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Boots Pharmaceuticals Olive Oil B.P. 1973

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Brand: Boots / Type: Skin Softener / Olive Oil / Dosage Form: Oil

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    1 Review
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      21.03.2012 19:40
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      Not just for cooking

      We all know olive oil has health benefits when consumed either as a cooking oil or used in dressings etc. It has been proven to help lower cholesterol and help prevent heart attacks thanks to its high quantities of antioxidants and monosaturated fats.

      People also claim that when ingested it will help with skin and hair health making it healthier and more lustrous. I'm not a scientist but there must be a reason that Mediterranean countries have been using it for hundreds of years and on average live longer and stay fitter than us.

      ~~~~~ How olive oil is produced ~~~~~

      Olive oil is produced quite obviously from the name from olives. The olives are ground to release the oil and the different terms used to describe the oil you buy mean different things. Extra virgin olive oil means that the oil is pure and has been produced using no chemical means. Cold pressed olive oil has been heated but only slightly and still retains most of its health benefits.

      If a bottle of olive oil just says it is olive oil that is usually a good sign that the oil has been mixed with refined oils so isn't as healthy as the virgin oil.

      ~~~~~ Boots pharmaceuticals olive oil ~~~~~

      As well as being used for cooking Olive oil is also becoming more popular for use in skin care products. Usually it is added as an ingredient to creams, lotion, shampoos, etc. but you can also buy the oil in bottles to be used directly to the skin undiluted.
      Boots sell its own pharmaceuticals olive oil which has been produced to meet the standards set out by the British Pharmacopoeia.

      You can buy the oil in bottles of 100ml and it costs £1.69 which is cheaper than the supermarkets sell it and as you really don't need that much it will last you for absolutely ages. Boots market their olive oil as a massage oil and skin softener but it has a good few more used than that.

      ~~~~~ Using the olive oil ~~~~~

      I suffer from winter dry skin condition which is horrible and means that my skin becomes severely dry and dehydrated to the point where it can split and crack. This is not only painful but the dryness causes me to itch so badly that I have made myself bleed from scratching myself.
      I bought this oil to use under an emollient to try and lock in the moisture in my skin and so far it has been doing a pretty good job.

      To use the oil as a either a massage oil or a moisturiser you just need to add a few drops to your palms and then warm it up and massage it into the skin. As you would expect the oil feels really greasy when it goes on the skin but this does mean that it is easy to spread it around. Surprisingly I found that although it is oil and greasy it does actually absorb into the skin and after about 15 minutes or so my skin is no longer slippery and greasy and I can put on clothes without worrying about them getting stained.

      It doesn't offer the immediate relief from dryness and itching that a heavy cream does but I think this is better as actually penetrating the skin and relieving the dryness from the inside out. Whereas an emollient gives me immediate relief and cools my skin down and stops the itching after about an hour the moisturised feeling is gone and I have to re-apply. With the olive oil my skin feel progressively more moisturised as the day goes along.

      I have also started to add some to my bath water as hot water is one of the worst culprits for drying the skin out and leaving it sore and itchy.
      When I do add it to the bath water I make sure to only add a few drops as it really does spread through the water and this is all that is needed. I just lie in it as I would in a normal bath but I do make sure not to get my hair wet as it leaves it greasy looking and as though I have been dipping it in chip fat.
      After I get out of the bath I just pat myself dry and find that my skin is already looking better and not stinging as much as it normally does.

      The oil doesn't just have to be used as a moisturiser and can also be used in other ways. It makes a fantastic cleanser for the face too. Most people will be scared to add oil to their faces but I read something about olive oil being good for clearing up spots and greasy skin so I decided to try it. You just need to massage a few drops into your face then get a warm wet facecloth and pat the skin.

      I have been amazed with just how well this seems to be working. For the first few days I got more spots than normal but apparently this is just the oil getting all the dirt to the surface and after a few days my spots were definitely less noticeable. My skin is also looking and feeling better and I don't have that tight dry feeling that I used to get after washing and my skin isn't greasy in the slightest. Apparently it works on the basis that oil attracts oil and the olive oil cuts through the facial grease making it disappear. I would defiantly recommend you try it out if you suffer like me from greasy skin as so far it is doing better at helping clear this up than most of the expensive creams and lotions I have tried.

      As well as these benefits for moisturising the skin and helping to clear up spots some other uses for the oil include:

      · Helping to remove built up ear wax

      · As a make-up remover

      · As a leather conditioner and cleaner

      · As a shave oil

      · Adding some to your cats food will help prevent hairballs

      · You can also use it in place of a shave foam to protect the skin from the razor and give a smooth shave.
      There are also a ton of other uses for the oil.

      ~~~~~ Conclusion ~~~~~

      At £1.69 for this olive oil it is a fantastic bargain. I have been so impressed with how well it works and am discovering new uses for it every day. A 100ml bottle has lasted me for weeks and I am using it almost twice a day every day. It is incredibly versatile and I would especially recommend it to people who suffer from dry skin conditions as it is one of the best moisturisers I have ever tried and easily beats the majority of creams and lotions that are out there. I also like the fact that it is natural and I know what I am putting on my skin.


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