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Asda Energy Plus Tablets

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Brand: Asda / Type: Energy Supplement / Dosage Form: Tablets

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2009 17:39
      Very helpful



      One of my brilliant quick fix, must haves!

      When it comes to tiredness I really do suffer with it and for no real good reason. Around 4ish in the afternoon (even if I get well enough sleep) I always slow down, get muddled and feel generally...well.....tired. I do normally get a second wind and I never kip all over the place at the drop of a hat or anything but I did find myself drinking water by the gallon or drinking coffee just to pep me up more often than not!

      Walking around Asda one particular cold and rainy Saturday afternoon I felt really tired and grumpy and a bit depressed because of it. I had nothing to buy and only went for a browse around but I couldn't be bothered and was dreaming of going to bed later on that night when I suddenly remembered my mate living on 'Peps' a long time ago and loving them. I did look at 'Peps' and then saw these own store branded ones and thought I must give them a go as they were slightly cheaper and thought anything at this stage was worth a try!

      The Packaging....

      The tablets come in a cardboard white box exactly the same as the review photograph on the top of this page (well done Dooyoo for once lol). I'm told at the top they are Asda and then there is a yellow block of colour with plus symbols on it, under that I'm told they are Energy Plus Tablets, Caffeine 30mg & Dextrose Mohydrate 150mg, that the pack contains 20 tablets and that they provide energy & performance. On the back of the square box I'm told in a bit about the product, ingredients, dosage and important information about whether these are suited to you or not. On one of the sides of the box (the flap you open) I'm once again told what the product is and who it's by and on another side there are contact details for Surepharm Services LTD (the manufacturer of this product on behalf of Asda stores) and finally a small bar-code is on there. The tablets themselves come in a white plastic 'pop' them out 'tray of which one side is silver foil and all over that in black writing I'm told what they are once again. Nothing pretty about the box it looks functional and medical but it's attractive enough with lots of information given.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Box....

      Asda Energy Plus Tablets contain a stimulant and are used to relieve mental and muscular tiredness. Caffeine makes you feel more awake and enhances muscle performance. Dextrose provides a quick source of energy.


      For oral use. Swallow the tablets with a glass of water. Adults, the elderly and children over 12 years: Take 2 tablets up to 3 times a day, as required. Do not take more than 6 tablets in any 24 hours. DO not give to children under 12 years.

      The usual warnings you'd expect are also given.....

      In short they advise not to take them if your breastfeeding, avoid taking the tablets close to bedtime as they can make you drowsy, to check with a Dr before taking them if have a history of petic ulcers or taking medication such as aspirin, indomethacin, phenylbutazone or ergot indomethacin (medication for migraine suffers), Also listed are possible side effects which include nausea, headache and insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, tremors, sensitivity to the skin and stomach ulcers. I'm then told of course to keep out of the reach and sight of children and to store the product below 25c and to not use after the expiry date which is printed on the plastic tray the pills come in.

      Using Them....

      Well the tablets are small, white and round and smooth looking. I down two as and when needed (not exceeding the recommended dose of course) with a glass of water. They have no taste to them, all you have to do is swallow them. Now my friend swears my taking them with a vitamin c tablet, cup of coffee and a huge glass of water and really any way you want to take them seems to be fine. Me I carry these in my handbag and simply take two with water and that's that.

      For me these are brilliant and I feel the effects within a few minutes of taking them. Now if you knackered there is no substitute for sleep in my view and these probably won't wake you up from the dead, you need to go to bed lol! What these do for me is rather than give me a huge burst of energy (which I don't find they do particularly) they do make me feel a bit more alert, my eyes don't feel so tired and droopy and generally I can think alot more clearer during my 4pm lull. They don't make me want to jog around a park or go nightclubbing and I'm not buzzing me ass off lol For me I take them as I stated previously, when I need them so I don't take 3 doses every day and usually only take one as I feel I don't need to I just want them to get me over a couple of patchy hours, which they do with incredible ease.

      I was worried as a migraine sufferer they would hurt my head. Again they don't for me. I'm sure if I popped them all day long and drank coffee, orange juice and ate cheese sandwiches (the things that cause my migraines) I would get a side effect and suffer badly but taken responsibly they do no harm to me.


      Well I woke up today after not sleeping last night but did drop off at 6am till 2pm. At 4pm I felt tired as usual. My thinking got muddled, my eyes felt heavy and I have no real need to feel that way at all! 2 of these pills took 5 minutes for my eyes to feel awake and my mind to click in. Do I rate them? Yes. They help me feel more alert and my own body will kick in and take over from them in an hour or so (when the effects wear off!). At £1.56 for 20 tablets they are (for me) a must have and I really do reap the benefits and wouldn't want to be without them for a quick, occasional fix.

      However as I said a while back in this review if you are really suffering with sleep deprivation these may just help you slightly but there really is no substitute for proper rest and sleep. These are not a miracle cure after all and you don't want to go relying on them or getting addicted to them or anything after-all!

      Only available in Asda.


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