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Complan Rich Chocolate Drink

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Brand: Complan / Type: Vitamin Drink / Type: Nutrition

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2013 12:47
      Very helpful
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      A chocolate supplement drink packed full of vitamins and minerals

      My diet is not that good as I have been a vegetarian since the age of 5, and I'm not that keen on vegetables or fruit either. I try other ways to get vitamins and minerals into my diet such as smoothies and vitamins, but someone suggested that I should give Complan a go in a bid to stay healthy. I chose the Rich Chocolate drink.

      What is Complan?
      Complan is a range of supplement drinks which promise to be tasty and nutritious. They contains 26 different vitamins and minerals to keep you looking and feeling healthier. The main purpose of the product is to get nutrients into people who are off their food, too stressed to eat or when you're feeling ill.

      The product should provide you with all of the goodness of a well balanced light meal containing 250 calories and two sachets contain all the goodness of a main meal. The product contains no artificial ingredients. It is Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. It is not suitable for children under the age of 3.

      What is included?
      The product contains B vitamins which work towards giving you more energy and protein for growth and repair. Also included is Calcium and Vitamins for healthy bones and Vitamin C and Iron to keep the body healthy and to maintain the immune system. It also contains plenty of minerals such as Potassium and Zinc.

      If you like the idea of this product but don't like chocolate flavour then other flavours are available including Velvety Vanilla, Delicious Banana and Summer Strawberry.

      Preparing the product
      Each box contains four sachets of the product. The powder should be mixed with either 200 ml of water or 200ml of milk which can be either hot or cold according to your own preference. I add 200 ml of hot milk to a cup and then stir in the powder until it has all been mixed in.

      Appearance and Price
      The product comes in a box which has a natural scene of trees and fields on the front. It also has a picture of a rather delicious looking milkshake on the front. The product will cost you around £3 for just 4 sachets but so it is quite expensive to buy. You can buy them from stores such as Boots, large supermarkets and also from a range of online websites.

      My experience
      The drinks are very quick and easy to milk. The sachets are easy to open without wasting any of the contents and you can smell the lovely chocolate aroma straight away. The aroma is not artificial yet sweet and delicious, and I really like it but then I like all things chocolate related. The aroma gets more noticeable still when you made the hot drink. The powder itself is very thin and brown in its colour. It is easy to pour from the sachets and not much gets left behind in the packet.

      I have tried them both hot and cold, and I think it tastes better when it's hot as the powder dissolves better. I also think it tastes better with milk as it suits the product better. You need to give the drink quite a vigorous stir once you have added the contents so that you don't get any lumpy bits. The drink itself tastes surprisingly delicious and if you don't think about all the added goodness, it could pass for a normal chocolate drink.

      Everyone in my household that has tried them really likes them and it is by no means a chore to drink it. Even though it is chocolate flavoured, it doesn't get sickly or too sweet even after you have drunk the last bit. I have used the product when I have been stressed or just off my food and it does give you peace of mind that your health is not suffering. It also leaves you feeling nice and full, especially when the powder is mixed with milk so it doesn't leave you feeling hungry.

      All in all, this is a fabulous supplement for those who are off their food, stressed or feeling poorly. It contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, is easy to make and it actually tastes surprisingly nice. We also used this for my elderly grandmother when she was off her food and losing weight, and it gave us all peace of mind that she was gaining some of the nutrients that she needed. I would definitely recommend this product and will certainly continue to buy it. I'm knocking one star off for the price though.


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        22.01.2012 02:42
        Very helpful



        A really helpful product for those of us who need them!

        With a recent trip to see my Doctor he wasn't best pleased with me. I am bulimic and struggle with food in a huge way on a day to day basis. My weight had gone down and I was feeling really whacked out. I often suffer with my potassium levels being too low but add to that I have recently been diagnosed with M.E and suffer with hypothyroidism (slow acting thyroid) I really was on the decks and walking about brain dead and feeling and looking awful.

        One of his solutions to try and to build me up a little was to give me a huge prescription for some Complan shakes which are meal replacements. As I mentioned earlier I struggle with eating meals and so his idea was for me to have a shake when I was struggling and it was a mealtime and these are packed with vitamins and minerals and a whole host of things that can replace what we lose when missing out a vital but healthy meal.

        The chocolate one is the last flavour I wanted to try to be honest and I was dreading it. I am not really a fan of anything chocolate flavoured though I love real chocolate. I have never been a fan of milkshakes either but after having other flavours from this range of shakes I know that although they have substance to them and don't appear like coloured water that they really are not too thick or milky tasting thank goodness!

        The Packaging:

        Well the packaging of these is a brown and white box and on the front of it there is a photograph of a shake made up and we are told that they are 'Nutrition When You Need It' Complan Shake 'Chocolate Flavour' and that they contain a complete range of vitamins & Minerals 'Vitamin enriched, meal in a drink' and that my box contains 4x57g sachets. Other information given on the box includes being told a bit about the product and how to make them up, ingredients and a full nutritional chart is given and we are also told that they contain no artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners and are gluten free and suitable for Vegetarian and Halal diets. The sachets are dark blue and white and large, easy to tear open and apart from the nutritional information given on the box in appearance are rather the same.

        The Shake:

        These are so simple to make up and each serving provides a 200ml serving of the shake. You can make these up with water for a light meal replacement which gives us 250 calories or with whole milk which is a whole meal replacement and gives us 386 calories and you can use cold or hot liquid, whichever you prefer.

        All you do is tear open a sachet take the light brown fine powder out and pop it into a jug or something, add your liquid (it can be any type of milk you wish by the way or water) and simply beat it gently with a fork until it thickens up a bit. You get a thinnish type of milkshake which is a brown in colour and smells really nice and chocolately and really rather lovely.

        I have made this one up with both water and milk and and the only difference is with milk it tastes a little creamier and doesn't look so dark as when its made up with water really.

        Taste wise its freat and simply tastes of good quality chocolate, not too sweet but sweet enough, I was worried about the flavour of this being too sickly but it really isn't at all.

        Like the other flavours in the range of the Complan shakes this is actually really nice which is really important for people like me who is having trouble with meals and of course this isn't just for people with eating disorders like me but also for people struggling to eat particiulary after illness or used by people who need to build themselves up a bit.

        Complan has been a big part of my life lately. I have subtituted meals that I'd usually struggle with and it has helped to stabalise my weight and make me feel a bit more alert. It fills my tummy nicely and fits in with my lifestyle as I can pop a sachet in my bag and take it on the go with me and people think its just a milkshake mix in a glass so I don't feel embarrassed about using them.

        I recommend these to anyone who needs them. They are widely available from all good supermarkets and chemists and even on Amazon and cost around the £3.00 for a box of four sachets of mix which is less than a pound a meal!

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        All The Goodness of a Balanced Light Meal / Nutrition when you need it 1.; Provides energy when you need it most 2.; Helps maintain good health 3.; Gives your body the nutrients it needs 4 / ; Specially fortified with: / 26 essential vitamins and minerals / protein for the growth and maintenance of muscle / B vitamins to help release energy / Calcium and Vitamin D for the maintenance of bones / Vitamin C and iron to help support the immune system.

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