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Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc

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Brand: Asda / Type: Vitamin C drink

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    6 Reviews
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      13.06.2013 19:57
      Very helpful
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      Give it a go if you are struggling to get your five a day


      I'm not a huge fruit and vegetable eater myself - though I do try my best to get as close to five-a-day as a possibly can, sometimes I need a little extra boost. I also found that as the day went on I was feeling slightly run down and sleepy, but just presumed this was due to the fact I am no spring chicken anymore rather than anything! I am not a big coffee fan so I wanted to avoid going down the route of becoming a coffee addict, so I thought why not and decided to purchase these vitamin C tablets from my local Asda store, and I am rather pleased I did. Once I had been taking the tablets for around a week or so, I realised I was noticeably more alert later in the day (maybe some of this is mental due to the fact I know I have taken them) and have now made an effort to ensure I take one at least every other day.


      When I purchased the item I paid £1 for the tube of 20 tablets, which equates to 5p per tablet - excellent value for money given that you only need to take one of these per day!


      The product itself comes in a tube style packaging, with an easy opening orange lid on the top which allows easy access to the tablets when you tip the packaging upside down (they come out one by one).

      To take the product, simply fill a small glass of water and place one of the tablets into it in the morning. The tablets are effervescent, and therefore dissolve fairly quickly in the water, and are also orange flavoured. The result is a decent tasting drink which is neither sour nor gravelly in taste, something I do find a put of a put off from normal effervescent types of tablets.


      Per tablet, there is 1000mg of Vitamin C (1250% of your guideline daily amount) and 10mg of Zinc (100% of your guideline daily amount).

      Citric Acid , Ascorbic Acid , Acidity Regulator (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate) , Bulking Agent (Sorbitol) , Polyethylene Glycol , Maltodextrin , Sweeteners (Aspartame*, Acesulfame K) , Natural Orange Flavouring , Acacia Gum , Colour (Riboflavin) , Lime Flavouring , *Contains a source of Phenylalanine .


      As mentioned above, I have seen clear benefits of taking these tablets, and while they are no miracle cure and don't mean I am running around in the afternoons, they certainly give me a boost and reduce the feeling of sluggishness particularly after lunch. Add to this the tasty orange flavour once the tablets are dissolved, and the overall experience is one I would recommend to others who are showing the same symptoms - four out of five.


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        07.04.2013 20:32
        Very helpful



        Well worth a try

        **Why Buy?**

        As a woman just reached 30 with a full time office job, a toddler and a home I am often busy and can feel a little 'de energised'. My dad takes Berocca, which is an effervescent vitamin C drink, and I wanted to see if I could get the same results from an own brand - the results being, a bit more 'pep'!

        **Price and Availability**

        Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets are exclusive to ASDA and available at ASDA.com (a P&P charge and minimum order value applies).

        They are currently priced at £1.60 for 20, so 8p each. A small daily price to pay for an energy boost, I thought, if they work!


        Very similar in packaging style to Berocca the brand leader, Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets come in a Steradent - like plastic tube. They are coloured more simply in orange and white, to reflect the flavour.


        It's very easy to use Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets, you simply take 1 tablet out (they are about the size of an extra strong mint but a bit thinner) and drop it into a glass of water where it will fizz and dissolve it's way into being a still orange drink (I find a stir helps).

        It tastes OK, plain-ish and a bit gritty but overall it's fine and it's only a quick morning drink with breakfast for me, not a sip and savour sort of drink. It colours the water a thin orange.

        **But.. does it work?**

        For me I have noticed that I feel a little less tired in the afternoons when drinking Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets. I don't get the dip I used to midday and it helps me get more done rather than vegging out with a cuppa and a biscuit for some energy. I do feel it helps me not snack on sugar as a way of getting through the day.


        I do recommend Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets as for me I have felt a noticeable difference and I do think that for some a vitamin C boost is a most welcome and needed addition to the daily diet. I suggest if you're not feeling 100% see the doctor, always, but if you know you need to up the vitamins or maybe you've been using the brand leader I recommend Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Tablets as a great budget alternative and well worth a try.

        Four stars out of five from me; it's not a multivitamin and it won't work miracles, and I wish there were a months supply in each tube or they were sold as double tubes but I will still keep on using them.


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        28.11.2012 18:01
        Very helpful



        I will buy them again!

        ~ Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Orange Tablets ~

        I have a weakened immune system as a result of various health complaints and so regularly take a vitamin supplement in an attempt to give my immunity a much needed boost. I will usually purchase a Vitamin C supplement from Boots, and have done so for several years, but that is not to say that I won't purchase and try out items from the major supermarkets when I am doing my grocery shopping. I have found in the past that own-branded versions of more well known vitamins tend to be as good as bigger-branded alternatives in my opinion and I certainly have no problem with using a supermarket-branded version of a more well known vitamin/supplement product.

        One of the recent purchases I made was from Asda, mainly because I was doing an online grocery shop on their website, and remembered my stock of vitamins was running a bit low. I purchased a few products at the time, and this review outlines my experiences of using the "Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc."

        The product is very similar to many others that I buy from assorted retailers on a regular basis, comprising of a plastic cylindrical tube with a secure cap on the top. The tube contains the vitamin tablets which are round and quite flat, with a sort of 'chalky' appearance to them. There are 20 tablets contained in the tube, so almost enough for three weeks worth of vitamin C, assuming that you choose to take one tablet each day, of course. This is what I usually do, particularly during the cold winter months when I am more prone to catching colds and flu type bugs. The tube of 20 tablets cost me only £1.60 at the time of purchase, which I thought offered reasonable value for money and I do believe this price was slightly cheaper than the previous brand of effervescent vitamin C that I purchased.

        Asda's Vitamin C is described as being 'High Strength' but in actual fact these tablets contain 1000mg of Vitamin C, which is identical to most other brands that I purchase regularly. The Asda tablets also contain 10mg of zinc. I believe that the Asda Vitamin C also comes in a choice of a raspberry flavoured alternative, but I have not tried this out for myself.

        To take one of the Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C tablets, all I need to do is drop one of the large, chalky-looking tablets into a small glass of water. The tablets are about the size of a ten pence piece, but this will soon dissolve in the water so don't be alarmed by the size of them!

        I find that after only a minute or two the tablet has dissolved easily, and with no help from me, and it has mixed nicely with the water to produce a glass of orange-flavoured vitamin C 'water' that is a pleasant orange colour, and with a noticeable but pleasant orange aroma to it.

        The orange-flavoured vitamin 'water' tastes very pleasant, and I find it is quite sweet and sugary. I think there is a certain 'sharpness' to the flavour of the drink, and the taste is certainly much sharper than having a drink of orangeade or something similar. For me however, I find that taking my daily dose of Vitamin C this way is much more pleasant than trying to swallow a rather large tablet.

        For me personally, the effervescent tablets offer a pleasant change, and as I take a large amount of prescribed medication on a daily basis, I am more than happy with the option to take the vitamin in a refreshing, pleasant-tasting drink rather than having to take (yet) another pill!

        So, do they work? Well, I know that Vitamin C is supposed to support the immune system and this is a reassurance for me personally, as my immune system is compromised as a result of some of the prescribed medication that I need to take. Furthermore, I like to think that the addition of Vitamin C in my daily diet is going some way to provide some of the essential vitamins and minerals that are lacking in my diet when I am feeling unwell, as I usually struggle to eat much, or to eat properly

        For me, a product like this one is more about peace of mind and reassurance that I am trying to do SOMETHING to try and help myself. I also feel more reassurance during the cold winter months in terms of catching colds and bugs. I cannot honestly say that I feel like a new woman since I have been taking the Vitamin C, but for me, the product is more for peace of mind.

        The tablets are not suitable for children's use. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and are suitable for both. The tablets are free from gluten and additives such as artificial colourings etc.

        In summary, I do really recommend the Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc tablets as they have been as convenient and quick for me to take as any other brand I would normally purchase, but cost slightly less so are slightly more economical. I can't notice any major differences between the cheaper Asda tablets and any other brand and the product therefore comes with my full recommendation, together with top marks in the product rating score.


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          22.11.2012 13:24
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Vitamin C with a kick from Asda

          This year I have had that many bugs it's been unbelievable. So now and then I take supplements to try and help me from catching the pesky illnesses that go flying around.

          Asda High Strength Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Orange Flavour Tablets:

          'Vitamin C and Zinc are sources of antioxidants, help support a healthy immune system, and are essential for normal mental function. Zinc is necessary for the protection of cells, and helps build and maintain healthy bones. Vitamin C is necessary for wound healing and for maintaining healthy gums, cartilage, teeth and bones'

          - www.asda.com

          My Findings:

          I personally feel you shouldn't be taking vitamins and supplements all year around. I do believe in trying to keep a healthy and balanced diet but now and then will purchase supplements. Doing so I hope I am doing my body some good.

          As I have had a lot of bugs I increased my vitamin C intake, normally I will buy the 60mg or 100mg ones you chew or swallow. However I have recently found the effervescent ones, which I really do prefer and being 1000mg!

          These come in a pack of twenty so what I have been doing is taking them for ten days then have a little break and do another ten days. Just finished my second pack and I think they have been working. Or it's a case of mind over matter!

          Last week I started to come down with yet another cold so normally it will take me around ten days or so to get over it. This time around I was under the weather for around two days before I started to feel more myself again. Now whether that is down to my immune system getting rid or the bug quicker or these tablets have really worked, I guess I will never know.

          In my opinion I thinking these are working, during the cold months I will continue my routine and just keep hoping! They are very easy to take, I find first thing on a morning works best. All you need to do is drop one of the tablets into a glass of water, let it dissolve and drink away.

          The tablets are like the size of a 10p piece, orange in colour and make the water change colour to orange once dissolved. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the taste but it was a pleasant sweet orange flavour drink. Please note this 12 years and over and is always wise to talk to a pharmacist if you have any queries.

          This product comes in a circular tub; you simply pull the lid to obtain the tablet. The lid is not child proof so they need to be kept out the way of children. Once empty the packet can be recycled.

          Price and Availability:

          Most supermarkets do their own version of this; I had mine from Asda costing £1.60.


          For £1.60 I do feel that these are good value for money and do believe they have helped me in an away. I will purchase these again during the colder months in hoping it will help me with the bugs that seem to be going around (a lot!)

          Five out of five stars from me.

          Thank you for reading.

          Additional Information:

          Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

          Citric Acid , Ascorbic Acid , Acidity Regulator (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate) , Bulking Agent (Sorbitol) , Polyethylene Glycol , Maltodextrin , Sweeteners (Aspartame*, Acesulfame K) , Natural Orange Flavouring , Zinc Oxide , Acacia Gum , Colour (Riboflavin) , *Contains a source of Phenylalanine


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            11.05.2011 23:27
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            I'm going to keep buying for the peace of mind they give

            I once read that it's only guinea pigs and humans that can't make their own Vitamin C and it's only guinea pigs and humans that get heart disease. Now I have no idea if this is true and even if it is I have no idea if it's a direct link or something down the line but it's certainly made me pay attention to my intake of Vitamin C!

            What Is Vitamin C?

            Vitamin C isn't actually a vitamin at all it's ascorbic acid. Assuming we have a healthy diet including fruit and veg then we intake Vitamin C throughout the day as a part of our diet, an orange for instance contains 70mg of Vitamin C. However Vitamin C is processed by our body fairly quickly and therefore a little extra can't hurt!

            According to the back of the tube Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which helps support your immune system, helps build and maintain healthy bones, teeth, cartilage, gums and skin and also helps keep blood vessels healthy, promotes wound healing and encourages normal mental function.

            What About The Tablets?

            These tablets contain 1000mg of Vitamin C which is 1250% of our RDA. Now, whilst this is a lot remember that Vitamin C is processed by our body relatively quickly so this will be out your system within the day and any extra that our body can't use we just pee out anyway! An overdose would be anything above 2000mg so 1000mg is well within the limit even when you allow for the extra you take in in your diet.

            The tablets themselves are an orange colour and fairly large in size. To take them you simply drop them in a cup of water, let them dissolve and then drink the remaining drink.

            My Experience

            The tablets dissolve fairly quickly (within about two minutes) I read the other review on here that says they dissolved slowly but I didn't find this to be the case, maybe it's related to the amount of water used? I usually use an average size mug.

            Anyway, once dissolved the drink itself is neither flat nor fizzy there are bubbles on the side of the cup and you can taste a slight fizz. It's almost as if it's a drink that you've caught just before it goes completely flat. The taste reminds me a little bit of Lucozade! I'm not a Lucozade fan, nor do I particularly like the taste of this but it's not awful and the taste doesn't put me off taking it. I can see the orange flavour appealing to children and therefore making it easy to get them to take the Vitamin.

            The benefits are hard to quantify as I don't know what my immune system would be like without it but I can say that I am generally healthy and the claims about healthy teeth and gums are interesting to me. I'm 26 and have never had any problems with my teeth, not so much as a filling. Whether this is related to the Vitamin C, something else or whether I'm just lucky I don't know! I will however say that I'm going to keep buying these and keep taking them due to the peace of mind they give me. I've certainly experienced no adverse effects from them.


            These should not be taken by anyone under 12 and those over 12 should not exceed the allowed one tablet a day. Overdoses may produce a laxative effect.

            You should consult your doctor before taking these if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications.

            Other Information

            There are a massive list of ingredients of which ascorbic acid is the second. Strangely enough there's also some lime flavouring in there! I don't plan on copying all the ingredients into the review I will however say that it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and contains no gluten, artificial colours or preservatives. It does however contain aspartame.

            The tube can be recycled after use.

            Price, Availability And Recommendation

            As I said above the claims they make are difficult to quantify without living my life over and seeing how I'd be without it. Hardly possible! However they certainly haven't affected me negatively and they do provide peace of mind and therefore I am recommending them.

            Being an ASDA product this is only available from them and costs £1.65 for 20 tablets.


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              13.04.2011 03:20
              Very helpful



              The jury is out on whether they work or not!

              When I get up I have a routine. Kettle on, wee, make tea, drink tea, another wee, vitamins and pills.... I have bad health and take many tablets and vitamins and minerals in many forms a day so it can take me rather a while to do this task I can tell you lol.

              As I have so many tablets and capsules etc to take I do hate to have to bother chewing chewable vitamin c tablets/gums or whatever and this is the only vitamin supplement I drink in my routine!

              I take vitamin c in the small hope it wards off coughs and colds, it is also good for general wound healing and needed for normal mental function as well as to help us to maintain healthy bones, teeth, cartlilage, gums and skin. I have taken it daily for years now and after running out of my usual chewy offerings I decided when I spotted these that as these were high strength and only cost £1.65 for a tube of 20 tablets in my local Asda store they had to be worth a trial run!

              The Packaging

              The tube that the tablets come in is plastic and bright orange and white in colour with a pull on/off orange lid/cap to the top of it. On the front of the tube we are told that they are Asda 'Extra Strength' Effervescent Vitamin C 'May help support your body's defence system' and that they are orange flavoured, 20 in a tube (and the only size option I have seen them to purchase in by the way) and that you are to take one a day. On the back of the tube we are told a bit about the product, dosage advice and warnings are given as are the ingredients used and contact details for Asda are listed seeing as these are an Asda's own product of course! Simple enough but informative tube this is and easy to open and close etc too!

              The Tablets:

              Well all you do with one of these (providing you are 12 years or over that is) is to drop one of the hard and quite large light orange coloured, round tablets into a glass of water. It gives off a really wonderful orange aroma, turns the water a very light orange shade and is slighty fizzy with the tablets bobbing about dissolving within it. The only drawback with these is how long that they take to completely dissolve! I have used a fair few of these types of products in the past but these do take a while and even then I always end up with a little bit of the orange tablet floating on the top of the drink so I either pick that off and dump it out of my glass or gulp it down with the rest of the liquid.

              After it has dissolved as much as it can the drink is transparent and no longer fizzing or bubbling away. Flavourwise well it tastes like a thin and tasty orange juice and it has a zesty, slightly sour but very natural taste of opanges to it and of course depending on how much water you add to the tablet you can have the strength of flavour you desire too!

              I have no problems drinking this as it is pleasant enough, leaves no after taste at all and thats it...it really isn't a chore to take it apart from the amount of time it takes (about 4 minutes!) to dissolve which is tedious!

              Do These Work?:

              Each of these tablets delivers 1000mg of vitamin c to you in one single dose. Now a man is recommended to have an intake of at least 90mg a day and women 75mg a day though 200mg - 300mg is what us ladies should be aiming for with no more vitamin c than 20.000mg a day recommended to anybody! A medium sized orange contains around 70 mg of vitamin c and one medium sized green pepper contains 80.4 mg. Of course lots of other foods are rich in vitamin c such as grapefruits, spinach, red berries, kiwi fruits and brocolli though the body doesn't absorb it very well at all and according to some studies medical marvels believe that smokers can kill this vitamin off by smoking too so alot of us for whatever reason could do with upping our dosage!

              The answer to the question of do they work is this.....I have no idea at all lol. I can tell you no harm or adverse side effects have happened to me. They haven't turned my wee lime green or my feet to glow in the dark, I'm not running around like a mad thing with any kind of energy boost and I can't lie and say I don't get coughs, colds and flu just cos of taking these sadly. What I can say and am happy to report is that with taking these I haven't had quite as so many chills and colds etc than without taking them and I do have the belief that I'm doing some good for myself by topping up my otherwise low levels of vitamin c anyway! At least I don't feel harm coming to me by protecting myself and for that reason and the flavour these almost get a full thumbs up from me!

              Only available in Asda stores.


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