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Holland & Barrett Chelated Potassium

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Brand: Holland and Barrett / Dosage Form: Capsules

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2011 19:28
      Very helpful



      Great for me!

      For Christmas I had a very unusual gift off a friend (it was actually an early Christmas present as she was excited to give it to me lol!). I opened up a prettily wrapped parcel to find a bottle of chelated pottasium from Holland & Barrett within the paper! Now this sounds odd but on reflection it isn't, it was actually a very thoughtful gift from a good mate of mine. As a sufferer of low potassium due to an eating disorder very often I have blood tests that reveal I'm dangeroulsy low on the stuff and end up taking special drinks for a while then I'm left to my own devices and I get exhausted and the cycle continues on which is why she bought me these so that when my levels went back up to an acceptable level I could take these and try and keep my pottasium levels up all by myself!

      The Packaging:

      The tablets come in a dark green but transparent plastic bottle that has a flip-top opening to the top of it. On the front label (which is dark green and with white writing on it) we are told that they are of course Holland & Barrett Chelated Potassium and they are a strength of 99mg 'Supports sustained energy release and fluid balance' and that there are 100 caplets inside my bottle and that they are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans alike. On the back of the bottle other information stated includes being told a bit about the product, the ingredients used and just as importantly what they don't contain (no artificial colours, flavours, hydrogenated fat, no added sugar, starch, corn or milk and no soya, gluten, wheat, yeast, fish or porcine) and we are given dosage instructions and contact details for Holland & Barrett are listed.

      A Bit About Pottasium According To The Information Listed On The Back Of The Bottle:

      Pottasium is essential for muscle activity and nerve transmission. Potassium also aids in the mineral balance of the blood and works with sodium to regulate the body's water balance.

      Taking Them:

      Well the caplets are rather large and oblong but rounded off in shape and are pure white in colour. They have no smell to them at all, you are only meant to take one with a drink a day and preferably with a meal. Providing I have a long drink with one I am fine with taking these.

      As I touched upon earlier I take these because I know for a fact I have a deficiancy in pottasium. Me, personally if I don't have enough of this mineral I get very tired indeed and ache all over. I do take a few different vitamins and minerals but I have had a lot of investigations into my health and into what I need from the people in the know!

      I find by taking these that I haven't felt ill as I normally do without them! Usually I sustain my own pottasium levels for a short while and then bang I'm exhausted again and these seem...so far to be keeping that in check and I have been taking these for 3 months daily now and usually I'm ill with it in that time nd I haven't been at all thankfully!

      Chelated minerals such as these simply mean that although they are pottasium they are complex...whatever for me they are potassium caplets that help me! A bit big but I'm not complaining believe me!

      Only available from Holland & Barrett stores usually costing £4.19 but looking on the website (www.holland&barrett.com) they are currently on offer at £2.09 for my sized bottle!


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