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Seven Seas Ilumina Skin Nutrition

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Brand: Seven Seas / Type: Multivitamins / Form: Capsules

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2013 20:58
      Very helpful



      Useful one a day supplement to target hair skin and nails

      Seven Seas ilumina is a multi vitamin targeted specifically towards skin hair and nails.
      I decided to purchase this particular supplement because it claimed it would help nourish the skin from inside out and it contains an expert blend of vitamins and minerals.
      I also chose this because I was confused by all the different types of vitamins , oils and minerals and could not decide which I should take, plus I did not want to have to take multiple vitamins and oils as it would be expensive. I also struggle with swallowing tablets so taking one a day seemed the best option.

      This is a multi vitamin and also contains aloe vera and avocado oil.
      The box contains 30 capsules in a blister pack and you are advised to take this before going to bed, so it can get to work while you are sleeping.

      The box has a list of the vitamins, minerals and oils and the % each is of the recommended daily allowance. There are 25 different vitamins , minerals and oils in each capsule which I don't intend to list. This is intended to be used to supplement a varied diet as most of the ingredients are found in the foods we eat.
      Best results are achieved after 12 weeks and should contribute to collagen formulation, maintain normal skin and hair pigmentation, have an antioxidant effect and help maintain healthy nails.

      My Thoughts
      Firstly although you only need take one a day , this is a huge capsule nearly an inch or 2cm in length, so I do struggle swallowing this . What normally happens is I put the capsule in my mouth and then take water and find myself holding the capsule in my mouth for a while before I swallow. That means I start to taste some of the contents which is not pleasant.

      I do think it is worth the effort as I have noticed a difference , particularly in my nails, which look much healthier. I have psoriasis in some of my nails , which means the tips grow unevenly and take on a yellowish tinge. The unaffected nails now look much whiter and the affected nails are improving in colour and are less ridged. I feel like there has been a slight improvement in the skin on my arms and legs which is also affected by psoriasis. It is quite difficult to judge as I use a lot of products on my hair and treatments and moisturisers on my body. However I don't think I have seen any improvement in my facial skin.
      What I do know is that I am taking in a good proportion of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals which is a bonus for me as I don't feel I eat a varied or healthy enough diet every day.

      Would I Recommend
      On balance yes I think I would as I think it could be a lot more expensive taking the range of vitamins, minerals and oils separately. Although I do struggle with the size of the capsule I know that I would not manage to take several supplements. I think it is hard to know what to take and how much when it comes to vitamins oils and minerals as there is so much conflicting advice around ,so I think this takes the guesswork . I started taking them in December and have seen improvements especially in the condition of my nails.

      I bought mine from Boots - full price they are £15.99 for 30 but got mine when they were on buy one get one half price . They are expensive at full price, but Boots generally have some offer on , so that is when I aim to buy them.

      I will give them 4 stars with one star off for the price.


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