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Defiligne SOS Detox

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Vitamin Drink

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2012 16:34
      Very helpful



      As far as health detox drinks it's certainly palatable but comes at a hefty price

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

      Anyone that has ever read my reviews will have no doubt heard me talking of my love affair with Yves Rocher beauty products and I do like to order from them whenever money allows me to. I am a huge fan of their skin care products as well as their fragrances but have also dallied with their health section over the years. Yves Rocher make products from the most natural sources with the majority of items being plant based so as well as knowing their products are naturally caring for my skin I know that any supplements of herbal/ fruit teas are also going to be closer to nature than maybe some other leading brands.

      I used to order quite a lot of their fruit teas when I was younger (when I lived at home and had 'money to burn' - i.e no house, no husband and no children) but until recently I have been sticking to buying just their skin care/ fragrances until I saw some vitamin c tablets that really caught my eye and decided to order them (separate review to follow). I do love Yves Rocher as when I place an order nearly 90% of the time I receive a free gift, normally beauty related, and because of purchasing a few health products this time I was very pleased to see a full size bottle of this - Defiligne SOS Detox - which is basically a drink to help detox the system.

      Having recently used the contents of the bottle all up my review will now focus on my experience of using Defiligne SOS Detox..

      *~*What Yves Rocher have to say about this product*~*

      "...By using the SOS detox drink detoxifying programme for 10 days this helps to eliminate toxins, then burn the fat and slim your silhouette with the Day/night Fat burner.."

      "The many virtues of green tea have been used for centuries. Today beverages containing green tea leaves are consumed all across the world with green tea being synonymous with health and well being. The dandelion plant originates from Europe where it's leaves have been added to salads over the years for both their taste and detoxifying properties.."

      *~*What is it exactly then..?*~*

      SOS Defiligne Detox is a drink that features the plant extracts of Green Tea and Dandelion and is designed to be drank consecutively for a 10 day period.

      As mentioned above, Green Tea is said to help eliminate wastes by stimulating drainage, whilst Dandelion is suppose to promote detoxification.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      For anyone that doesn't know by now Yves Rocher products can be ordered in a few different ways:

      *Online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      *By phoning their orderline/ customer services number on 0870 049 22 22
      *Ordering via one of their mailing leaflets (by requesting them to be sent to your home by phoning customer services)
      *Perusing good old Ebay where I personally have picked up many a bargain over the years
      *Popping into one of their stores that are dotted around in various countries (I live in Bradford and my nearest store is in York ,which is small but substantially stocked).

      This product is available in one size only which comes in a bottle holding 480 ml's of liquid. The bottle is made of sturdy, but very easy to squeeze, plastic which is fully recyclable and is accessed by an easy to open screw top lid. The bottle itself is a dark brown in colour though still retains a hint of transparency so the shadow of the liquid can still be viewed, making it easy to know how much remains.

      Around the rim of the bottle is a contrasting yellow/ green label which depicts an image of what I presume to be the green tea leaves and dandelion flower with the logo in a clear bold font. The wrapper is stuck down though has a small overhanging edge which when picked at with your nail opens up to reveal the directions and all the valid information required in a book form, most in other languages, with the directions in English towards the back page.

      Defiligne SOS Detox currently costs £9.50 according to Yves Rocher's website (23rd July 12') though apparently the normal RRP is a hefty £19! I wouldn't pay even the £9.50 for a product such as this to be honest let alone the full RRP, but as it was a free gift I was all for trying it out.

      *~*Nutritional information*~*

      I'm not normally one for copying lengthy ingredients into my reviews as in the words of Bobby Brown that's my prerogative, however I do feel it is needed to show some nutritional information so please feel free to skip the next section if you should so wish.


      Water, Peach flavour, Citric acid, Dry dandelion leaf extract, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Maltodextrins, Dry green tea leaf extract, Sulfite ammonia caramel, Sucralose, Fennel seed extract, Dry yerba mate leaf, Anti caking agent and Silicon dioxide.

      Per 45 ml serving (kcal):

      Energy - 6

      Proteins - 0.2

      Carbohydrates - 1.2

      of which sugars are - 0.2

      Fat - 0.3

      of which saturated fatty acids account for - 0.3

      Dietary fibre - 0.2

      Sodium - 0.03

      *~*My experience of the 10 day SOS Detox*~*

      This isn't the sort of product I would normally opt for at all as I've never felt the urge to 'detox' to be honest. I'd like to think I'm quite a healthy person and eat a good balanced diet and exercise a few times a week, and generally try to look after myself as I have a form of diabetes (Glucokinese), so it tends to keep me 'on the right path' diet wise so to speak.. though have been known to eat and drink rubbish at times.

      I was sent this product about 5 weeks ago and was interested in it but not enough to try it at the time and popped it in the kitchen cupboard thinking I would get around to 'detoxing' at some point but not there and then. I've recently hit a spell of being under the weather with a nasty kidney infection then recently a heavy cold which led to sinusitis and needless to say I've ate more comfort food simply because I felt sorry for myself and was feeling quite fatigued and on remembering the SOS Detox drink I thought it was an appropriate time to try it.

      The drink is easy enough to access, as mentioned it comes in a plastic bottle with a screw top lid and is designed to be mixed with water and drank throughout the day. Because the product is concentrated we are provided with a small measuring cup which is the same green/ yellow colour as the label and which sits neatly on top of the neck/ lid area of the bottle when not in use. There are markings from 10 ml upwards in denominations of 5's all the way up to 55 ml though according to the directions it is just 45 ml of the concentrate needed and is to be added to 1 litre of water and drank throughout the day.

      On first removing the lid I was met with a very pleasant and quite thirst quenching aroma which was the complete opposite of what I was expecting. I expected something more leafy and to be honest 'nastier' but what greeted me was the faint aroma of peach and I was actually looking forward to drinking it at this point. The liquid is a transparent brown colour and reminds me actually of the fizzy pop dandelion and burdock, though without the sparkling essence. The liquid is far thinner in consistency than I imagined, being a concentrate I thought it may be thicker and 'glug' out of the bottle though I found it poured smooth and with ease into the measure cup.

      On adding to my litre of water (which I found easy to do by mixing in a pyrex jug first and then decanting into a glass whenever I wanted a drink) I found the dark brown liquid dissipated instantly into the water and left the litre of water with a faint brown hue rather than deep brown liquid and although it didn't exactly look appealing it certainly emitted a fruity aroma thanks to the peach flavouring.

      The detox drink actually tasted quite divine, and reminded me at first of those flavoured bottles of water that you can buy though certainly it didn't look it with it's bleak muddy water appearance. The taste is very pleasant being primarily a fruity hit of peach with the more subtle dandelion flavour as more of an aftertaste but on the whole it's a very refreshing beverage.

      *Needs to be refrigerated once opened and used within the 10 day time period. If not opened it has a lengthy shelf life and my bottle's date was 2014.*

      So did it have any positive health benefits..?

      *~*Results and recommendations*~*

      Having completed the 10 day course I feel I can give my honest opinion on the Defiligne SOS Detox drink.

      Throughout the 10 day period I did sip at the detox drink throughout the day making sure I drank the full litre per day. I would say that whilst the beverage was pleasant to drink it seemed to leave my mouth feeling very dry after about 10 minutes of drinking it. After the 10 day course had finished I did weigh myself and found I was 3lbs lighter and despite this not being my intention (to lose weight) in the first place, I was nevertheless quite pleased.

      I didn't feel ill whilst drinking this product and apart from it leaving a drier aftertaste than a 'regular' drink would there were no strange or adverse side effects - well none that I've noticed anyway. I did feel quite healthy whilst sipping this, though whether this was a placebo effect that was merely psychological I just don't know.

      I would actually recommend this Detox drink if this is the type of thing you are into, though personally I think plenty of water, a good diet and exercise are all that are needed to sustain one's health but that's just my humble opinion. Yes I did lose 3lbs after the course was completed but you could easily argue the point that it was down to not eating any junk food.. so who knows?


      The drink is pleasant and refreshing and if I were lucky enough to receive it again as a freebie I wouldn't hesitate to do the course again but it's not a product I feel warrants a 5 star rating due to it's high price tag of £19. Even at it's current offer price of £9.50 I feel it's extortionate but then again a lot of health products come at a high price as I've seen when perusing the products in Holland & Barrett's.

      A middle of the road 3/5 from me as it's one you would need to try to make your own mind up about.


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