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Holland & Barrett Fast Acting Liquid Vitamin D3

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Brand: Holland and Barrett / Dosage Form: Liquid / Subtype: Extract

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      24.04.2011 15:55
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended for anyone who can't get any sun

      As someone who is allergic to the sun and has to use sunblock all summer I've known for a while that my levels of vitamin D were going to be deficient. Vitamin D is produced in the body when we are exposed to sunshine so living in the UK with not alot of sunshine means alot of people here are deficient and wearing sunblock all summer means the sun cannot cause the body to produce vitamin D so I decided to supplement my levels with this liquid. I also have Fibromyalgia and heard vitamin D might help with that too but more about that later.

      There are other ways to get vitamin D such as food but that isn't the best form of vitamin D for us. Vitamin D2 is found in foods but vitamn D3 which is what I'm reviewing is the one that benefits us most and comes from sun exposure. When I bought this vitamin D3 from Holland and Barrett it was on a buy one get another for 1p offer so I got two 59ml bottles for £8.20 and if I'm honest I'll admit I didn't read the description properly and didn't know I was getting liquid!

      When the bottles arrived I read the back of one, the dose is 4-10 drops daily and I decided to go for the maximum amount as I clearly wasn't getting any D3 from sun. The drops are to be taken preferably with a meal and can be mixed into any drink. The liquid is orange flavoured so I mix it into a separate glass of water, I don't really want orange flavoured coffee thanks! So 4 drops equals 400 I.U which equates to 200% of the daily recommended amount and 10 drops equals 1000 I.U which is 500% of the daily recommended amount. I know those figures seem high but vitamin D toxicity is very rare, it is a fat soluble vitamin though which means you can take too much and your body doesn't get rid of it in urine. You would have to be getting huge amounts though to have overdose issues.

      Vitamin D3 is useful in lots of ways, it's is said to improve the immune system, help keep brittle bones at bay because of how it works with calcium in the body, help with depression, cancer, mood swings, auto-immune disorders and PMS. As we get older we need more vitamin D and the darker your skin the more vitamin D you need so fair redheads like me should be ok on supplements! This particular vitamin D liquid has no artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners, no preservatives, no milk, no lactose, no gluten, no wheat, no yeast, no fish and no porcine and is suitable for vegetarians. It should be stored in a cool dry place, kept out of the reach of children, refrigerated after opening and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should talk to your doctor before use.

      The actual liquid is dispensed from a dropper so measuring out your daily drops isn't a problem. I take 10 now but intend to drop to 4 later on once I've built up a bit of vitamin D stores. You can get a blood test to check your levels of vitamin D but when I spoke to my doctor about it I realised I'd had so many blood tests the last year I really couldn't be doing with another and she said I was fine to just take some in supplement form and go back if I change my mind about the blood test. Anyway, the liquid has a very strong orange taste and when I mix it into water it tastes just like a glass of orange cordial. It is pale orange in colour and no thicker than water.

      I hoped this would help with my Fibromyalgia pain levels as some people find it does but it hasn't helped my pain at all. I think this is because most of my pain is from my Hypermobility Syndrome so from joints moving too far, lax ligaments and occasional dislocations rather than "simple" Fibromyalgia pain. I do think if you just have Fibromyalgia though and not other complications it might be worth a try.

      So what do I get from it? Hopefully it will keep my bones healthy and help my body utilise calcium properly but I won't know if it has helped that for years yet. However one thing that really interested me was the claim it boosted the immune system. Recently my immune system seems to have deserted me and I've caught everything going. Not only that though but straightforward colds, coughs and sore throats that everyone around me has shrugged off with no problems have turned into more than my body can fight off and I seem to need antibiotics alot of the time. In the last year I've had to take 4 different antibiotics and in the years before that I hadn't had any at all for over 15 years. That really concerned, and annoyed, me and I've tried a variety of supplements and herbs to try and improve my health to no avail. Since I started the vitamin D3 though I think it's helping with my immune system. Previously I only had to look at someone with a cold and I caught it but since taking this I've been in the same room as my older brother when he was sneezing and coughing and didn't catch it but more amazingly I've visited my other brother and his family who all had colds and coughs at the time and even though my niece and nephew insisted on snuggling up to their auntie and coughing and sneezing all over me I still didn't catch it. That's a real achievement for me, I'm astounded I didn't catch either cold. I'm not saying this will stop me ever catching a cold again but it may well help reduce the amount.

      So overall I'm pleased with this, it will last ages at only 4-10 drops a day and does seem to help my immune system. It didn't help my pain but I've explained the reason for that, however anything that can reduce the amount of colds, coughs and sore throats I get is well worth taking. A full 5 stars from me for this orange flavoured sunshine vitamin.


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