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Biovea St. John's Wort

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Brand: Biovea / Dosage Form: Capsules

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2013 12:16
      Very helpful



      Does what it says it will

      Here I am, brain the size of a planet...

      We all get older. As we do, the level of stress we're expected to cope with typically rises. At least, it has with me. Some use yoga, some run. Some lift weights or play instruments. Sometimes this isn't enough. So, when every time you look around, the walls close in a little more, do you run for the valium or reach for a bottle?

      Neither, hopefully. Man made drugs will always have side effects. Alcohol will increase stress. Just as well there's a herbal option. It's no magic pill, and the benefits are not earth-shattering, but it can help. Not with stress, but with the depression that all too often comes with it.

      Lavate los manos!

      The flower that the pills are made from is called Hypericum perforatum. As it typically flowers on the 24th of June, St John's day - it's not hard to see where the more common name comes from. Wort is the juice you get from crushing them.

      Traditionally used to ward off evil, (I'm looking at you, Mr & Mrs Blair) it can cause livestock who ingest it central to have nervous system depression, spontaneous abortion, and death. As a result, it tends to be grown commercially for its benefit to humans and treated as an invasive weed in the environment.

      You will likely have heard of St John's wort, as it is widely used to treat mild depression. Clinical trials have proved it does work, even if there is no real consensus as to why it works.

      Like all herbal remedies, you will need to take it for a couple of weeks before seeing any benefit. Most dosages tend to be 450mgs, though 1000mgs is thought to be more efficient. Crucially, no human has ever overdosed on St John's wort.

      The first thing you might have a problem with is the smell. While not deeply unpleasant, you soon learn to get the cap back on the bottle as soon as possible. There is a faint taste, and the tablet will get spongy in your mouth quite quickly, so a quick swallow is advisable.

      This bottle contains 240 450mg tablets. I take 2 at a time, which makes it a three month supply. This works out at around £6 a month, which is great value. For me, it does work. It doesn't lower stress, but it does mean I don't get as depressed as easily. And that's got to be good news.

      One note of caution: Some people don't get on with St John's wort. They are few and far between, but probably worth trying for a couple of weeks before buying a large supply.


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      Improves Mental Well-Being

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