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Lamberts Osteoguard

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/ Contents/Size: 90 Tabs / Type: Magnesium & Calcium

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2010 01:15
      Very helpful



      Effective supplement that includes ingredients that assist the body's bone strength

      Please Note: This is an up-dated and re-edited version so please do not go be previous low ratings!!

      ~*~'BACKBONE'~The Company~*~

      Founded in 1982, Lamberts is Britain's foremost supplier of specialist supplements to Healthcare Professionals. Their product ranges including vitamins and specialized products. Due to their strict observance to guidelines, Lamberts products are approved by the UK Department of Health. The company also exports on a global scale.

      As noted on the Lamberts website, their contact details are as follows:
      PHONE {+44 (0) 1892 554 313 FAX {+44 (0) 1892 554 313 EMAIL {ordering@lambertshealthcare.co.uk

      ~*~'BONE DRY'! ~ Reason For Purchase ~*~

      What I am about to say must remain a secret so keep this among yourselves; I'm in the menopausal stage! My taste has changed dramatically, containing only a small amount of dairy produce, so I was advised by a Healthcare professional to take a calcium supplement due to the possibility of osteoporosis.

      ~*~ 'I MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT'~ Why Lamberts?~*~

      When visiting a local chemist I came across Lamberts Osteoguard. The package noted that this supplement 'is an all-in-one bone health formula containing high levels of calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, alongside boron and vitamin D'. At first I felt that at almost £10 for a supplement was rather high. But calculating how long a course of two a day, as recommended for those at the menopausal age and/or diets low on dairy, the bottle of ninety tablets would last me around six weeks.

      ~*~ 'BONE IDLE'~ My Personal Experience~*~

      I can be pretty forgetful when it comes to taking supplements. In fact, I did my six monthly clear, sort & tidy of my first aid box and found no less than four out-of date bottles! So I placed this latest addition on the top shelf of my crockery unit; but still took the tablets intermittently throughout the week. I had to resort to leaving a memo on the unit door! After two weeks I accomplished a pattern. The tablets need to be taken with food; therefore I took two each morning with breakfast. These small easy to swallow tablets disintegrate within an hour. I have felt no digestive after effects with the tablets.

      >>PLEASE NOTE<< Lamberts caution that taking 'over 400mg of magnesium may cause mild stomach upset in sensitive individuals'. As each tablet contains 250mg magnesium, and you do experience sensitivity in this area, it is best to take just one tablet daily and notify your GP for further advice.

      I also take vitamin pills but Lamberts Osteoguard can be combined with most of these; I consulted the Pharmacist to ensure the ones I am taking were compatible. It's now been three months since I began the course of Lamberts Osteoguard. I am unable to reveal any life changing effects such as taking up skate boarding or gymnastics but I don't feel any declining issues from osteoporosis! I personally feel that such a supplement needs to be continued for an added protection against the adverse symptoms of this particular condition. The tablets contain the ingredients proven to assist in warding off such debilitating symptoms. I will edit this review from time to time as changes occur.

      ~*~ 'BONE OF CONTENTION' ~ The Ingredients And My Personal Experience~*~

      Each tablet contains:

      >Calcium carbonate 500mg {Adults need 700 mg a day of calcium. Calcium has an abundant amount of important objectives from the well known building of strong bones, to regulating muscle contraction which even includes our heart beat! This fundamental compound ensures that our blood clots normally and is now thought to lower blood pressure from being too high.

      My family of relatives has an inherited condition of high blood pressure; although I cannot confirm the effects of the tablets in this area, I have suffered no abnormal blood pressure rates whilst taking these tablets.

      >Magnesium oxide 250mg {Magnesium also has an amount of fundamental functions which include helping to turn food eaten into energy. Our parathyroid glands are approximately the size of a grain of rice and found on the back side of the thyroid gland in the neck. These glands are responsible for producing hormones that are integral for bone health. Magnesium helps ensure these parathyroid glands work naturally.

      I cannot comment on whether the Magnesium oxide contained in these tablets have had an added effect on my parathyroid glands only to say that as I've had no negative symptoms in this area, the tablets are doing no harm and probably giving positive results.

      >Boron 1.5mg {This trace element is felt to assist the body make use of magnesium and calcium, as mentioned above, oestrogen, glucose, fats and copper.

      It makes logical since to determine, that is why this constituent has been added; to help the body use the magnesium and calcium.

      >Vitamin D 0.625µg {Vitamin D has many valuable functions; helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, alike calcium, phosphate is also required to help keep the bones and teeth healthy.

      Ironically, Taking too high doses of vitamin D over long periods of time could actually weaken the bones, hence why only a small amount is included in this compound! Again, it makes logical sense to determine that is why this constituent has been added; to help facilitate the utilisation of calcium in the body.

      >Vitamin K 20µg {Vitamin K has various functions; it's necessary for blood clotting.

      I'm not surprised in the inclusion of this vitamin in this product as there is now escalating evidence that vitamin K is also important to help in the building of strong bones along with facilitating the utilisation of the calcium.

      >Tabulated with water preparations that act as binders and adhesives to the tablet compounds, such as noted in the manufacturer's leaflet of 'Acacia, Cellulose, Cross linked Cellulose Gum, Methylcellulose, Glycerin and Hydroxypropy'. The tablets also contain an element generally used as a food colourant, Titanium Dioxide,
      Stearic Acid {is a chemical component that enables oils and water to mix.
      silicon dioxide {together with calcium and vitamins, silicon dioxide is correspondingly important for bone growth.

      ~*~'CLOSE TO THE BONE'~*~Would I recommend?

      YES! Going by the lack of evidence of progressive adverse bone effects combined with researching the ingredients of this medication, I feel that Lamberts Osteoguard can only furnish one with positive results if lacking in dietary elements in this formula. I give this product four stars as I am proceeding with an on-going study by continuing to take these tablets over an extended period of time to afford further research.



      A blonde walks into a doctor's office and tells the doctor she's broken every single bone in her body. "That's impossible!" says the doctor.

      The blonde says, "No, it's really true. Look!" She then touches her leg with her index finger and screams
      "Ouch!" Then she touches her arm and yells "Eeeeoooow!" Finally she touches her ribs and can barely maintain her composure as the tears start to roll down her face. She says, "See, I told you I broke every bone in my body."

      The doctor rubs his chin, and then conducts a thorough examination. "Well, miss;" he tells her, "I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, you haven't broken every bone in your body. The bad news is, you've broken your finger."{www.funnyjunkz.com


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    • Product Details

      Contains calcium, magnesium and boron, the major minerals needed for bone metabolism / Fast disintegration time and hypoallergenic.

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