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Holland & Barrett High Strength Zinc Tablets

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Brand: Holland & Barrett / Form: Tablets / Dosage Form: Tablets

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2013 10:21
      Very helpful



      A good value immunity booster

      Well I am partial to taking my supplements; I generally do not eat a varied diet as I am a bit fruitphobic and love my junk food a little bit too much. I take vitamins and iron as I am a woman and am told that anaemia is constantly possible especially being a blood donor; also the vitamins prevent the whole range of horrors we are told about such as dry eyes, cracked tongues and scurvy. Then there's garlic; I take this one to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure (unsure whether it works or just my exercise keeps me going. Then magnesium as I heard it helped with heart palps; **touchwood** not had my issue in about 3 years!
      So taking zinc came about as I often serach the NHS and other related sites (being equally doctorphobic as nurses are awful patients plus I do not want to be labelled hypercondriac). I often get a lot of colds and am regularly breaking out in spots which is horrible at the age of 25 and makes me feel like I should be a mardy teen. Anyway, I started searching for these two things and came across zinc which seemed to be the common factor between them. Now I must say this self diagnosis is not recommended and I am only taking a random stab in the dark as the reasons for my problems could be anything from large pores, hormones, doing too much exercise . . .the list goes on. So with my internet information stuffed firmly into my brain cells I went on the hunt for the zinc.

      Zinc has a variety of uses but the main one is being a boost to the immune system which helps us mere mortals fight the cold and other infections such as in the ear and respiratory system. Further to this zinc can help with skin conditions, eye conditions, fertility and athletic performance (apparently), however, a meal of zinc supplements will not work as an aphrodisiac on Valetine's Day!

      I often go to Holland & Barrett to buy my magnesium so went there to get the zinc as I also get points as well for my next purchases to get money off. I saw they had an offer on (the penny sale) so I bought the zinc for £5.05 which is 100 15mg tablets so I got my magnesium for 1p bargain!!

      The zinc comes in the traditional green Holland & Barrett tub with the screw top/flip up lid. The lid is very easy to unscrew and has the extra flip up part for ease of dispense, there is a seal inside the lid to be removed on first use to ensure the zinc is fresh and has not got damp during transport and storage. Thewre is a green label wrapped around the bottle explaining strength of the zinc and how many tablets; there is ingredients information, guidance that is is 150% RDA per tablet and warnings. Ideally these supplements should not be taken without seeking doctors advice. Holland & Barrett guarantee that these contain no artificial sweetners, preservatives, flavours, sugars, salt, gluten, lactose, soya or yeast.

      Holland & Barrett condone zinc for the use of immunity boosting. maintenance of skin and nails, vision, cognitive function, cell division, fertility and normal bones.

      Well I do not really know whether these tablets actually work, are they having a placebo affect? It is often known that if you believe something is doing you good then it will from the power of positive thinking. So without rigorous blood testing I shall say I think they have worked from my own point of view. So far I have managed to breeze through life having less sniffles and sneezes, yes I've been tired but thats my own fault of going to bed late and getting up early. It could be a coincidence as previosuly said but I think they do work a bit. However, the spots have not given up, I am yet to find anything that has even vaguely put up a fight in the past nearly 14 years so I think there is not much hope.

      The tablets are quite good value as you get 150% RDA in a pack of 100 for £5.05 so this is approx 5p a tablet. However, it is slightly cheaper in Tesco for 120 tablets of vitamin c and zinc (15mg) for £4.50 but i got magnesium for 1p so can't complain.

      The tablets are not a bad size, quite small round things and are a greyish colour. I hate swallowing tablets so anything new sets me into a panic upon first swallow (yes I have genuinely choked and thought I was going to die on a magnesium tablet, took two years to not have to crush them). So the size looked great but the tablets are not coated which makes them a bit prone to getting stuck in the throat; however, with some juice or fizzy pop the texture is changed so the tablets go down a lot easier.

      So overall I do recommend zinc and it is a mineral that is widely available so why not try it? It might just do wonders for you.


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