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Pregnacare Breastfeeding Vitamins

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Brand: Pregnacare

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2012 21:33
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      Breastfeeding vitamins

      When I was pregnant I was very conscientious about taking my pregnancy vitamins as they help the baby's growth and development and also protect against them developing various illnesses in the womb. I believe they were also good for my body too, replacing all the nutrients that I was losing to the little life inside me. Now that I am breastfeeding I still feel it is important to carry on taking vitamins as I want my milk to be the healthiest and most nutritious milk it can be. The vitamins I took during pregnant were the Pregnacare variety which I really liked so I felt it was best to stay with this brand and take their vitamins especially made for breastfeeding.

      According to the information given with the vitamins, "DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) supplied from the mother's breast milk plays an essential role in the new baby's brain and eye development. Infants have limited capability to synthesize fatty acids, which therefore must be obtained direct from external sources such as the mother's milk. During breast-feeding, the infant's brain continues to take up DHA and 15% of brain growth occurs after birth. DHA is required for optimum brain function and signalling and learning ability in later life.

      I believe the old saying breast is best and so anything I can do to make sure my milk is in perfect condition I will do. I make sure I eat quite a healthy diet with lots of calcium, fruits and vegetables and taking vitamins was always something I knew I wanted to do. This particular brand features vitamins, mineral and calcium tablets plu Omega-3 capsules, for the months following childbirth and during breast-feeding. The vitamins are on the big side but if you wash them down with a glass of water which you are supposed to do then its not too bad. There are actually three tablets per day that you have to take, two breast-feeding tablets and one Omega-3 capsule. On the box and in the information you can read all the benefits that you get from the vitamins and in my opinion they are numerous and quite essential.

      The tablets include:

      700mg calcium, plus magnesium and vitamin D3 which are also important for healthy bone development.
      Iron, B complex to help support new blood formation following labour and for energy release at a time when there are considerable demands on a new mum.
      Specific micronutrients to help safeguard a mum's nutrition while breast-feeding.

      My milk supply has been really good since I have been taking these vitamins. I have heard from various people that when you have your second baby your milk is not as plentiful but I have had full boobs at the start of every day ready to feed my little boy. He is thriving from my breast milk too, putting on quite a few ounces a week and at 5 months old is currently nearly 15lbs which I am very happy about so he is doing well too. I feel nice and healthy on these too apart from the inevitable tiredness you face with a newborn.

      I will continue to take these vitamins until we stop feeding. They are fairly expensive, £14.99 for 56 tablets and 28 capsules, basically a 28 day supply but what price can you put on the health of your baby. 


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