, don't buy it. Maybe Symantec has made some serious changes to their newer antivirus software, but somehow I doubt it and am confident it has the same major issue that this program did.


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      30.03.2010 16:28



      free ones are really all you need

      Norton is a well known brand in the anti virus market. People buy this product because of the name and keep buying the subscriptions. This really is not necessary. My experience of the product is that it is very intrusive into my daily workflow and stops me updating hardware and software as easily as I want. I am an advanced user certainly so I find protection tools like these annoying anyway because they get in my way rather than protecting me.

      My main problem though is the price being charged to less experienced users at little benefit over free alternatives or paid for alternatives at a much cheaper price. The measure of how good these products are is in how quickly the definition files are updated with new known viruses. This product does that well and is very quick in searching your files for known viruses. However, its not that much better than a free product or a cheap product like AVG or NOD32.

      My advice to anyone is to go for free AVG as a anti virsus solution and save the money for something else. If you use legal websites and don't get involved in illegal downloading or porn or that kind of thing that is all you need


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      25.01.2010 18:06
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A trusted name in my house a must have Norton is my net curtains

      Norton Antivirus is a trusted name in our house and has been since we first ever connected to the world wide web , and with the new year upon us we decided to update and get it over and done with before it is to late and when we saw Norton 2010 on the market we thought we might as well do it now instead of half way through the year.

      Norton has always been good at deleting most Trojans and with those hackers and virus makers out there it is always good to update on a regular basis , and Norton will help you do that with detecting and removing Viruses Trojans spyware bots and lots more.

      Norton will also prevent virus infected emails from spreading and will scan emails and instant messaging keeping one step a head of them awful viruses and trojans stopping these threats at point of entry with a quiet two-way firewall. Norton also has improved vulnerability protection which will find and fill any holes in your security system.

      There is also a recovery tool which will help repair infected computers at and i will say it did a great job on my sisters PC she had not one or two trojans but a total of 24 , which was shocking as i never thought it would be possible to have so many without the PC actually just shutting down and giving up the ghost so to speak but thankfully we got it all sorted and it is working a dream again.

      There is also in the Norton 2010 new insight tools which help you gather more information on downloads files and applications which has been great as i receive a lot of emails that require pictures to be downloaded or helps me when i am looking to download files for college , all the improvements help that little bit more.

      Norton 2010 will support XP special edition 2 and Vista.
      Minimum system requirements required to run this 300MHz CPU, 512MB RAM , 200MB HDD space,
      Norton will also come with a warranty to protect up to 3 computers in the same house which is good for us as we have 2 desktops and a laptop and it is peace of mind knowing they are protected,

      Price, we bought ours from a catalogue and like most it is expensive it cost us £45.95 and buying it on the Internet will be miles cheaper so do look around .

      Overall , As stated i do trust Norton , My computer to me is pretty much my life i keep all sorts on here , photos , documents ,and files so having Norton to protect everything just keeps me at ease, i guess it is like having a house, if you have no nets everyone can see in and know what you have , Norton to me acts pretty much like my net curtains, and stops them nosy parkers seeing whats on my hard drive!

      I just feel a lot safer when i go to various sites when this is running in the background going shopping online is like having my own body guard with me as Norton protects my identity too so i for one will know that my details are kept safe.
      Norton seriously is a protection requirement no computer should be without.


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  • Technical Data

    Product Description: Norton AntiVirus 2010 - complete package
    Category: Security applications
    Subcategory: Security - desktop antivirus
    Licence Type: Complete package
    Licence Qty: 3 PC in one household
    Licence Pricing: Standard
    Language(s): International English
    Platform: Windows
    Distribution Media: CD-ROM
    Package Type: Retail
    OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate, Microsoft Windows Vista Starter
    Service & Support: New releases update