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Maximuscle Thermobol Fatburner Capsules

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Brand: Maximuscle / Type: Capsules / Dosage Form: Capsules

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    5 Reviews
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      08.07.2013 13:16
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      A great purchase to help you on your way, but don't expect to be stick thin overnight

      Thermobol from Maximuscle are fat burners that increase your metabolism. The main ingredients are caffeine, orange peel extract and green tea extract. All three of these are known metabolism boosters. I believe thermobol are a great choice when you have plateaued in the gym, when you get to a stage where no more fat is coming off you, use thermobol to give you that little boost and kick on with training.


      Thermobol is a quite expensive fat burner. Upwards of £20 for 90 capsules with at the recommended 3 capsules a day would last a month. The similar products from other companies such as my protein are £8-£10 less and do a very similar job. So watch you don't get stung by maximuscle's inflated prices.

      Benefits/Recommended Use

      Thermobol definitely helps in the gym when doing cardio. Not only does it give you an energy boost is definitely makes you more lean if you put in the miles! You can feel an inner burning when working out, which isn't the most comfortable but feels like its working. You MUST use in conjunction with a decent diet, as I've said this is a supplement to help you on your way and NOT a miracle working capsule. I managed to lose bosy fat quite quickly on a decent healthy diet and thermobol, there is no reason why other people can't too. Just be sensible with what you eat and workout regularly, don't be dependant on the thermobol.

      Downfalls/Side Effects

      A few side effects to be aware of; never take thermobol after 3 o'clock or you will never sleep! The high caffeine levels means you are on high alert for a fair few hours so be careful. Also thermobol causes increased sweating, even before exercise if things get remotely warm so be careful you don't end up with enormous sweat patches when doing nothing!

      Final Note

      I also think thermobol helps give a placebo effect, the diet and exercise would make you lose weight anyway, that's why I recommend using when you placebo.


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        20.04.2013 00:28
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        For me thermobol are not a good solution to improving your gym workout.

        When I first started going to the gym I was mainly into cardio exercise. At first I had no interest in doing weights. A friend talked me into doing a few sessions on the weights with him and I got to like it. It was always a good session mixing weights and cardio. However, when I first joined the gym my sole intention was to lose weight. Obviously doing weights builds up muscle mass I was actually getting heavier and toning up around my arms and shoulders but still looked flabby around my waist.

        My friend recommended a few products by maximuscle. If you've been anywhere near a gym you will know about maximuscle. They are a company that produces products designed to aid your training and aid recovery afterwards by using a method of balanced nutrition.
        Maximuscle do a lean definition range of products. These include either powder shakes that you just add water to, tablets or chocolate biscuit.

        I decided to purchase the lean definition promax diet shake and a tub of some tablets called thermobol. The thermobol tablets were £14.99 for a tub of thirty. Or £36.99 for a tub of ninety. I had never tried them before so I opted for the thirty.
        The tablets come in a tub the same shape and size of your average tub of vitamins or any other food supplements. The tablets themselves are rather large and I found quite hard to swallow and sometimes got the feeling they were stuck in my throat so in my book that's a black mark straight away.

        Thermobol is supposed to help you maintain your strength in the gym whilst at the same time speeding up your metabolism to burn extra fat that your normal workout wouldn't. I wont list all the ingredients but I will give a couple of examples of what is in the tablets.
        Firstly there are B vitamins. Vitamin B is to help with energy, carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. It should also help with reduce fatigue and tiredness. So this should help get you through your workout without losing focus and should help finish all your reps with the best form possible. The less tired you are, the less chance of you getting injured so this is a good thing.

        Before I mention the caffeine content I will point out that the recommended usage for thermobol is three tablets a day. You take them with water on an empty stomach. I found this quite strange. Thermobol tablets contain 148mg of caffeine. The average cup of instant coffee contains 50-60mg of caffeine. So in one tablet you are having the equivalent of nearly three cups of coffee in one go. Now bear in mind that it instructs you to take three a day. So my tub of thirty would only last ten gym session if I stuck to that instruction. It also instructs you not to take after 3pm in the afternoon. So if your average person starts the day at 7am between that time and 3pm you are having the equivalent of nine cups of coffee. This may be normal to some people but it isn't to me.
        I was drinking two shakes a day in conjunction with thermobol. The shakes were also high in caffeine. I had one in the morning before work and then one when I got home from the gym. I thought it strange that I would be putting this much caffeine into my body before I started on the course of tablets. When I started taking them straight away I knew it was far too much.

        I will not bother listing the other ingredients because to be honest I have no idea what the other ingredients are or what they do, I just trust maximuscle know what they are doing.
        My plan was to stick to a plan of one shake in the morning, three thermobol tablets during the day and then a shake after the gym but not straight away.

        I had my suspicions about the levels of caffeine in the tablets so I decided to take it slow. I had just one before I had my lunch at work. Trust me, one is more than enough. I took the tablet at around midday and at first didn't really feel any side effects. I just carried on with my day, doing what needed to be done. I sat down for my lunch at around 1.30pm.
        I ate my lunch and proceeded to read a book like normal. Whilst I was reading I started to feel a twitching sensation in my right bicep. Straight away I thought, now its kicking in. Kick in it did. I was getting twitches everywhere, arms legs, fingers and my eyes. I actually became a bit paranoid that people around me could see me twitching. It couldn't have actually been all that visible but it felt worse than it was. One good was that usually when I read at dinner I tend to nod off but I did manage to stay alert and carry on reading my book all dinner.

        When I went back to work I felt hyper. I was rushing about, chattering to anybody that would listen (I'm usually a quiet person) and It felt like every time I spoke I was doing so at the top of my voice. I remember a few times walking away from conversations paranoid that people were thinking I was on drugs. I'm sure that thermobol must be one step away from being an amphetamine.My heart rate was through the roof and I'm sure on a couple of occasions I got chest pains.
        Only problem was that once I got home around four hours later I felt like I was coming down. I was absolutely knackered. All the rushing around had taken every bit of energy I had and sapped it. I would still go gym and put a good workout in and I didn't know if the tablets helped or not.

        So I had a decision to make. Was I tired when I got home because I wasn't having a high enough dosage. Did I need more? On the other side of the coin I didn't like the side effects of taking one and couldn't imagine being like that all day, people would think I was mental.
        After having one tablet and two shakes a day I was also struggling to sleep. Even when I had been gym I would feel tired. I would be aching all over and feel sleepy but just couldn't sleep.

        I managed to put up with the lack of sleep and the side effects taking one a day until I had took all thirty. I did decide not to buy anymore because of one certain side effect that happened when I only had a couple of tablets left. I would be lying in bed and all of a sudden my heart would feel like it was racing. Even after I stopped taking the tablets it would happen, it even got to the point where it would happen during the day. To this day I don't know what it was. It could have been the tablets or it could of just been in my mind. I do know that I do a lot of exercise now and have had no such problem.
        From my point of view I wouldn't recommend thermobol to anybody. Maybe the tablets just didn't agree with me and might be good for somebody else but I'll certainly never use them again.

        It struck me afterwards that it was a pretty hardcore supplement. To put your body through that kind of stress could possibly cause long term damage. Thermobol is probably best used by professionals. Athletes whos condition is constantly monitored. People who live to a strict regime day in, day out. They are not for your average gym goer that works a ten hour day and wants a pick me up to help them through their session.
        I've found that just sticking to a decent diet, decent amount of sleep and just using good old elbow grease is the best solution to getting ahead. I even stopped using the shakes and just drank milk instead. I never noticed any better results using maximuscle products, so I don't really think they are worth the price you pay for a quick fix. Or maybe I was just doing it wrong.

        To finish I will add that my review is for thermobol with caffeine. You can now buy a caffeine free version which begs the question to me, why have caffeine in the original tablets. I can honestly say I'll never try them or any supplement again because I enjoy my training much more without them.


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          21.04.2010 21:36
          Very helpful



          Not bad stuff, may work differently for different people. For me 4 out of 5

          Thermobol Capsules are fat burning capsules to assist in losing weight along with exercise and a healthy diet. You buy them in a tub of 90 capsules and take three a day so to sum up they will last you about a month in total. I got mine for about 28 pounds.

          I began taking them as instructed on the pack at three a day however also read on the internet not to take them five hours before going to bed as you'll be up all night. Stupidly I took one at eleven o clock at night and didn't get asleep until nearly five o clock. Never good when you have a seven o clock start the next day. This did put me off them as the reason I couldn't sleep was that I could hear my heart trying to punch through my chest and every time I did nearly drift off I woke up gasping for air. I did battle on however and decided to give them another go. This time though I took the advice of a person on the internet and took two first thing in the morning and one mid-day which seemed to work for me. I continued to do this and had no problems from then on.

          There's a lot of caffeine in the product. I believe the equivalent to six cans of red bull in a day however my body adjusted to this so after a week I wasn't bouncing off the walls straight after taking one (although that did help in the gym).

          The ingredients in the Thermobol are as follows

          Bitter Orange Peel (CitrusAurantium6)
          Green Tea Extract (90% Polyphenols)
          Vit B5 (D-Calcium Pantothenate)
          Vit-B1 (Thiamin Hcl)
          Guarana Seed Powder
          BioperineTM (Black Pepper Extract)
          Vit B12 - Cyanocobalamin
          Chromium (From Chromium Polynicotinate)
          Capsaicin Extract from Hot Cayenne Pepper
          Inactive ingredients:
          Gelatine Capsule
          Anti Caking Agent Magnesium Stearate
          Rice Flour

          And it does tell you up the side of the tub what they are of your recommended daily allowance. The most frightening one was probably vitamin B12 which holds 20000% of your recommended daily allowance per capsules however I'm told that this is the vitamin that promotes fat being broke down into energy.

          Overall after taking the full course, eating more healthy foods and training in the gym I haven't noticed my weight drop dramatically. I was however using a machine to calculate my body fat which seems to have taken a dive. So I think I've put on muscle and lost body fat whilst maintaining my weight. I will give these another go in maybe a months time to allow my body some time to recover from them and in the meantime keep up the training. Unfortunately I'm unsure as to whether the drop in body fat was because I was eating healthier and using the gym or because of these. Its possibly just the placebo effect that made me work harder however people do react differently to these so why not give them a go.


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            16.02.2010 16:33
            Very helpful



            A good training aid or supplement to use

            I have used this product on many occasion and still find that it is one of the best natural fat burning and stimulator on the market. Maximuscle themselves are a well respected company and are constantly improving each product they produce on a yearly basis.

            Thermobol can be used by anyone from your sportsperson to someone just trying to shed a few pounds. The tube provides 90 capsules which are easy to swallow, they can be purchased at a cost of £30 - £35 depending on where you buy the product. More and more retailers and websites are doing deals on these sorts of products so if I were you I would shop around as you may save yourself a few pounds


            Nutrition Information

            Per 1 capsule
            Bitter Orange Peel 325mg Vit B12 - Cyanocobalamin RDA - 20,000% 200µg
            L-Tyrosine 300mg D-Biotin RDA -117% 180µg
            Caffeine 153mg Chromium RDA (From Chromium Polynicotinate) 100µg
            Green Tea extract(Standardised to 90% polyphenols) 100mg Capsaicin extract from Hot Cayenne pepper 120µg
            Guarana extract 12mg Vit B5 (D-Calcium Pantothenate) RDA - 500% 30mg
            Bioperine (Black pepper extract) 5mg Vit-B1 (Thiamin Hcl) RDA - 1786% 25mg

            The stated dose for the tablets is 3 per day and also to split the tablets. One to be taken in the morning, afternoon and then the last one in the evening or possibly before a training sessions. Try not to take these with food as they won't work aswell, however they can leave a not so nice taste in the stomach if they are taken with little water, so a little food maybe okay at times.

            In all honesty you really do need to look at your calorie consumption and also be doing exercise in conjunction with taking these tablets to get the full effects. i would also consult a doctor if you have previously had ill health just to check the tablets would be okay, please bear in mind all the ingredients in the product are natural.

            So what do I think of the product? I really do think they are beneficail to me for my running. I am a keen long distance runner and tend to use these tablets in the winter months to give me that extra kick, they contain caffeine which is also a stimulant to boost you slightly. i try never to use them for sumer or hot weather training as firstly the body struggles with the heat and caffeine is a known diuretic which can make things worse and take you body into a state of dehydration, the added benefit is they do keep my weight controlled in the winter months when I find I eat a lot more too.

            I really do like this product.


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            14.02.2010 11:07
            Very helpful



            An aid to help achieve weight loss but they are not miracle pills as hard work is still required

            ****reducing the fat****

            Fat burning can actually be a tricky task. Put in too little effort and you won't achieve much, however put in too much effort and the human body will over compensate by consuming muscle tissue, which is not the desired effect. Many believe the best way of burning fat is to slightly increase the heart rate and body temperature (collectively known as the thermal effect) for extended periods of time, and fat burners are capsules that help with this.

            ****Choosing the 'right' brand****

            Prior to taking any fat burners I did a bit of research on the internet and found many contradictory reviews on many different forums. There were both extremes with some users reporting significant adverse side effects and some users experiencing no side effects at all, and everything in between. In addition, some users raved about fat burners and others commented they were a total waste of money. Everybody is different and everybody will react differently to different things and since there are loads of fat burning capsules on the market all of which claim to be the most effective and requiring minimum effort from you choosing the right one is a difficult task. It is simply a matter of doing a bit of research, choosing what you consider to be the best one for you and running with it.

            Having used Maximuscle products in the past (mainly because I found someone who could supply Maximuscle protein shakes considerably less than any other brand) I thought I would take the plunge and use Maximuscle's Thermobol fat burners.

            ****So, what's in these here Thermobol caps?****

            The ingredients used in one thermobol capsule is bitter orange peel (325mg), L-tyrosine (300mg), Caffeine (153mg), green tea extract (100mg), guarana seed power (12mg), bioperine (5mg), Vit B12, D-biotin, Vit B5 and Vit B1. There are traces of the final four ingredients. I must admit that I am not sure what most of these things are, or what they do but the same ingredients in similar quantities seem to be present in most fat burners I looked at.

            ****What to do with them****

            The bottle advises two capsules first thing in the morning, with plenty of water and nil by mouth, and then a further capsule mid afternoon or just before exercise. It is advised to leave a minimum of five hours between taking the third pill of the day and bed. This advice is best taken because many users Thermobol capsules suffer problems sleeping.

            ****My experience****

            The first thing I noticed about the Thermobol was their size. They are simply massive and look like horse tablets that said I found they slipped down the throat quite easily. I would also recommend taking them with plenty of water to ensure they are fully washed down as if some of the powder remains in the back of the throat it leaves a disgusting after taste that lasts for a couple of hours.

            Whilst using Thermobol I could feel my heart beating faster, I felt physically warmer and I was a bit jittery. I also had difficulty sleeping as I was buzzing more than a hamster on acid. Luckily, the insomnia and feeling jittery only lasted for a couple of days before disappearing and I guess my body just got used to the Thermobol. It's amazing how adaptable the human body can be. That said, I still felt warm and my heart was beating faster throughout the duration of use.

            ***So do they work?****

            During my period of use I would say that these pills worked for me but I was also following a strict diet and regular exercise program, which I was following before use and continued to follow after use. Whilst using the pills my fat loss was accelerated but only for a short period. The first two weeks I noticed significant results however these soon tailed right off, which according to some forums I have been on is a common thing. These site claim the body gets used to the pills and they no longer affect it. The only way around this is to use the pills for two to four weeks and then take a break or use a different sort of fat burner for a short time before going back to them.

            ****Where can I get them? How much am I needing to part with?****

            At £35.99 for 90 pills (i.e. 30 day's supply) Thermobol aren't particularly cheap but they aren't the most expensive fat burners either. I appreciate that there are much cheaper alternatives on Ebay, but most of these seem to come from the US, besides Maximuscle is a well known and respected UK brand in the body building world so you know you're getting something that is not only genuine and decent, but also something that has been tested and adheres to all UK safety standards, therefore I think this piece of mind is worth paying extra for.


            As you've probably already guessed Thermobol are not miracle pills. After all, if they were then we would all be able to eat and drink as much as what we wanted and still retain perfect bodies. However, combine these with a sensible diet and a good exercise regime and these will assist you in reaching your goals quicker.

            Many believe the most potent ingredients in these pills are the green tea and caffeine, therefore why not just devour green tea and caffeine pills? I, for one, am not entirely convinced about this since if this were true why would muscle building companies spend copious amounts of cash on developing these pills?

            Would I recommend them? That is a difficult one. I suffered some adverse side effects although these soon subsided but it appears this is not the case for everyone. In addition, whilst they worked for me (to a certain extent) these don't work for everyone so the only thing is to "buy and try".


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