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Gaia Coffee Slender Diet Aid

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Brand: Gaia / Type: Diets / Diet Supplements

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2009 14:45
      Very helpful




      When it comes to watching my weight it's something I am rather rigid about and since having an eating disorder and trying to follow a healthy lifestyle I do eat normally these days and go to the gym. However I get aware of when I'm gaining weight and then I want to lose it of course like the majority of females in the world lol!

      Like many people though I'd rather not give up my food if possible so I try the lazy dieters option and try alternative measures from time to time. This product I found in my local Boots store costing about £6.00 and not only did I think that it may help me as a diet aid which is what it is designed for but lacking in energy lately and drinking a couple of coffees throughout the day I felt it may help me with that as well and give me a bit of a boost!

      The Packaging:

      White square box and on the front there is a lady holding a cup of coffee and I'm told it is Coffee Slender Diet Aid and there is a signature on there from Mmon Grudt who was Miss Universe 1990. Other information on the box includes being told it is an instant coffee with extract of green coffee beans, directions for drinking it are listed (Drink 3 cups daily, one after a main meal, as part of a calorie controlled diet), instructions and storage advice is given, ingredients are listed, I'm told there is 21 sticks of coffee in my box which are 2.2 gram each (46.2g in total), Nutritional information is given and there is loads of information on the box in foreign languages and contact details for Energix Ventures Ltd are listed (the manufacturer of this product). Each coffee comes in a brown long stick shaped piece of paper and on that I'm told what it is and there is a cup of coffee on there. Nice handy sachets which are discreet and look nice enough so great to pop into your handbag if your on the go!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information On The Box:

      Coffeeslender is a Norwegian developed diet aid that contains high quality instant coffee made from Arabica and Robusta beans and an extract of green coffee beans.

      The Coffee:

      Well all you do is rip off the top off the stick packaging, empty the contents into a cup or mug and add boiling/hot water to it and give it a quick stir. The powder is a dark brown fine powder and simply smells like really cheap and nasty coffee. The more water you add the weaker the drink becomes so you just need to work out how you wish it to be strong or weak or whatever and you end up with a clear, dark, cheap smelling black coffee. Your not meant to add milk to this so I don't!

      It actually smells worse than it tastes though to be honest. I make the coffee up fairly weak and like it smells of cheap coffee it simply tastes it. Not too harsh, strong or bitter though and thankfully once it's drank it doesn't leave much of an after-taste.

      Does It Work Though?:

      It does absolutely nothing for me at all sadly! It doesn't effect my energy levels in a positive way really like I at least thought that it would! As for dieting it doesn't help at all! I drank 3 cups a day for a week and it affected me in no way at all. It didn't make me eat less, didn't make me pee more, didn't put me off food, nothing. I basically drank gallons of this vile tasting drink for nothing. I did use it in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and I did lose the weight over the week I wanted to but I would have lost that anyway by being so good and exercising more!

      I can't see the point in this at all and feel it's a complete waste of time and the only thing it achieved was when I was drinking it after a meal feeling a bit sick at knowing I had to consume this. Don't bother and save your pennies and buy some fruit instead I say lol.

      No allergy advice or warnings are given bit of course this does contain caffeine.

      Nutritional Information Per Stick/Cup:

      Energy: 1.9 Kcal
      Protein: 0.3g
      Carbohydrate: 0.2g
      of which sugars: 0.1g
      Fat: 0g
      Saturated Fat: 0g
      Fibre: 0.3g
      Sodium: 0.0011g

      If your still interested in trying out this product do look about online for it or in places like Boots and Superdrug.


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