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Feroglobin Liquid

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Feroglobin is a liquid iron supplement used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, whilst some report positive results, and taste (particularly aftertaste) may be enough to put you off.

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    7 Reviews
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      13.10.2013 12:43
      Very helpful



      A handy product to help fight me falling asleep

      Being told by my doctor early this year that I am Anaemic kind of made sense to me! When I do get sleep I still feel fatigue, my nails get dry my lips are a blueish colour I've always been pale and I certainly feel the cold even when we had our warm spell I still had a full duvet over me at night.

      How they found out in the end was because I faint from time to time, when I was strapped to an ECG machine they found my heart beat to be slightly off which can be due to Anaemia not being treated. I'm all fine now though!

      Vitabiotics Feroglobin - Liquid Iron:

      'Feroglobin-B12® is a delicious honey and orange flavour liquid iron formula with nutrients to help maintain health and vitality, including folate which contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue. It provides a gentle, organic form of iron citrate complex for improved absorption, along with B vitamins and supporting trace minerals, blended with honey and Swiss Alpine Malt'

      - www.vitabiotics.com

      My findings:

      When my doctor explained to me that I would need to start to take iron supplements I was thinking great a pricey repeat prescription but luckly she explained it would be cheaper for me to purchase over the counter and would just have me back every few months for the occasional blood test to monitor my iron levels.

      Tried a few iron tablets some didn't sit very well with me giving me a stomach upset and yes green poo! So I went for liquid ones which seem to suit me much more and no more upset tummies! This version is also vegetarian and approved by the vegetarian society.

      It contains no -

      Fat or yeast
      Artificial colours
      Not tested on animals

      Directions to take this medicine are easy, adults one 5ml twice a day for the time of menstruation one 5ml three times a day. Children 1-3 years half a 5ml once a day, 4-6 years half 5ml twice a day and 7-12 years one 5ml one to two times daily.

      The consistency is a little thick and dark brown in colour I personally can not see many children taking this without a struggle! Even I, when I first saw it was very off put; however I have to say I rather like the taste of this one. It has a deep honey taste with a slight hint of orange I can not really taste the malt.

      So what does the iron help to do for the body? Well it helps the formation of red blood cells for normal oxygen transport around the body. In return reduce the fatigue and tiredness which I have to say I really do feel the benefits.

      After a few days of starting liquid iron I found I have a bit more up and go in me rather than having to force myself to get up. It took around a month before my nails weren't so dry and flaky at the top, but all in this product has very much helped.

      As with any medication it is always wise to consult a professional first as it could always be an underlining issue! I would like to mention also if you are having to take this tea and coffee, antacids and calcium will make it harder for your body to absorb the iron. That doesn't mean you have to stop having them but be wary of your intake.

      I am vegetarian and no it isn't the reason I have Anaemia and you will find more iron in vegetables such as kale than a slab of meat. This product comes in a red box, the bottle is plastic and can be recycled once empty. The safety cap is a bit of nightmare but after all it has to be safe. To be stored below 25c and shake well before use.

      Price and Availability:

      Tesco have this at 3 for 2 often normally around the £4 mark which is a great buy, they come in 200ml bottles. There is also a plus version which I now take which costs just a couple more pounds.


      You would be surprised how Anaemia makes you feel, I take supplements and also add iron rich food to my diet and things seem to be going ok. I like this product, it is easy on my tummy, has a pleasant taste and I could feel the benefits.

      There is a lot to be said on Anaemia and have added an address below which could be of use.



      Five out of five stars from me

      Thank you for reading.


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        25.04.2013 19:48
        Very helpful



        To be honest at around £7 for such a small bottle I don't know if I can be bothered.

        Still on something of an Iron fix Vicky decided to try out another of Holland and Barratt's range of health products and it was recommended that we try Feroglobin. I'm not entirely sure why none of our friends have tried recommending a healthy diet, but seeing as how they all seem to be multi-millionaires we ended up with another product that we have been sampling for the last few weeks.

        Feroglobin is a liquid iron supplement that comes packaged in a small 200ml bottle. A few small splashes of Red and Orange are the only colours that adorn an otherwise plain label, which informs you that you are sampling "Vitabotics Feraglobin B12: Liquid Iron: Zinc, Minerals, and Vitamin B complex: Nutrients for the formation of Haemoglobin & red blood cells." To be honest the extremely detailed layout of the label, combined with a child proof lid, gives this product a far more "medicine" vibe that put me off a little. Thankfully the back of the bottle contained a detailed table of safe doses for everyone from new-borns to adults. In my case I should be taking one teaspoon full twice a day. So that's what I do!

        Opening the lid I found the product to contain an appealingly sweet Orangey smell, which has been tempered with an intense iron smell that should; hopefully, put off the little ones who are smart enough to open the bottle.

        Pouring the liquid onto the spoon revealed a decidedly less appealing liquid with a thick syrupy consistency and a decidedly ugly brown colour. Thankfully the actual taste is not that bad, with a concentrated orange flavour that reminded me of undiluted orange squash. I'd have been happy enough to leave the product be if not for the fact that it leaves a very strong aftertaste of iron that Vicky insists she can both taste and smell whenever I kiss her.

        All in all though is this product worth enduring? To be honest I have not noticed a rise in energy that couldn't be justified by the fact that Vicky and I have been eating a little healthier these past weeks. We've also both come down with a rotten cold that my immune system has really struggled to fight off. I'm ordinarily not out with a cold for more than a day or so, but was this time bed ridden for 4 days and missed 2 days of work. Don't know why my immune system is so low, but even if Ferglobin has not caused this weakness, it has certainly done nothing to help improve the situation!

        To be honest at around £7 for such a small bottle I don't know if I can be bothered. It is certainly cheaper than Spartone; but then it is nowhere near as effective and doesn't last as long. Once again I would recommend saving your money by eating healthy and topping up with some multi vitamins + iron. If you need to top up your iron levels in a hurry then either try Spatone or see your doctor, but trust me that Feroglobin is not worth the effort in the long run.


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          20.03.2013 21:01
          Very helpful



          a decent supplement with iron, zinc and b12 at a decent price

          As I mentioned in a previous review, I recently ended up in Holland & Barrett with my sister as she had some constipation problems and on our trip I got talking to one of the Advisors who recommended me to take some Feroglobin after I mentioned that I wanted a supplement to boost my intake and help me feel a lot healthier. I had already picked up some Cod Liver oil and he added this was a well rounded vitamin to take.

          I was debating between buying some children's chewy vitamins as my daughter's previous batch of fish oil supplements had run out when he said this one was ideal for adults and children. A 200ml bottle costs £5.99 so it sounded ideal especially with a buy one get one half price on all products in the store.

          ~ Packaging ~

          It comes in a vibrant red thin cardboard box with a picture of a happy family (mum, dad, and 2 kids). To be honest the box is rather overloaded with tons of information about the product that it put me off a bit and I couldn't be bothered to read it! Essentially, it is explained as Gentle Liquid Iron with Zinc, B Complex. Iron is highlighted as contributing to the normal formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells, and iron, folate & B12 which can also contribute to the reduction of fatigue.

          Inside the box is a usual medicine looking bottle which is actually made of plastic and so rather squeezable. It has a safety cap which is ideal as my daughter is rather addicted to medicine and would probably drink this if she got her hands on it!

          ~ Taking The Product ~

          It is a liquid food supplement which is apparently a blend of malt and honey. It is made of Swiss Alpine Malt and is gentle on the stomach. Opening the bottle it actually looks like really thick, dark brown syrup! It smells of extremely concentrated orange juice which sadly is not appealing to me as I cannot stomach orange juice at all! When I spoke to the assistant he told me he gives it to his children mixed in with their glass of orange juice in the morning. I should have realised this and taken the hint really! So for me to take it, I just gulp it down on the teaspoon and have a nice drink after to wash it down! The taste literally is of sweet undiluted orange cordial so its not the most appealing taste but it's still edible. For my 3 year old she is happy to eat have it straight so goes to show it is not that awful as she loves it!

          Directions for taking it vary according to ages:

          Adults (Men & Women) = 1 teaspoon, twice daily

          1 - 3 years = Half a teaspoon daily

          4 - 6 years = half a teaspoon, twice daily

          7 - 12 years = 1 teaspoonful, 1 - 2 times daily.

          It is recommended during menstruation or pregnancy to take 1 teaspoon 3 times daily. During my menstruation I have to admit I found it quite hard to take it three times daily as I often forget but where I could I did adhere to this!

          ~ Results ~

          Fortunately, my daughter doesn't get ill too often, and I have found that taking this supplement has boosted her just that little bit more. She had a cold sore recently, and combined with using Zovirax it healed really quickly and she didn't seem run down or unwell at all! With horrible cold weather she has still been perky and not had a sign of a sniffle so I am always happy with any product that keeps her fit and healthy (as well as eating a balanced diet I might add!).

          For myself I have found I do feel a bit more energetic, have a bit more of a fresh approach in the mornings and just generally feel more capable to get up and go. I am trying a whole new outlook anyway as I was consistently going to bed late, and then had early starts so I have found this nice for me building a new routine so by the mornings I am not feeling so lethargic.

          One thing the shop advisor mentioned to me is that this product helps to open the appetite and I don't know if this is an unconscious thing but I have definitely found me and the little one are eating far more! It's a healthy appetite though, as for me my 3 year old is quite small and so although she is tall and the doctor says she is in proportion it always makes me happy to see her eating and she has definitely been munching away far more than usual.

          ~ Overall ~

          We have been taking this a few weeks now and it is definitely a supplement I would recommend. It doesn't taste great so you really have to grin and bear it but the results are ideal. The liquid version is faster acting as you consume it straight away (more advise from the Shop Assistant!) and so it gets to work quickly and you can feel the difference. I am trying a new branch of healthy living (ish!) and this has given me some results I am proud of so I would definitely recommend it.


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          16.02.2013 12:12
          Very helpful



          Great supplement.

          I like to think that I provide my family with a well balanced healthy diet. We are all Vegetarians and am only too aware that I need to think carefully about the different food my family and I consume to be sure that we are all getting all the vitamins and minerals we need.  I  do  include lots of Iron rich foods into my diet such as Tofu, greens, seeds, lentils etc but I do supplement our diet with vitamins. Vitabiotics Feroglobin B12 Liquid Iron is a supplement I have been buying for my children for a few years. 

          Vitabiotics is a brand that has been producing health care products for over 40 years. They produce a wide variety of different supplements. I actually first Heard about the company whilst I was pregnant with my first daughter and began taking their "Pregnacare" tablets. 

          Feroglobin B12 is a liquid Iron supplement with the additional benefits of added zinc, vitamin C and Vitamin B complex. Iron is an extremely important mineral and is needed to by our body for various reasons. It helps in the production of red blood cells and it also helps deliver oxygen through the body. Iron also plays an important role in ensuring the immune system works efficiently. It also contributes to normal cognitive functioning. Those with low levels of Iron may feel symptoms of fatigue, tiredness and may find it more difficult to concentrate. Vitabiotics claim that Feroglobin B12 has been "formulated to be gentle on the stomach".

          An additional Iron / vitamin supplement may be of a particular benefit to young children, those with restricted diets (eg Vegetarians), athletes, over 50's and pregnant or menstruating women.

          The product comes packaged in a card box with the brand and product name clearly displayed on the front along with a picture of a happy smiling family of four. The product claims to have a "delicious Taste", the bottle I currently have is honey, malt and orange flavour.

          The back of  of the box gives plenty of information and warnings and of course should be read thoroughly before taking. Vitabiotics Feroglobin B12 is suitable for children (over one year) and adults, a dosage list is given which lets you know how much to give depending on age. Care should be taken not to exceed the recommended intake. It Is Suitable for Vegetarians and contains no artificial colours, alcohol, fat or yeast. It has not been tested on animals. 

          A table of nutritional information gives a list of all the vitamins and minerals in the supplement along with the RDA.

          Warnings, storage advice and the best before date are given on the side / bottom of the box. 

          The 200ml glass bottle is brown in colour and has a child proof safety lid. The label on the front of the bottle gives similar information to the box. 

          The liquid itself is dark brown in colour and is of a thick sticky consistency, it can be a little on the messy side so I would suggest keeping some wipes handy whilst using. It has quite a strong sweet Orange fragrance. I give this product to my children but I have taken it occasionally too. Vitabiotics claim that Feroglobin B12 tastes " Delicious", which I'm not sure I completely agree with. It does have an Orangey taste but with a hint of honey. Personally I don't think it tastes unpleasant, but its not great either. My partner has also tried this and thinks its disgusting, he thinks it has a metallic taste to it but in all honesty its not something I have ever noticed. My children say it tastes "OK", but they do prefer the taste of other chewable vitamins they have taken in the past, presumably because they tend to be full of sugar and added flavours. That being said they have never refuse to take the Feroglobin B 12, they take a spoonful each morning as part of their daily routine. I have never noticed any unwanted side effects whilst we have been using this product. My children do not have regular  blood tests so I cannot be 100% about how effective this product is. In general they do seem in good health and are rarely poorly. My eldest daughter has learning difficulties which means her concentration is pretty poor, I like to think an additional supplement helps a little with this but if I am completely honest I have never noticed a huge difference. My youngest daughter is currently going through a fussy eating phase, so I feel giving her a iron / vitamin supplement is quite important at the moment.

          Of course nothing substitutes a healthy varied diet but I do feel that taking a supplement can be beneficial to some. I will continue to give Vitabiotic Feroglobin B12 to my children and would certainly recommend it to others.

          Vitabiotics Feroglobin B12 is available in most supermarkets and chemists.


          Boots £3.99

          Superdrug £3.99

          Amazon £2.73

          (delivery charges may apply)

          * As with all supplements, the instructions must be well read before taking. Those in doubt should check woth their doctor / pharmacist.


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          02.08.2012 16:54



          Buy it if you're a veggie :)

          I have never written a review before (as you might be able to tell) but felt I needed to for Feroglobin because it has made me feel so much better. I decided to buy it after searching online and finding that iron-deficiency could be a cause of my annoying daily headaches. I am vegetarian and find it hard to get enough iron into my diet, especially since I don't eat vegetables often enough. I have taken iron tablets in the past but they didn't seem to do anything - I have since read that iron in liquid form may be better absorbed. Anyway, I have been taking Feroglobin liquid for a week now and the change is obvious. I haven't had a headache, I don't feel so tired/weak, and an unexpected but positive effect is that I haven't been eating as much! I used to find myself constantly hungry and nauseous but that feeling has gone. My boyfriend who used to laugh at me for being constantly hungry is shocked at the difference. I only have a few pounds to lose but I think Feroglobin will help with that too. So all in all, I'd definitely recommend trying Feroglobin if you think your diet is lacking in vitamins or especially if you're a vegetarian who doesn't eat enough iron-filled veg!


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          09.01.2011 01:49
          Very helpful



          One I am quitting taking!

          I am rather partial to trying out herbal medicines and things like vitamins and minerals to perk me up. I write alot about medication I can purchase myself because I buy alot of it! This I bought after a recommendation from a friend who swears by the stuff. I suffer with chronic fatique (M.E) and was diagnosed with it years ago. However of late I have been run down, tired, achey and at first the Doctor thought I had glandular fever then he said I had flu which I sorted out. After that I was left exhausted, it was a struggle just to lift my arms in the air and as for gettting dressed and bathing well I couldn't, it was a hard struggle just to get to the toilet!

          Now the Doctor thinks my M.E has made a reappearance and there isn't much you can do about it you simply have to ride with it. However as I mentioned a friend of mine regulary takes this and so off I went to Asda and parted with £4.50 to get me a bottle with really high hopes for it.

          The Packaging:

          The bottle comes in a red box with a photograph of a man and a women and a couple of children on there and we are told that it is Vitabiotics Feroglobin B12 Liquid Iron, Zinc, Minerals & Vitamin B Complex and that it is 'Nutrients for the formulation of haemoglobin & red blood cells' and that it has a delicious honey and orange taste and that it is also combined with Swiss Alpine malt. Other information on the box includes being told a bit about the product and what it is meant to help be good for, there is a nutritional chart stated as well as a list of ingredients given and dosage advice, the size is stated (which in my case is a 200ml bottle) and contact details for Vitabiotics are given. Inside the box you get a phamplet thats tells you about other Vitabiotics products within the range. The bottle is dark brown with a red, white and orange label on it and basically it contains the same information as is on the bottle so if you lose the box you still know about the dosage etc and the lid/cap is white, plastic and push button and twist so safe from little hands this is if you do it up properly.

          The Product Itself:

          Ok so this is mainly liquid iron mixed with minerals and vitamin b complex which includes vitamin b12 and folic acid. Feroglobin b12 is a blood building nutrient with particular benefit meant to be given to children, the over 50s, athletes and women during pregnancy or menstruation as it carries oxygen to the heart, brain, other organs and muscles, so energy can be released and perk you up a bit and iron also has a role in maintaining our immune system too.

          Directions for taking it vary depending on age. Children 1-3 years can take 1/2 a teaspoonfuls daily, children 4-6 years 1/2 a teaspoonful twice daily, children 7-12 years can take 1 teaspoonful 1-2 times daily and adults can take 1 teaspoonful twice daily and you can take this for as long as you want to.

          The biggest problem I have with this is the taste and on the box we are told that it 'tastes great too!'. Does it heck.... it has the consistency of blood and has a weird smell of oranges and tastes really artificially sweetened and malty and that horrible flavour lingers ages after you've took it sourly on the tongue. It really is gross I reckon and a not just in taste buit its a horrible brown syrupy sticky liquid too.

          Now I have taken this daily for the past 3 months now so given it a really good trial run in my opinion. I take the higher of the two doses stated to give it the best chances of working. Now remember I have been taking this to try help with low energy (before Christmas) and M.E after it and I have to admit sadly that in my point of view this does nothing for me at all. I expected to feel a bit livelier, a bit more awake and on the ball but no I get a horrible malty taste that takes hours to shift and I get no benefit from it and in all honesty although I've really tried to look for some result within myself there simply isn't one I can see or feel.

          Worth a go if interested and this has got positive reviews on it and at the end of the day extra iron is meant to help with fatigue so if you can bear the taste it is worth giving it a whirl if interested it simply doesn't work for me to the best of my knowledge and now I that I have reviewed it I can throw it out and stop taking it lol

          Available in all good chemists and supermarkets etc.

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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            29.01.2009 10:30
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A good vitamin boost when you are needing a lift

            I'm not, and never have been, somebody who swallows vitamins on a regular basis, but feel I must say a word in favour of Feroglobin.

            Having a lifestyle that is somewhat apart from the norm, as in a lot of my daily activities are physical, i.e. yesterday I unloaded half a ton of animal feed via wheelbarrow across a muddy field; consequently every so often I tend to feel as if I need a bit of a 'boost.'

            It's usually at this point that I reach for the Feroglobin.

            Obviously I can't present this as a miracle 'cure all,' but I do find that it is one product that after taking for two or three days, ensures my general lethargy evaporates.

            For those of you that like to read the labels and I realise it is important in this instance, some of the constituents in a 5ml teaspoon are:

            Vit B1 4mg
            Vit B2 1mg
            Vit B6 2mg
            Vit B12 5ug
            Vit C 10mg
            Folacin 150ug
            Calcium 10mg
            Niacin 8mg
            Iron 7mg
            Zinc 5mg

            To make it palatable it also contains honey and malt.

            The recommended dosages are as follows:
            Children (1-3)
            ½ teaspoon daily

            Children (4-6)
            ½ teaspoon twice daily

            Children (7-12)
            1 teaspoon 1-2 times daily

            1 teaspoonful twice daily

            It does give additional information that if you are pregnant you can increase the dosage to 1 teaspoonful three times a day.

            You can take the mixture straight from the spoon but if you (or the kids) don't like the taste, you also can mix it with fruit juice.

            The price, well, generally speaking you can get it from many health food stores direct or on-line. A standard price for the product is around £4 for 200ml.

            So, if you don't feel the need to take something everyday, but do occasionally feel washed out and need something to give you a boost, then I can't recommend this product highly enough. I've been using it for that long now I can't remember who recommended it to me in the first place!


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          • Product Details

            Feroglobin Liquid includes organic iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12. Nutrients for haemaglobin and red blood cell formation.

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