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Boots Pharmaceuticals Vitamin C

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Brand: Boots / Type: Vitamins

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2011 16:48
      Very helpful



      Cheap, easy to take and don't harm me at all!

      I often write about products I take to increase my energy levels. This is because it is a big battle of mine. Suffering with M.E, and eating disorder, back problems, epilepsy, asthma.....well you get my drift (lol) I'm constantly left feeling drained. Because I have M.E and an eating disorder I have a low immune system and suffer coughs and colds often which then of course makes all my other problems so much worse!

      Vitamin C of course is meant to help the immune system keep colds and flu at bay (along with a few other things of course!). I however bought these tablets to help with that but the pharmacist in Boots told me to try them to help me with my energy levels too and these particular ones were on offer at the time with them being 79p a tub of 30 of them or buy three for the price of two tubs (or any mix and match products on the offer in Boots at the time) so I bought three tubs and had high hopes for them!

      The Packaging:

      The tablets come in a white and orange coloured plastic tube with the lid being orange and simply a screw on/off styled one. On the front of the tub we are told that they are Boots Pharmaceuticals Vitamins C 200mg, 30 Tablets. Around the back and the side of the tub we are told how to take them, ingredients are listed and contact details for Boots are given. This is a very simple if not economy looking tub however it is informative enough although very basic in its appearance.

      Taking Them:

      On the tub we are told to chew no more of these than 5 in any one day (not suitable for children under 12 years of age by the way).

      The tablets are small and round and a whitish colour and you simply have to chew one up and thats it. They taste nice enough and of orange, are sweet but not overly so and I actually like the taste of these and find them easy to eat!

      What I generally find annoying about all vitamins, minerals and health supplements though (and I am not just referring to ones from Boots here) is lack of information on how much we, more personally need to take of them. It says ion the tub to take anywhere between 1 and 5 of the tablets and so how do I know if I am taking too much or too little? Its all about guess work really. Personally before consuming these I did do a little research online to find out that a woman between 19-70 years old needs no more than 2000mg of Vitamin C on a daily basic however depending on your age, sex and whether your pregnant etc it does vary. I am happy to take 5 tablets equaling 100mg extra of Vitamin C daily on top of my diet however you do need to be careful too much Vitamin C can apparently create restlessness and diarrhea and so on!


      I have to admit to feeling a little better in my general well being and health in just over a couple of weeks of taking them. I do feel a little more energetic though not significantly more just a bit really. On a weekly basis I get the sniffles and cold like symptoms that these seem to have combated too thankfully.

      Of course Vitamin C isn't just meant for short term relief of problems but also to help sustain healthy teeth and gums, scurvy and muscle problems but of course I don't have then issues so can't comment on them really.

      Basically its hard to say if added Vitamin C really helps us however I feel that it does for me personally.

      These are easy to consume, cheap and help me a little with my fatigue and anything which helps to stops me feeling under the weather is a bonus!

      Only available in Boots stores.


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