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Tesco Calcium & Vitamin D

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Vitamins

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    4 Reviews
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      28.04.2013 23:31
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      Helps give you the vitamin D that your body doesn't produce naturally without sunshine.

      Up until recently I have been taking multivitamins every morning with my breakfast before I go to work. Whilst having a conversation with a friend he said that all he takes are tablets for vitamin D. It was his opinion that as long as you have a healthy diet you will get all your vitamins from your food but vitamin D is the most unique and the hardest vitamin to reproduce so he takes tablets for it.

      I decided to do a little research and found a few articles that stated too much of certain vitamins were bad for you. Nothing serious but could cause you discomfort through your normal day. The whole point of vitamins is to make you feel better and most vitamin tablets give you 100% of your recommended daily intake so straight away you will be having too much.

      Whilst out shopping I decided to heed his advice and give vitamin D a try instead of buying the multi vitamins. I have decided to find foods that give me everything else I need by mainly eating bran cereals for breakfast, fruit for lunch and then meat and vegetables for dinner.

      I chose to buy Tescos own brand calcium and vitamin D tablets. Tescos do label their tablets well. Every tub has a couple of keywords to describe what the tablets are for so you know if they are suitable to your specific needs. In big letters on the front of the tub it says bone health, calcium and vitamin D to maintain healthy bones.


      Vitamin D, also known as Cholecalciferol is the only vitamin that the human body is capable of producing on its own if it is exposed to sufficient amounts of sunlight. Generally an hour a week is considered enough. All the other vitamins need to be supplied to the body either via a balanced nutritious diet or by consuming vitamin supplements.

      Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/871260.

      Also known as the sunshine vitamin because of how the body reproduces it when subjected to sunlight. I think everybody could agree that we all feel better when the sun is shining. The body producing its own vitamin D from sunlight is all well and good but I work indoors and through the winter even when I have got out there isn't any sunshine so a vitamin supplement is ideal.


      Calcium is a mineral found in many foods. The body needs calcium to maintain strong bones and to carry out many important functions. Almost all calcium is stored in bones and teeth, where it supports their structure and hardness.
      The body also needs calcium for muscles to move and for nerves to carry messages between the brain and every body part. In addition, calcium is used to help blood vessels move blood throughout the body and to help release hormones and enzymes that affect almost every function in the human body.


      I don't drink as much milk as I used to and I don't eat so much cheese anymore and both are a good source of calcium. So a supplement do my diet will not do me any harm.


      The tub I bought was for 240 tablets. Priced at just over four pound. They were actually just as expensive as the multivitamins but usually can be bought as part of a three for two offer with the cheapest product being free.

      These tablets are recommended for adults and anybody over the age of twelve. The recommended dosage is two to three tablets a day. One tablet gives you 50% of your recommended daily intake. At the moment I take two a day to give me my 100% but hopefully if it is a nice summer here in tropical Manchester I will drop it down to one in the summer and let Mr Sunshine do the rest.

      The tablets are free from sugar, wheat, yeast, fish, milk, egg, salt and has no gluten containing ingredients, so they are ideal for anybody that has allergies to any of these things. They are also suitable for vegetarians.

      There is a full list of ingredients but to be honest I have no idea what any of it is so will not list them and I will have to trust the good people of tesco that none of it is harmful in any way.

      There is warnings however regarding pregnant women that they should consult with their doctor or ante natal clinic before taking any vitamin or mineral supplements. So maybe some of it could be harmful to an unborn child.

      The tablets themselves are around the same size as your average multivitamin tablet but I have found them far easier to swallow than the last vitamin tablets I had.


      I have been using these tablets now for around a month and I can honestly say I do feel a little better than I did before. I used to have feelings of nausea and sometimes get pains in my stomach when I was on the full vitamin supplement. Since I downgraded to just calcium and vitamin D I have felt better. Especially after meals. Sometimes when I ate a meal would feel heavy and I would be really lethargic but now it feels as though my body is digesting the food better and creating more energy for me which is exactly what these tablets are supposed to do.

      Obviously if you take a multivitamin and are happy with how you feel, you have no need to change a winning formula but if you are like me and are thinking to yourself "why do I still feel a bit groggy even though I'm getting everything I need" I would give these tablets or any other vitamin D product a try and see how you feel afterwards.


      Cod liver oil is also a good source of vitamin D. I was recently looking at a tub bought from Holland and Barrett for just under £10.00 for 240 capsules and they are only take one a day. The cod liver oil doesn't contain calcium though. For your £10 you are getting two thirds of a years worth of tablets. The tescos tablets are recommended to take two to three a day so if you take two a day like I am they will only last you one third of the year but then still give the same value for money but Holland and Barrett usually do a buy one get one half price scheme so for £15 you could come away with 480 tablets to last you a year and a third. Again it all depends on your specific needs.


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        15.01.2013 16:34
        Very helpful



        Reasonably priced Vitamin D and Calcium supplement

        Whilst expecting I was told by my midwife that pregnant women in the north of England where I am based are advised to take Vitamin D supplements. This is because the amount of sunshine (that helps the body produce Vitamin D) is below the optimum required. Vitamin D is important in the development of healthy bones and teeth, its role being to aid the absorption of Calcium. For this reason Vitamin D is often combined with Calcium in tablet form. Some months after the birth of Baby CrazyEgg it was suspected that she had an intolerance of cow's milk protein. There were two sources of this in her diet, one was breast milk fortifier, the other my breast milk. In order to continue producing milk for her I had to go dairy free, and the hospital dietician advised that I take calcium supplements for my own present and future health. So I had two bouts of taking these tablets.

        90 tablets currently cost £2.20 but are also available in a three for two deal. The expectation is that you will take two tablets a day as instructed on the tub. Each tablet contains 400 mg of calcium and 2.5 micrograms of Vitamin D, and two tablets a day will supply 100% of the recommended daily allowance for adults and children over 12. The label explains that a regular intake of Calcium and Vitamin D may help maintain strong bones, teeth and nails. They are careful not to guarantee this however.

        The label also shows an outline of the shape and size of the tablet. They are slightly larger than an elongated Smartie. They are hard, white and with a waxy sheen. You are advised to take them with a meal, and I found I could not swallow them with water or on their own: they were too large. I used to swallow them when ready to swallow a mouthful of food. They have no particular smell, and I can't comment on taste as I never found them inviting enough to taste. Indeed, the fact that I have some remaining nearly two years after purchase indicates that I was very bad at taking these.

        The tub is white and made of HDPE. It is recyclable, although the lid may not be. The tub is designed to be child proof. To open you must squeeze the side pads and turn. The directions are in raised letters on the cap and the process indicated diagrammatically with arrows too. The instruction for closing is to screw the cap on tightly. It clicks when it is in place. Actually this safety mechanism is not that effective as I find I can open the tub without squeezing the side pads. I have to use more strength, but it still opens. So they will lose a star.

        As to their efficacy, well I know the theory, but I can't tell if they did me any good. This may be a contributory factor in my being very poor at taking them.

        Thanks for stopping by!


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          18.05.2012 19:52
          Very helpful



          Another great tesco product

          I have always grown up using vitamin tablets at breakfast to start the day. My doctor advised me that I needed more calcium in my diet, I bought these from tesco as I have used many of there supplements before and thought that these would get the sufficient calcium in my diet, along with vitamin D! I will now go into more detail on the product.

          The bottle:

          You get 60 tablets in the bottle, it is blue with a blue lid. I like the fact that all of the supplements have different coloured lids so you can pick out the one that you want. I find that the bottle is too big for the amount of tablets in it, it only fills up just over half way! Most products these days use too much packaging just to stand out on the shelf. The bottle gives you details on how to take them and how many you need a day, You are advised to take 2 a day. I always have one in the morning and then one after dinner (If I remember).

          The Price:

          You can pick up a pack of 60 tablets for £1.29. These are normally on a 3 for 2 offer. I tend to buy 3 different vitamins on this deal which I find good and cost effective. If you take 2 a day this will last you just over a month. It is a good price and if it helps your body and teeth then it is completely worth the money.

          Do they work:

          To be perfectly honest with you, I have no idea if they work or not! Im healthy at the moment and have had no problems with my bones or teeth. I think they do work and you wont notice them working. I will continue to take them as I feel better about myself as I know that my body is getting exactly what it needs. These tablets are easy to swallow and are no problem for me. I wish I could tell you if they work, but I guess it will remain a mystery! :)


          I would recommend these to anyone who wants extra health benefits. the fact that it helps promote health teeth and bones and these are both very important parts of our bodies. These get 4 stars from me as I believe they work, but I will never know!

          Thanks for reading my review



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          14.10.2011 15:54
          Very helpful



          A good supliment from Tesco

          As you may see from a previous review I am currently taking the supplement Folic Acid, something recommended to pregnant woman or those trying for a baby, however unfortunately this is not the only supplement I am currently on, in the last few weeks I have been advised to start taking Calcium tablets. I am a vegetarian as well as a bit of a fussy eater, I have a healthy diet and eat plenty of fruit and veg but there are a lot of things I will not eat like eggs, certain yoghurts as they are not vegetarian and I'm not a huge fan of cereal as I find the milk makes it go soggy, I also will only drink black coffee so I do not even get any calcium from the little bit of milk in that. As a rule my diet is not a problem for me I get all the vitamins and various other bits I need to stay healthy (well I assume I do) however I was advised by the hospital that when pregnant the baby will take all it needs from you to grow and you get left with whatever left so if calcium is something you do not get a huge amount of (like me) the baby will take what it needs meaning you could be storing up problems for yourself in the future like brittle bones for example. Obviously I didn't want to spend a fortune on these so decided to go to Tesco and have a look to see if they did their own brand, I was pleased to see that they did sell "tesco Calcium and Vitamin D", reasonably priced I purchased a couple of pots.

          The Calcium and Vitamin D tablets come in a white plastic pot with a pale blue and black label wrapped around the middle of it. The front of the label has a black band at the top and bottom of it, in the top band it says "Bone Support", the bottom band tells you the amount of tablets per pot as well as the recommended dosage. In the middle of the label, the blue section is the name of the product which in this case is "Tesco Calcium and Vitamin D", just beneath this is a sentence about the calcium tablets stating that they are "to help support your bones and teeth". The rest of the front of the label is taken up with a silhouette of a person with their arms stretched out. The back section of the label is entirely pale blue and covered in very small black writing which is a little hard to read. This contains information about the product including ingredients, the dosage and also warnings about the product. The pot has a large blue plastic lid, this simply screws on and off but does have a child proof cap, to release the lid you need to squeeze the two sides of the lid at the same time and turn, this is very easy to do.

          When I first brought the tablets I was hoping that they were going to be the same size as the folic acid ones which are very small, I was totally wrong, the pot was sealed with a foil lid and after peeling it back I was faced with a pot full of these huge white tablets, not just long but thick as well. The tablets have no smell to them in the pot which I am pleased about as I cannot stand smelly tablets especially as for some reason I still have to smell them in the pot just to see how bad they actually smell. The tablets are an oval shape and pure white in colour, they have a very smooth and almost shiny appearance to them, I'm not sure if this is to help them to be swallowed easily. The tablets are very hard and cannot be snapped in half as you can do with some tablets and there is no writing or imprinting on the surface of them they are totally plain.

          As I have mentioned calcium is beneficial to the bones, nails and teeth this is for anyone whether you are pregnant or not, if you do not have enough calcium in your diet during pregnancy then the calcium will be taken from your bones and given to your baby to ensure it has healthy bone growth. If this happens it can cause thinning of the bones weakening them and in turn more likely to cause fracture and even the development of osteoporosis. The vitamin D part of these helps the body absorb the calcium quickly.

          I was told by the hospital to just go by the dosage on the pot and the pot recommends that I take 2 tablets a day, each tablet contains 400mg of calcium and 2.5ug of vitamin D, this dosage is not to be exceeded at any time.

          * Do not exceed the recommended dose
          * Do not take if the inner seal has been broken
          * Keep out of reach of children
          * If you are pregnant consult your doctor before taking
          All of the warnings are pretty much standard for this type of product

          As I have mentioned I brought my Calcium and Vitamin supplements from my local Tesco, I purchased a pot of 60 tablets which are priced at £1.00, however when I brought these all vitamins and supplements were on offer where you buy 3 for the price of 2 so I actually stocked up on these, even if they were not on offer I feel £1.00 is a very good priced for a month worth of tablets. You can buy the Calcium and Vitamin D tables in pots of 180 tablets which cost £2.70, however they did not have these available in my Tesco.

          My Opinion
          Well in terms of whether I feel any different for taking the tablets I have to say no I don't I cant actually feel any effects from taking them which in a way is good as it means no side effects. However I know that they are doing me some good and are preventing me from getting brittle and weak bones. As for the tablets themselves I really do not like them, usually I'm not too bad with taking tablets but personally when taking these I feel like I am swallowing a brick, I am fine if I get the tablet down in one go but if for some reason I cannot swallow it first time I end up reaching which is not good when I know I still have got a second tablet to take. Personally I take both tablets at the same time to reduce the stress of taking them, it gets it over and done with in one go, I have tried taking the tablets with various different types of drinks and nothing makes any difference they really are horrible to take. If the tablets were much smaller they would not be so bad, I would recommend these to anyone who has a limited amount of calcium in their diet whether pregnant or not but purely for the benefits they give.


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