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BSN Lean Dessert

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    4 Reviews
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      07.04.2013 01:32
      Very helpful



      Another good product from BSN

      BSN are a well known and established fitness suppliment brand and feature at the higher end of the quality (and subsequently cost) spectrum for this market. Lean Dessert is their brand for those trainers who dont want to sacrifice the nicities of their diet and wish to have a dessert with their meal, but a dessert that means they get their well needed intake of protein. This suppliment means you can get your protein shot after dinner and enjoy a dessert without pilling on the pounds, as it has little fat, carbohydrate. Any form of suppliment should not be taken as a complete suppliment to a meal and should be used alongside a stable diet.

      Lean dessert is essentially like another protein shake, it mixes up to produce a flavorful shake, and as well as feeling like youve had a dessert, of sorts, you also feed your body with important amino acids , that continue to feed you body for up to 7 hours. The suppliment doe not just give you lots of one or two forms of proteins like some of the cheaper proteins, but it has a blend of 6 different premium proteins, as some proteins are digested faster then others so this provides this drip effect, including BCAA`s (branch chained amino acids) which are complex proteins that are of good quality, this blend is BSNs Syntha-6 formula that you will see plastered over the promotional labels - this is by no means a new thing, lot of the higher end protein providers had at east a 4 proterin blend.

      Lean Dessert has also been supplimented with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) for quick digestion, this is essential for keeping up a drip feed effect of protein intake and keeping your energy level up so you dont get that post meal slump.

      You have to take 2 heaped scoops, which is 70 grams of powder (roughly forty grams of protein , a 70% break down for protein out of the entire mix, but there are other angents included that help with digestion and intake like aminogin and papain, it also has canola oil or leaning fat, and glutamine peptides, so this isnt bad), with around 500 mililters of water or milk or any beverage you like and you can vary the amount of mixer to get the consistency you like, I like it fairly thick, but beware that if you mix too much liquid to achieve your desired consistency the formula will not work as effctively as with smaller quantities. Instructions say that you need to drink 2-4 servings a day, but for most people not on a competition based programme, 2 servings is more then enough when you consider your regular diet protein intake. The protein mixes quite well, stogy in places.

      The container is 630 grams, and unless you want to be buying a container every two weeks its best to self ratin intake...each serving gives 135 calories, or less then a small two stick kitkat ! You should be able to get around 22-24 servings out of the pot, rather then the 18 specified.

      Nutritonal specs for one heaped serving
      Calories from Fat 27
      Total Fat 3 g
      Saturated Fat 2 g
      Cholesterol 52 mg
      Sodium 100 mg
      Potassium 125 mg
      Total Carbohydrates 7 g
      Dietary Fiber (Soluble) 1 g
      Sugars 3 g
      Protein 20 g
      Calcium 320 mg
      Magnesium 40 mg

      Prices is between £17 - £21, available in all good stockists and comes in several 'americanised' flavours included banana cream and whippe vanilla


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        08.09.2011 19:38



        Great occasional protein powder, but too much sugar!

        To put it simply, this stuff tastes incredible. I mix the choc fudge flavour with an egg and cold coffee to make the most amazing microwaved protein cake! It's like pudding after a workout! Of course there's more to it than taste, it's got a great mix of protein sources in it and good amounts of BCAAs, amino acids etc in every serving.

        All of this comes at a price, monetarily and calorically:
        It's expensive, in fact it's one of the most expensive protein powders I can think of (excluding magazine plugged gimicky ones aimed at impressionable young women...).
        And for every 21g of protein, you ingest 8g of carbohydrates. The unnecessary carbs are the main reason I don't recommend this for everyday use on its own. By all means bulk up a shake of this with some unflavoured proteins, or use it for an occasional "treat"- I know there are some days when I am one crazy ball of hormones that will only finish a workout when there is the promise of a hot chocolate cake at the end of it.

        Keep a tub in your favourite flavour handy for when you've got a sugar craving or need something to tempt you through a workout, but don't rely on this stuff everyday. Way too much sugar, and way too expensive.


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        14.09.2010 21:35
        Very helpful



        Good source of protein even if the price is a bit expensive

        BSN in my opinion is one of the top nutritional manufacturers because of the products and reputation it has built up. When they release products no matter what it is you will find that everyone who knows their stuff regarding supplements will be very intrigued as to what it is like. Lean Dessert was no different so I tried it to see if it was going to be another good product from BSN.


        The price of this supplement varies depending on the place you purchase it. For a 1.39lb tub which provides you with around 18servings you will be looking at paying between £15 and £22. I have seen it more than this but you can ship things from America which will give you a much cheaper price aslong as you add a few other products due to shipping. I would still say however that this price is a bit expensive but no BSN product on the market is cheap so I didn't expect this to be either.

        Nutritional facts

        With every scoop of this you will get 21g of Protein with 150calories but only 30 of these calories coming from fat. You will also get 8carbs which is reasonably low. Also with 2g of Sugar they are making sure that they keep the rubbish to a bare minimum. Obviously only you know what your requirements are so you will have to determine how many scoops of this you will have a day. Overall though the nutritional facts look pretty solid which is expected.

        Flavours and Taste

        The place I purchase it from I can get it in a few different flavours, Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla are the flavours I can choose from and this is a pretty good range really. Based on my personal preference I would go with chocolate as it has a nice thick taste to it which you don't get from the other two. Vanilla for me is far to bland and Banana gets very sickly after a while.

        Value for money

        When you consider how much you pay for the amount of servings you get in the tub the value for money isn't the best. Taking this into account however you are getting a very good product which makes sure it keeps things like sugar to a minimum. If you look at cheaper alternatives you will find that it is full of sugar and the carb contents will be through the roof. Even though carbs can be good depending on your goal you obviously don't want them if you are considering this product.


        Overall I think this protein product from BSN is a very good one. I personally prefer their Syntha 6 as even though it has more calories that isn't actually a bad thing. If you are just looking for something light which will keep up your protein content then go for this because it is a very good product.


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        18.07.2008 19:12
        Very helpful
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        BSN is an American brand of Sports Nutrition manufacturer, whom over the past couple of years have seen their products become one of the best selling sports supplements in the UK today. Having a variety of products including proteins, fat burner, nitric oxide and weight gain products, their products are by far going to come in the Top 5 of Sports Nutriton products in the UK market.

        Being as I work in the Sports Nutrition industry when something as popular as BSN comes on the market, I like to try it. I was looking for a protein that I could drink that was actually low in calories and low in carbohydrates and when someone recommended the flavour of BSN Lean Dessert, I just had to give it a try.

        Lean Dessert comes in four different flavours, Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla, Choc Coconut and Banana. The one that I have actually tried are Banana and I am using Choc Coconut at the moment, and considering that I am not a lover of coconut, the flavour of this protein is actually delicious and has surprised me really as some of the protein products on the market are horrible to taste and leave a strange after taste in you mouth. This has just a hint of coconut in it which you can actually taste and the chocolate flavour tastes quite milky which is nice.

        To mix you need a shaker, add around 10oz of water into your shaker and add one heap of the protein powder, two for men and shake vigorously and it will create a dessert like protein shake.

        This is great for woman as it contains 20g protein per serving and has only 130 calories per shake so if you are looking to lose weight, have something tasty and take away those hunger pangs then this is a product for you.

        I have two servings of Lean Dessert a day and a full tub of the product lasts you around 10 days if you are having it on a regular basis. This product you can normally pick up in the region of £15 for around a 907g tub.

        This product can be mixed with milk however will increase the calorie content, however mixed with water gives it just as much flavour and reduced calorie intake.


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        Dietary protein supplement

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