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Healthpoint Full Alert Caffeine Tablets

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Brand: Healthpoint / Type: Caffeine tablets / Dosage Form: Tablets

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2011 15:40
      Very helpful



      An effective enough product though for a limited time sadly!

      I constantly feel washed out and drained. Part of that is because I have an eating disorder, part of it is down to suffering with M.E. There are days when I struggle to simply get out of bed apart from do much else and I find it to be a huge struggle.

      Me, well I've tried all sorts of things to raise my energy levels to changing my diet, drinking special teas I've even taken an depressants from my Dr and been allergy tested and now avoid certain foods however I have to sadly admit that nothing really works even S.A.D lights! I can sleep for hours (like last night I had 14 hours sleep and I still feel shattered!) but I still keep trying anything to see if it helps.

      The other day I went into town to deliberately try and get some energy boosting products. I bought Vitamin C chewable tablets from Boots, energy drinks, detox teas and these, Full Alert Caffeine Tablets which I spotted in a Wilkinson's store.

      The Packaging:

      The tablets come in a large white plastic tub with a flip to lid to the top of it and on the front of the tub we are told that they are Energy Boosters, (HP), Healthpoint Full Alert Caffeine Tablets, Food Supplement and that my tub contains 30 tablets (the only size I have seen these available to purchase in by he way). On the back of he tub we are told a bit about the tablets and what to expect from them, dosage advice is given (No more than 2 tablets over a 3 hour period and they are not recommended for people under 16 years old), the ingredients are listed as are the warnings and contact details for Healthpoint Ltd (the manufacturer of the product). This is a simple yet informative tub, easy to open etc.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Back Of The Tub:

      Full Alert contains caffeine which is a stimulant found naturally in Tea, Coffee, Chocolate etc. Caffeine can help you feel more awake and mentally alert thus improving your performance and concentration. In convenient tablet form, each tablet contains the approximate equivalent as one small (100ml) cup of coffee or strong tea.

      Taking Them:

      Well as I have already pointed out the dosage of these is 2 tablets (or one if you prefer) and more than every 3 hours though there is no limit to how many you can take and by that I mean on a lot of tablets we are told no more than say 8 in a 24 hour period.

      The tablets are very small, white and round and easy to swallow with a gulp of drink. I haven't found them to repeat on me or anything adverse at all and thats it job done!


      These only cost me £1.00 for 30 tablets so I have to admit I fully expected them to not work for me at all like many products don't wit my extreme problems. However I have to admit that these work a little if only being for a short time!

      A few minutes after taking these I feel a little more rejuvenated with a small spring in my step. I'm not saying for a minute that these make me feel full of beans but I do feel a little more alert and my concentration is better soon after consuming them! OK the effects wear off after about an hour and I'm back to my usual slumped, konked out self but for a time they do help!

      It doesn't say on the tub you can't consume any other caffeine products along side these so I find it an extra help to have a cup of coffee with them or my favoured energy drink just for a small, extra boost and this hasn't harmed me or given me the shakes at all but of course being caffeine products you do need to be careful what you are doing as you don't want to 'max out!'.

      I find these easy to take and although not effective for long, do find that the boost they give me to be rather helpful and more effective than far more, expensive remedies I have taken in the past. I don't get headaches after taking these which I have sometimes experienced in the past and jolting limbs and I certainly will be nipping back and purchasing these in the future!

      Available in Wilkinson's stores for 99p a tub or Google if interested. I have seen these sold on Amazon for almost £5.00 a tub in the past (inc of postage and packaging).

      Also I'd like to ask anyone else knows of any good products to take for M.E or extreme tiredness I'd be happy to hear from you!. Many thanks!


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