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Holland & Barrett 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil

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Brand: Holland and Barrett / Type: Vitamin Oil / Dosage Form: Oil

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2011 12:08
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended but watch out for the messy bottle

      Recently I've been on a bit of a mission to improve my immune system, I found I was catching everything going and the first supplement I added was Vitamin D3 which I feel has helped alot with my immune system health however I didn't want to skip anything else that might also keep me healthier. I found myself browsing Holland and Barrett's website looking for supplements that may improve my health and I was also looking for Vitamin E specifically for my lad (cat) as it's recommended in older cats. I thought this bottle of Vitamin E oil that's "pure enough to swallow" would be a good idea because I could monitor exactly how much my lad was having. This 74ml bottle (don't ask me why it isn't a nice round 75ml) cost me £6.19.

      Vitamin E is a useful antioxidant which means it fights the pollutants we are exposed to every day also referred to as free radicals. This is the purpose I wanted it for for my boy. It is also good for keeping dry skin at bay and can be used externally for that too, it regulates Vitamin A in the body, it is anti-aging, it increases the effectiveness of sun lotions (I didn't know that!) and is also a good treatment for sunburn, it also provides some protection against skin cancer and it has been shown to improve circulation and decrease the likelihood of blood clots so it's a good all rounder. The bottle I bought contains 30,000 IU per entire bottle and the dose is 5 drops a day which equals 100 IU which is 558% of a daily dose so it should be enough. This surprised me because alot of the Vitamin E capsules are 400 IU etc but I decided to give it a try at that dose anyway.

      This oil has no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, no preservatives, no added sugar, no starch, no milk, no lactose, no yeast, no fish, no porcine so it's pretty pure. However the allergy advice is it contains wheat and gluten, peanuts, soya and sesame seeds so not so good for people with allergies to certain ingredients. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

      Vitamin E is fat soluble which means it is possile to take too much and suffer from toxicity symptoms, water soluble vitamins don't have this problem as they are excreted from the body quickly so it's always worth finding out if a supplement or Vitamin is fat soluble so you know you can't alter the advised dose.

      Right, onto me taking it. I usually drop 5 drops into a small amount of water along with the Vitamin D3 I take and I can't taste the Vitamin E however I have been know to drop 5 drops onto the back of my hand and lick it off there if I haven't got time for water and it just tastes like any old oil. It tastes of something to cat's sensitive taste buds though because my lad isn't keen on it. I give my boy 1 drop a day just to get a bit of extra Vitamin E into him but not overdo it, animals can suffer toxicity symptoms too. For my lad I hide it in food, one drop isn't that difficult to get away with. I have used this oil on dry skin too and it is very moisturising.

      As for my immune system, I haven't caught anything in ages, I can't say for sure the Vitamin E is helping as I also take the Vitamin D3 but as long as my immune system stays strong I'll keep taking both. I can't say if it's helping in other areas, only time will tell, but I have had less dry skin problems since I started taking my 5 drops a day so it's certainly helped that. The bottle is going to last ages too as 5 drops is a tiny amount.

      One gripe though, isn't there always! The bottle leaks. I always wipe the neck of the bottle after use but somehow it always leaks and leaves a messy oily ring behind wherever I stand the bottle. While tying this review and picking the bottle up a few times to make sure I got the information correct I've had to wipe my hands and the keyboard three times despite the fact I washed the bottle in washing up liquid last time I used it so be prepared for the mess. Otherwise though it's handy to have oil so you can give different doses to different sized people, or animals!

      Overall I'm happy with this oil but don't much like the leaking bottle but I'm still giving it a full 5 stars for being easy to use and effective for my skin and immune system.


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