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Asda Onega 3 Fish Oil Capsules

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Brand: Asda / Type: Capsules / Dosage Form: Oil

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    2 Reviews
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      11.03.2013 19:30
      Very helpful



      Cheaper than fish!

      I actually started taken fish oil supplements in 2010 as I read an article (generally I'm not so easily led!) saying that they were beneficial to those suffering from personality disorders (which is my diagnosis). I think that there is some evidence to suggest that fish oil can be beneficial to those suffering from depression and anxiety, from which I also have to deal with. Eager to try anything that might help, I started taking cod liver oil capsules along with various other prescribed medication (which I am now thankfully gradually reducing under close medical supervision!) One day in Asda I came across these Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules and switched to them rather than just plain Cod Liver Oil capsules, I think mainly because I saw that they contained 1000mg rather than 550mg, although you can get higher strength Cod Liver Oil capules. I'm not really sure what the difference is, but I'm sure you can find out if you want to Google it!

      ---Fish Oil---
      Fish Oil is said by some to have a number of health benefits (in addition to those I've already mentioned), such as helping to prevent heart disease and Alzheimer's. Many claim that it helps to ease aches and pains, including those associated with arthritis, and helps towards maintaining healthy joints.

      Omega 3 fish oil is apparently one of the most widely used dietary supplements. However, some say that these supplements really don't provide any benefits whatsoever. This is a big debate, and today I'm only here to review my capsules!

      ---Asda Omega 3 Fish Oil Tablets---
      I bought this 90 capsule pack in Asda in a 3 for £10 offer. On its own it costs £4.50. In fact I think at the time I bought 2 pots so to have one at home and one at my boyfriend's, and of course a pot of something else. Therefore it isn't as cheap as multivitamins. But I've worked out that my pills cost 3.7p each, so it's not extortionate either. Certainly cheaper than buying oily fish - obviously as the pack states "Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle".

      ---Packaging, ingredients etc---
      The pot is fairly big, with a green lid and label. It contains information such as the dosage - for adults and children over 12 swallow one capsule daily with food (I can't say I take them with food and it's never been a problem), and various warnings, and ingredients (fish oil, beef gelatine, Humectants (Glycerol) and Antioxidant (Natural Mixed Tocopherols) - sounds lovely! Obviously not suitable for vegetarians.

      They contain 1000mg of Omega Fish Oil which provides 300mg of Total Omega and 260mg of EPA/DHA whatever they are!

      The capsules which are transparent and therefore oil coloured are pretty big to swallow (about 2cm by 1cm), but as they are capsules this shouldn't cause anyone any problems as there's no nasty tastes! It might be worth pointing out that they are filled with oil, so do contain some calories. My pot is best before the end of 2015, so they have quite a long shelf life - I imagine that they would in reality last a lot longer, but if you take them then you'll get through them.

      ---Do they work?---
      My boyfriend has started taking this supplement along with the multivitamin pills. To be honest I haven't noticed him complaining any less about aches and pains, but such is life. For me personally I feel in generally good physical health, and perhaps these contribute. I have to say that even when my diet was particularly poor (it's ok now), I was still in good health, and I was taking these along with a multivitamin (already reviewed). There is no way of knowing really as there are too many variables. As of whether or not they have helped with my personality disorder? Well I'm certainly a lot better than I was...and perhaps these have contributed - but I feel only ever so slightly if at all.

      Although I'm not sure if these have any effect on anything, I will continue to take until somewhere down the line when I get pregnant (it says on the pot that you should consult your doctor if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant), as I'm reading conflicting information on whether or not these are suitable - some say it harms an unborn baby, some says it benefits an unborn baby. Best to consult the professionals!

      I'd recommend these anyway and give them 4 out of 5 stars!


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        02.03.2013 16:14
        Very helpful



        Give the omega a go, you never know!

        Wow just looking at my reviews I really do look like I run some sort of home pharmacy or I'm some sort of hypochondriac but really I'm not; I barely go to the doctors. Maybe the lack of doctors visits are the reason for my mass consumption of supplements? Or my poor diet may be a better answer.

        Anyway onto the product, lets get one thing straight these are omega 3 capsules and not onega (typo there DooYoo, oops). The background for this supplement is the fact that omega 3 oils are believed to be a great source of polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oils to maintain a healthy heart, joints and circulation.

        It is difficult to get the recommended 1000-2000mg of omega fish oils in a regular diet per day so a 1000mg dose in a capsule is considered a safe amount of supplement to take.

        This form of fat is the most beneficial to the body as animal fats are saturated and tend to stick to the linings of arteries and cause plaques. This in turn relates to high cholesterol levels and a narrowing of arteries which can cause cardiovascular disease.

        The reason I have been taking omega 3 is because I am a regular runner. The human knee joint feels shock x4 of any other part of the body; for example if you weigh 55kg your knee feels this x4 everytime you run. So in my case my knees take a lot of wear and tear and I have heard of some runners in their 20's who already have the knees of a 40 year old. Now I was a bit worried for my knees, I don't want to give up the exercise as I have just managed to lose 2 stone and keep it off (yes I flit between metric and imperial - I apologise but stay with me).

        I found these in the local (about 27 miles away but near enough) Asda for £1.80 for 30 which is good value or you can get 90 for £4.50 but I wanted to try them first and see what happens so opted for the lesser pack.

        The pack is a cylindrical tub that is way too big for the amount of tablets you get; this baffles me as supermarkets are always talking about reducing packaging but this never happens with supplements! So the pot is mainly white with a see through green plastic screw top lid (the lid requires you to squeeze and twist). The method of opening the supplement bottle has some irony as often people who suffer from arthritis use omega 3 but then they require you to squeeze and twist the lid?!

        The bottle has a matching deep green band around it which has Asda at the top and the product name in the middle which is very clear. These are labelled as one a day and there are 30 capsules within the pot.

        The capsules contain no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

        They are high in omega 3 fatty acids which provide a source of EPA and DHA. Now if you are anything like me you will not have a clue what either of these things are; thank heavens for Google and its ability to answer almost any question you throw at it. These two fatty acids are found in cold water fish and play an important role in our bodies, they are in the brain and the retina, and well without our brains we wouldn't function! Not only that but they are converted to hormones and help maintain cognitive functions.

        Now for the surf and turf, these contain fish oils, beef gelatin, humectant and antioxidants.

        The best warning of all is that they contain fish (would you believe it?).

        They are gelatin coated so shiny and easy to swallow.

        So I have been taking the capsules for about two weeks and still running, it is very hard to say if the capsules have had any benefit and without rigorous tests I'm sure I never will be able to tell. I don't often get joint problems and I am generally healthy but I will keep persisting to see if anything changes, I have had less knee aches but that could be related to better sleep.

        I have heard from a friend with arthritis that omega 3 capsules have been helpful for her elbow joints and help to loosen them up a little.

        So give them a go. They could work for you!


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