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Sanatogen Children's Gold

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2010 12:22
      Very helpful



      A good product to help give your a child a boost

      On the whole my children are all very active and healthy but my youngest son does not eat any fruit or veg, absolutely refuses and I found that the year before last he constantly had sniffles and colds, especially throughout the winter months. No one else in the family was ill so I assumed that his lack of fruit and veg may be contributing to this.

      I went into Boots and spoke to the pharmacist who asked me the usual questions and she recommended Sanatogen Childrens Gold. It is for children aged 3-12 and comes in the form of chewable tablets, 30 in each tub. I think the price was around £3.20.

      The tub shows healthy children on the front, is a white background and has a gold lid. It states that the chewy vitamins are sugar free and are aimed at children to provide them with a "complete Multivitamin and Multimineral in one tablet."

      I gave the first one to my son the following day ( it is one tablet daily) and he took it without any fuss. The fact that it is chewy helped rather than a tablet to swallow whole and it has a strawberry flavour which he seemed to enjoy. I think he thought he was eating sweets for breakfast!

      The tablets are free from sugar and gluten and have no artificial flavours or colourings and the inscription on the back of the tub claims that each single tablet contains 100% of the childs RDA ( recommended daily allowance) of all the essential vitamins.

      I won't go into every vitamin that these tablets contain ( there are a lot!) but the main ones that made me like them are:
      Zinc ( for healthy tissue)
      Vitamin A (For proper bone and toothe development)
      Vitamin C ( Aids the immune system in fighting illness)
      Vitamin E

      These all seemed relevant to my son and I thought that at least if he doesn't get all the nutrients from his food then he can get a little top up from these.

      I found that since taking these tablets my son has definately suffered from fewer colds, in fact I can't remember him suffering from more than 2 the whole of the last year. This may be attributed to the fact that he is getting older and his immune system is getting stronger but I think that the tablets may have given him a little boost.

      He is now eating his fruit although not his veggies ( can't win them all!) so I may stop him taking the tablets soon as hopefully he will get all the nutrients he needs from the fruit as well as his normal foods but I wouldn't hesitate to start using them again if he became ill constantly especially in the winter.

      Lastly, Boots still stock it as Sanatogen Childrens Gold but I think the labelling may be changing as I know that some pharmacies are stocking Sanatogen Childrens Tabs A-Z and they said that this is the same product.


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