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Organic Wheatgrass Powder

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Vitamin and Minerals / Dosage Form: Powder

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    3 Reviews
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      18.10.2013 20:47
      Very helpful



      I would recommend it to anyone wanting to live a bit healthier

      Every now and again I like to try my best to be healthy e.g. drinking fresh juice, trying to cut out junk food, taking supplements etc. A while back I did a juice detox for a week, where I drank juice 2 replace 2 meals a day and only had dinner. In my quest to make this possible I headed to Whole Foods Market where I could get loads of great organic fresh fruit and vegetables and having researched juice detoxes I also wanted some wheatgrass and spirulina. At the store, I was helped by a really knowledgeable sales assistant in the supplement department who recommended the Wheatgrass Powder sachets to me.

      I had read online about the benefits of wheatgrass, and it is mainly that it is good for detoxifying the blood, great for skin and energy levels and supposedly can prevent cancer as it combats tumours. I mainly purchased it as I wanted to flush out my system during my "detox" week and wanted to feel energised and healthy even with lack of meals. My sachet contains 100% Pure Organic Wheat Grass Juice but also has chlorophyll which some health reviews have promoted to advocates is also said to be a powerful antioxidant that can protect you from cancer, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, helps regulate bowel habits so this in my opinion I guess i couldn't do any harm!

      The Wheatgrass powder I purchased came in a little white sachet from the brand Pukka and contained 4g of food supplement powder at the cost of roughly £1 or so. This might sound quite expensive, but I actually find that with one sachet I can make about 3 or 4 cups of large wheatgrass juice really easily by just adding a teaspoon of powder to my water or aloe vera juice (as recommended on the back of the sachet). The powder itself is dark green and smells very strong, like grass but a bit more pungent and harsh although it really is harmless.

      The sachet says to mix it with either water or Pukka Aloe Vera juice (more for you to buy more products in their range I suppose) but I tend to just mix it with some freshly squeezed fruit juice which helps to cover up the taste a bit. The powder is really thick, and I find it either does one of two things: 1. it either sits on top of the juice and needs really vigorous mixing or 2. it sinks to the bottom and so the last swig really just tastes like powdery juice. I have found this happens if I add a heaped spoon so it really is best to only use this in moderation!

      Taste wise, it is quite hard to describe, as it doesn't have a distinct taste, whilst it isn't sweet it does have a sharp, tangy kick and tastes very "earthy" if thats thing to compare it to! It's perfectly drinkable though, and i don't have to wince or try and do it as a "shot" which is what I hear a lot of people consume it as.

      At the time I didn't really notice much improvement in my health, mainly because I was not having two meals a day and was pretty hungry! However, I did feel slightly more fresher and have since kept on purchasing wheatgrass powder and having a drink about once or twice a week. I can't heap a whole load of praise on it turning my health around - I still need to cut out the takeaways once - twice a week but it helps me feel better about my lifestyle slightly!


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        16.12.2012 20:56
        Very helpful




        I'd never heard of wheatgrass until I started to research food supplements that I could mix into my fruit & vegetable juices while fasting.

        I thought that it sounded great so looked online and came across wheatgrass powder. I'd of preferred fresh wheatgrass but apparently it needs to be juiced in a special juicer which sounded time consuming, so I ended up ordering a pack of the Naturya organic wheatgrass powder from Amazon.

        I paid £7.99 for the 200 gram pack, which may seem expensive but a pack lasts for ages. I've had mine since August and there's well over half a pack left. I usually have three teaspoons of this a day - either one teaspoon in each juice if I'm fasting or three teaspoons in one juice if I'm not. To be honest, three teaspoons in one juice doesn't taste great but eh, the health benefits are worth it!

        The fine green powder comes in a green pouch which has lots of information written on it about the product and it is re-sealable. I ended up transferring mine into an airtight container though because everytime that I opened the pack the powder would come out in a fine dust which made a mess and didn't smell great either. The smell is a bit like tea in my opinion but it doesn't taste like tea unfortunately!

        I usually am able to mask the taste if it's in a sweet juice, eg apple juice, but if it's in a green juice the taste seems even stronger. It's a very earthy, grassy taste and it smells kind of like a bin full of grass that was cut a week ago if that makes sense, its definitely not a great taste! I always put this in my protein shaker to mix it up with my juice as if I don't it can gather on the top and not dissolve properly making it lumpy and gross.

        As for the benefits of wheatgrass, there are loads. Studies have shown that it lowers blood pressure, cleanses the blood and organs, restores alkalinity to the blood, stimulates the thyroid gland, fights tumors and neutralizes toxins, is great for the skin, slows down the ageing process and increases energy levels when consumed daily. It contains numerous vitamins as well as iron, protein and calcium so it's an amazing, natural supplement.

        Personally I haven't noticed any extremely drastic changes in my health other than lots of energy, clearer and brighter skin as well as shinier, stronger hair. It also keeps me feeling fuller for longer after I've drank it in a juice. As well as drinking it I always put a spoonful in my baths and it keeps my skin feeling and looking healthy - the patches of eczema on my wrists and ankles are fading and I look and feel great - not to boast or anything, haha! :-)



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          18.03.2009 15:21
          Very helpful



          Highly recommended

          I'm not really a health freak, I have some bad habits and don't always eat as healthily as I should but I like to try things like Wheatgrass as they contain so many nutrients. I decided to try Wheatgrass powder after a period of time where I felt very tired and just under- nourished.

          The price of Wheatgrass powder varies wildly and I bought a foil pack of 250g for £6.99 from an ebay store but I've also seen packs of half that size for twice as much so you do need to shop around. As well as powder it can be purchased in tablet form and fresh. If you buy fresh (or grow your own) you need a special juicer so that wasn't an option for me, too much messing around and I'm pretty impatient and if you buy tablets it has less goodness than the powder, as the powder has slightly less than fresh. So I chose powder because it was easy to buy and use and middle of the road for nutrients.

          What are the benefits of wheatgrass?
          Well, there are supposedly numerous. It is 70% chlorophyll which is said to improve the immune system greatly, one pound of wheatgrass has the same nutritional value as 23 pounds of other vegetables, it's high in fibre, contains 17 amino acids, supports the production of red blood cells, counteracts acids and toxins in the body, contains 92 minerals and is high in vitamins. In fact wheatgrass has more vitamin C than oranges and twice the vitamin A of carrots and is especially rich in vitamins E, K and B complex. It supports the blood, bones, glands, organs, muscles and teeth and is a complete food. Apparently it also aids weight loss by suppressing the appetite and helps the body get rid of toxins such as cigarette smoke.

          Some therapists use it to fight cancer alongside orthodox methods but I have no idea if it works for this. Also it can be applied externally to heal wounds and treat skin conditions. So as you can see the claims are enough for any of us to rush out and buy some!!

          So what does it look and smell like?
          In its powdered form it is bright green and as powdery as flour. Upon opening the packet you are greeted with a cloud of emerald green dust that smells like a mixture of herbs and grass. It isn't an unpleasant smell just very planty (is that even a word?).

          What do I do with it?
          Put 1 to 2 teaspoons in a glass and mix in a small amount of water. It needs stirring quite a bit to get rid of all the powder and will leave you with something that resembles swamp water. Then you just drink it down.

          What does it taste like?
          This is where it gets interesting! The swamp water tastes like grass, it's not unpleasant in the taste but it is in the texture. As it's powder mixed with water it is very chalky in texture and that is the nasty bit! This is why you only mix it with a small amount of water, a shot glass is perfect, so you can down it in one and follow it with another drink. The actual grassy taste isn't any worse than herbal tea but the powdery texture is pretty awful!

          What do I think?
          I started taking it a few weeks ago and have to say I don't feel as tired now, I wake up feeling fresh in the morning which is something I struggled with before. I think my eyes look brighter which may just be better quality of sleep or all the nutrients. It's good for bowel function and speeds up the digestive system in a natural, gentle way. I'm growing my hair at the moment and since starting this powder there has been a noticable increase in growth. I also find it suppresses my appetite so I eat alot less than I did before without noticing. It's had a really good effect on me and I've never found anything else that made me less tired.

          Just the powdery texture but then it is powder! I don't much like the actual drinking of it for this reason but for the benefits I'm getting from it I can throw it back like a shot and quickly wash the taste away with a glass of water. There are no other downsides at all and if you wanted to take it but without the powdery drink either opt for the fresh or the tablets.

          I highly recommend Wheatgrass powder, or indeed juice or tablets, the nutrients that have been found to be in wheatgrass are amazing and it really does perk you up and give you more energy. In this day and age where everything contains chemicals and we are surrounded by pollutants I think a "super food" like wheatgrass is more essential than ever. One of my friends insists on calling me a hippy for being interested in products such as this but I can really notice a difference in my energy levels so I don't care!

          If you're a smoothie fan you can mix this up and add it to your smoothie so you can barely taste it, just so long as your smoothie isn't fruit juice based or the acid interferes with the wheatgrass' nutrients. Try it and see how you feel!

          Thanks for reading.


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        • Product Details

          Wheatgrass is packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, chlorophyll, live enzymes, amino-acids, fatty acids.

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