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BetterYou Magnesium Oil Original Soak

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Brand: BetterYou / Type: Magnesium Oil / Dosage Form: Oil

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    1 Review
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      11.07.2012 18:33
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      If you suffer from headaches or migraines, this is a great product to try

      I have always had frequent headaches, just about every afternoon, which I think are caused mainly by being at a computer all day and the fluorescent lights in my office. I also normally get migraines every couple of months, which are horrible and seem to occur quite randomly, I've never been able to work out a trigger I should avoid.

      Some time ago I was told that magnesium deficiency is a huge cause of headaches and migraines, and started taking magnesium supplements. This did help a bit, and I get fewer migraines than I used to, but it definitely was nothing compared to the difference I noticed using magnesium oil. I heard a few months ago that this was highly recommended for headaches and thought it would be great to try.

      Magnesium helps with the absorption of calcium, and apparently many people are deficient in it. If calcium isn't absorbed it can result in a build up instead which can cause problems. I'm not hugely clear on all of the science of it, but I thought it was worth a try.

      The oil is meant to be the best way to get magnesium as it is very concentrated and is absorbed very quickly through your skin. The BetterYou Magnesium Oil is available at Boots for £8.99 and is part of their 3 for 2 on vitamins and minerals offer. It comes in a 100ml spray bottle (which they say contains about 800 sprays), with a cardboard sort of half-box. Both the box and the bottle have useful information about using it, and about the benefits of magnesium. There is also a night-time version, although I have not tried this yet.

      For general health benefits, it's recommended to spray it over wet or dry skin and rub it in morning and night. The label also suggests using it for joint and muscle pain, by rubbing it into the area and keeping it warm. It also suggests using it to boost oral health by spraying it into your mouth while brushing your teeth. 10 sprays is said to contain 60% of your recommended daily dose of magnesium.

      I have continued to take my magnesium supplements as they aren't a huge amount per dose, and magnesium isn't really a supplement that has ill effects if you take too much of it. Apparently you can get a bit of stomach trouble if you take too much, but I've had no negative effects from taking both the supplements and using the spray.

      In the morning, I usually spray a few sprays into my hand and rub it over the back of my neck, upper back, and shoulders, as this is where a lot of the tension that likely contributes to my headaches seems to be. I have also had some lower back pain and so apply it to my lower back as well.

      The difference is incredible. In the two and a half months that I have been using the oil, I haven't really had any instances of my usual daily headaches. I have had a couple of headaches but they have been obviously caused by too much caffeine or being really overtired. This is a huge relief compared to having them every afternoon without knowing the reason. I also haven't had a migraine, and I usually get these about every month and a half.

      The lower back pain is usually eased quite a bit by using it as well, and when I forgot to apply it one day recently I had a headache in the afternoon and quite a sore back--proof, to me, of the difference this is making to me. When I got home from work that day I put it on the back of my neck and also on my temples, and the headache faded--often once I get one it lasts the rest of the night unless I take some Nurofen or something.

      I have also started using it when brushing my teeth, as I have always had on and off problems with them and I thought it couldn't hurt. I have to say, I would not recommend following the advice to "spray it in your mouth" when brushing your teeth, as I sprayed it straight on my tongue the first time and it was truly disgusting. Instead I put the toothpaste on my brush and then spray it a couple of times on top. That way the taste is much more manageable and I have gotten much more used to it. It's hard to say if this is having an effect but it's worth a try.

      The last couple of weeks I've also been putting it on my knees as I have some issues with them being a bit sore sometimes. It has also really helped here, and I couldn't be more thrilled that one little product can do so much good.

      Apparently the uses for this product don't end with the suggestions on the bottle either. I've read that this is great to add to a bath for muscle soreness, and is a good foot soak too for hard skin. Also, I read that it can be used to help clear up eczema, which I used to have. I do still have occasional flare ups and will definitely be trying this next time I do. I definitely plan to try this product for these additional uses as it has been so effective so far for the things I have tried it to deal with.

      There isn't really a downside to this product. On first application, it stings a bit, but once your magnesium levels are more stable it doesn't really sting anymore. It's also got a slightly oily feel but once it dries and soaks in, there's no oily residue left over. It does feel slightly unpleasant on my hands after I rub it in though, but I just wash my hands afterwards always and so it's not really an issue. It doesn't leave clothing marked or oily either, so you can get dressed pretty much straight after use. While it's quite expensive, the bottle is meant to contain about 800 sprays and one lasted me about two months, so I think it's pretty good value as well.

      This product has truly made me feel so much healthier and happier, as the headaches were very frustrating to deal with. I've recommended it to quite a few people I know as well, who have used it for relief from sports injuries and headaches, and have had great reports back from them too. I really recommend this for anyone who has joint or muscle pain, or frequent headaches. It's hard to believe that something so simple as not having enough magnesium in my system was causing me so much discomfort, and that the problem is so easy to solve, without being stuck taking painkillers every day.


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      BetterYou Magnesium Oil Original Soak 500 ML is made by BetterYou / BetterYou are a great brand and are know for creating effective products.

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