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Health From The Sun Hemp Liquid Gold

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Brand: Health From The Sun / Dosage Form: Liquid

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2013 05:09
      Very helpful



      A multi-use oil with many benefits.

      I first looked into the benefits of Vegan Omega oils when I was pregnant and have continued to use hemp oil since. My daughter uses it too both as a nutrient source and topically and we have both benefited from it hugely.

      The brand I am reviewing is made by "Health from the Sun" and is high quality organic mixture of hemp and flax oils. This combination provides an excellent source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which as veggies we need. The oil also contains a high ratio of GLA (Gamma Linolenic acid) which is of benefit for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

      Hemp oil is recommended for veggies and vegans as it is a complete protein and contains the valuable omegas that are usually sourced in oily fish etc. This nutritious oil is superb for many things and has many benefits for dietary purposes and around personal care. It is an easily absorbed oil which leaves little residual grease.

      The oil comes in a very dark plastic bottle to protect it from light degradation. It has a secure top similar to those found on Amoy soy sauce bottles and contains 8 fluid ounces or approx 236 ml. This is not a huge amount by any stretch but it has so many benefits that I can see in my skin that I do not care. It also reassures me that despite my daughter being brought up as vegetarian until she chooses otherwise (if she does), she is getting all of the essential fatty acids essential for the healthy development of her brilliant and colourful brain....

      HOW WE USE IT:

      Skin and hair:

      My skin is fairly dry and my hair is very long and prone to splitting so I not only ingest this oil in fruit juice (or neat when I feel hardcore) but use it on my hair, nails and skin. I have found a massive improvement in the condition of my hair and skin since using hemp oil. I usually rub a few drops on my hands when my hair is towel dry and run it through the ends of my hair. I use a variety of base oils in this way but I have a real soft spot for hemp. It is a light oil and does not feel remotely heavy on my hair or skin. It has a fairly gentle and pleasant nutty smell too so no worries about smelling like a paisley clad long hair in a head shop...

      As a nutritional supplement:

      This oil can be taken neat, drizzled over salads, disguised in fruit juice or added to cooled food. The only thing you cannot do with it is heat it up as it loses its benefits. A serving size is listed as being 15ml for adults but I usually now take 5ml as a maintenance dose and add flaxseeds and hulled hemp to my food.
      The oil has a slightly "nutty" taste which you will probably recognise if you are familiar with hemp. It does not have a strong flavour so can easily be incorporated into salad dressings or fruit juice and you would hardly know that it was there. If you take it neat the oil is not cloying in your mouth and it is easy to swallow. My favourite way to use the oil is to make french bread toast, steep some of the hemp oil with fresh squished garlic and spread it on the warm toast. It makes a healthy alternative to garlic bread and does not become limp and greasy.

      How to store:

      This is a cold pressed oil and as with all essential fatty acids, hemp oil must not be heated or cooked with. It needs to be stored in the fridge to maintain its optimum levels of omegas as the oil is very affected by light and heat. Oxygen also depletes the oil quality so keep the lid on tight. It is a small bottle so takes up no real space in the fridge and we leave it on the small inside door shelf for easy access.

      I will give a bit more blurb on the technicalities of Hemp oil but skip this bit past the little stars *** if you just want a consumer review

      **** Technical blurb and waffle about hemp oil ****

      As with most cold pressed oils, this one is extracted from the flax and hemp seed by a slow press. The press squeezes the oil from the seed leaving what is known as a "seed cake" of left over seed matter which often goes into animal feed. Cold pressing is done in an oxygen free environment as the quality depreciates fast otherwise.

      Health from the sun hemp oil is around 57% linoleic (LA) and 19% linolenic (LNA) acids which are the essential fatty acids known as omega 3 and 6. Essential fatty acids benefit the body in many ways that are widely documented. Hemp oil is the only food that contains omegas 3, 6 and GLA, the GLA content in hemp oil being similar to that of Evening primrose oil which has been used successfully for pre-menstrual syndrome (PMT/PMS).

      **** End of technical blurb ****

      Health from the sun hemp oil contains Organic hemp and flax seed oils, organic rosemary extract, vitamin E, Vitamin C and citric acid.

      Serving Size:15 ml
      Servings per Container: 16

      Summary: I recommend this oil for its health benefits for the body and for skin and hair health. I have seen visible and marked improvement in my hair and skin since using it and although pricey, this is a small price to pay for healthy skin that used to drive me nuts with itchy dryness.

      Health from the sun hemp oil costs £11.99 from http://astronutrition.com/health-from-the-sun-hemp-liquid-gold-8-fl-oz.html


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    • Product Details

      Hemp Liquid GoldÖ is a lighter more palate pleasing omega-3 liquid supplement with the added benefit of nutritionally important GLA

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