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Boots Pharmaceuticals Omega 3 Chewable Capsules 3 Years +

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Brand: Boots / Type: Childrens Chewable Capsules / Dosage Form: Capsules

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2012 10:06
      Very helpful



      2 capsules a day really help my son concentrate and behave better.

      Before Christmas I was beginning to get worried about my youngest son. He was often quite hyper, and I was finding his behaviour a little challenging at home. He was also struggling with settling at nursery. The teacher was telling me he was not joining in. He seemed to be unable to sit and listen, and I knew his concentration span could be good, but he was struggling.

      I remembered when I was teaching one of the students in my form was really misbehaving at school and the Mum of the child started giving him omega 3 supplements. This really did settle him down at school and he was getting into a lot less trouble with his teachers. I decided that I wanted to do the same for my son to see if it would have any effect on him, so I started him on the recommended dosage of 2 capsules per day.

      These boots capsules are orange flavoured. The recommended dosage provides 550mg of fish oil alongside 100% of the recommended daily dosage of vitamins A, C, E and D. The oil is contained within a beef gelatin shell, so these would not be suitable for vegetarians, and these are advised for children aged 3 plus. Younger children could have fish oil on a spoon. I have tried this with my eldest when he was a baby, and it smelt disgusting so I can't imagine many kids would like taking it this way.

      These tablets are not that pleasant I have to say. I've not tried any myself, but my eldest refuses to have them. I am amazed my 3 year old does to be honest. He tends to have them in the morning with breakfast and a drink to wash the taste away. The smell on his breath after taking them is enough to put me off. Raw fish with a hint of orange is what I detect. He has only refused them a couple of times however, and been taking them since we started them in late December.

      The tablets are availble in 2 size pots, both of which have a good childproof cap. One contains 30 tablets (15 days) for £3.25. There is also a bigger pot which we get containing 90 tablets (45 days) for £7.59. This is more expensive than the multivitamins we were giving him previously to this, but we decided to invest in at least one course.

      Within a few days we discovered that my eldest would not have them at all. Occasionally he will ask for them instead of his general multivitamin as we have said that these tablets help you to be really brainy, and he wants to be brainy. He sits there grimacing though while he is chewing it.

      My youngest has odd days where he finds them hard to have. One day the oil squirted all down his school jumper, and I was worried it would stain it, but it was ok after washing it. Most days he puts both in at once (which he can do as they are somewhere between skittle and m and m size.) It takes about a minute to chew up the shell, and he has a drink quickly after.

      We were not expecting the tablets to make much difference at first, but within days he was a lot calmer. I had been getting his attention when he was hyper by holding his face with my hands and getting down to his level to get his attention. He can now sit still and concentrate for a lot longer than he was, and he has also been more willing to join in at school.

      At first, if we missed one day of the supplement, he would revert back to hyper behaviour and be sat bouncing around, but when we gave him the next days dose he would be much calmer again. It was amazing how quickly we saw some effect.

      I had got to the stage with my son that I was really worried that he may have some form of Asperger's or ADHD due to the way he was acting and family members and his school teachers were agreeing with me. Now I can see that his personality type is very obstinate, but this supplement has helped us smooth through some issues with him. I don't know how long we will continue to use these for, but as long as they make a difference and he is willing to take them, we will use them as he is much better with them.


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