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Holland & Barrett Odourless Garlic

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Brand: Holland and Barrett / Type: Capsules / Dosage Form: Bars

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2010 16:27
      Very helpful



      A Small Price To Pay For Better Health

      Ive only ever wrote one supplement review before this but having a look at it a few minutes ago it has nearly 150 reads and I only wrote it about a week ago! That night not seem like an achievement to most people but for me it really is so I thought Id give reviewing some other tablets a pop - plus I did kind of suggest these as a product and the number of product suggestions keeps rising! My mom bought these capsules for us all to take a few months ago because they are meant to help your immune system and studies show that people who take these regularly have less colds and less infections and as someone who gets colds A LOT I was very happy to try them out in case they actually worked.

      Useful Information:
      Price: 100 Capsules - £5.00
      Stockists: Holland & Barrett

      Take one tablet a day preferably with a meal and DO NOT exceed that amount. This product contains Soya & Sulphites for those who have allergies. It should also NOT be taken if you are pregnant, breast feeding or under medical supervision but I think those things are pretty ordinary with any supplement or vitamin.

      The tablets themselves are super small and yellow in colour. The garlic is actually liquidised and is inside what seems like squidgy plastic - just swallow it like that as believe me if you bite into it is is SOOOO disgusting. I have trouble swallowing tablets and I find these really easy to take so I think they are suitable for everyone in that sense - they also don't have an age limit on them so I think they are suitable for everyone I would check with a professional first though just in case.

      These tablets are said to over time improve your immune system therefore preventing you becoming ill as easily & can also support cardiovascular health (you heart!) but as far as I can tell the latter has never been proven scientifically. I definitely think these capsules have helped improve my immune system though and that is coming from someone who used to get ill all the time.

      I'm not going to pretend I haven't so much as sneezed since I started taking these because I have and I have gotten then occasional cold but nowhere near as often as I used to which Ill admit came as a surprise to me as well. Even now when I do get a cold it is not as bad and it doesn't take me as long to fight it off so I have seen a really positive difference in my health overall since I started taking these. I do quite often forget to take them so many that is why I still sometimes get colds but by taking these everyday it will prevent them from striking - prevention is better than cure after all and there's no cure anyway!

      I definitely recommend these especially if the slightest thing can set off a cold in you as these will boost your immune system loads & you will see a positive result very quickly. For £5 you get 250 days of good health so its not a question really - I do highly recommend these!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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