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Floradix Tablets

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Dosage Form: Tablets

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2013 15:57
      Very helpful



      Really effective product for anyone feeling run down and tired

      Right. I've felt like death for ages, and personally I'm now convinced that the effects of a long commute and the ultimate "summer that never happened", plus winter, has combined to give me a serious seasonally affected disorder. So I shall soon be looking for a way to stuff Vitamin D down my neck in quantities previously unattempted by anyone human.

      Floradix tablets don't have any Vitamin D in them, but before coming to this conclusion about my health, they were something that I resorted to when I was still thinking that maybe I was just run-down, working too hard, recovering from a bug or just being a monumental wuss. And they made me feel a heck of a lot better, too, so I thought I would share this discovery with the world of Dooyoo...


      Until this summer I had a really great lodger. Scarily slender, sporty, active and a little bonkers, she was a force of nature and nothing seemed to stop her. At the time I was staying with my mum a lot to commute from a town with a major rail network, so I didn't see much of her and she largely had the house to herself. One day, during a week when I had a day off, I popped home to get my post and run some errands and found her under what looked like twelve duvets and sound asleep on the sofa. She did wake up at one point, and to this day I still have no idea what she tried to say, but basically, the girl was ill. Really ill. When she moved out a couple of months later, she left a lot of the medicines she had bought in a cupboard in my kitchen, which is how Floradix tablets first came to my attention. She'd basically bought Holland & Barrett, and with my curiosity piqued, I decided to give these tablets a try.

      I notice in Holland & Barrett that you can actually buy this in a tonic form, which I see is also available to review here, but I suggested the tablet form for review, so maybe they're a relatively new invention. Certainly, anything in this form strikes me as more convenient.

      Produced by a company called Salus, Floradix tablets come in blister-packed sheets in a cardboard box which is mostly red and white in design. The front has an illustration of what looks like rosehips, carrots, spinach and rapeseed, and it claims that the product is "with iron, vitamins, folic acid and herbal extracts" and "helps to provide energy and to increase vitality". There are 84 tablets in a pack.

      Dosage instructions are that an adult should take a tablet twice a day, and children 3-12 years should take one daily.

      I think with health supplements it is responsible to pass on as much information as possible in a review so a lot of this is copied or paraphrased from the packaging:

      - "are a nutritional food supplement which provide organix iron, B-vitamins, vitamin C and strengthening herbal extracts".
      - "especially suitable for women (including expectant and nursing mothers) and people with an active lifestyle".
      - The packaging also explains the importance, and relationship between, iron, folic acid and vitamin C in relation to the human body.
      - Per daily dosage of 2 tablets for adults, you will intake 2.6kcal, less than 0.1g protein, 0.4g carbs, and less than 0.1g fat.
      - The ingredients delivered by these tablets are: Iron II, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Nicotinamide, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C. All but Vitamin C would account for 100% RDA, whilst C equates to 38% - so don't lay off the citrus fruit.
      - NOTE: Black tea or coffee should not be drunk shortly after use of these tablets. I presume this is because it would compromise the body's ability to take in the nutrients it provides, so no thinking you can neck this with your morning quadruple espresso and turn into superwoman.
      - There are more details on the ingredients rather than just what the product is designed to delivery to your system; this contains yeast and maize, bulking agents etc, and the list is pretty massive; for the complete information please see salusuk.com. The website also tells us that it is best to try to absorb iron supplements on an empty stomach and confirms my suspicion about tea and coffee blocking its route into the human body. Here the tablets are also recommended for vegetarians, the elderly, convalescents etc.


      I am not Floradix's best student, as I frequently only had time or remembered these tablets when I was eating. Regardless, they work very well.

      Mid-sized and brown-coated, Flroadix tablets have never presented a problem when swallowed with water and at a time when I was shattered, stressed and in general mightily hacked off all the time, I did notice that after about a week of taking them I started to feel a lot more positive, and whilst I wasn't about to go free-running through London rather than take the tube, I was feeling notably less naff at the end of the day.

      If memory serves, there were three blister packs in the box that my housemate left - she hadn't even taken one! Her loss. I slipped one in my bag and despite it being the approximate size and weight of Bolivia, the packaging was sufficient to protect them. 84 tablets will only cover an adult dose for just over a month but I did notice the difference, to the extent that I was tempted to pick up a packet to put in a "pamper basket" Christmas box for my mum. That's when I learnt the price - £9.25 in Holland & Barrett, and not being their own brand I would be surprised if it ever creeps into their frequent sales.

      These truly have to be among the best vitamin supplements I have tried, but it is a pricey addition to your monthly outgoings. If you're really suffering in winter and could use an iron boost then I do recommend them, but I cannot justify the cost each and every month regardless of their undeniable effectiveness. I am tempted to hammer my system with these in late autumn of this year going into winter, to get a head start on the seasonal naffness that comes with an obsolete supply of sunshine and warmth, but whilst this product itself deserves a score of six out of five stars, the price is an issue for me. However, I am here to review the product itself - my budget isn't the same as everyone else's, after all - so it's the full marks from me. They made me feel healthier, more capable, less tired and therefore I felt less stressed - a helping hand in reversing the self-perpetuating story of tiredness and stress in the modern lifestyle. So if you are feeling run down, I do recommend these to you strongly - they really can make a difference.


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