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    4 Reviews
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      29.05.2011 14:01
      Very helpful



      I'll keep taking it in the hope it suddenly works but I won't hold my breath!

      Of late I have been feeling really run down. i suffer with M.E, back problems, fits and thyroid trouble as well as having an eating disorder that I battle with on a day to day basis and of late it has all been battering me about a fair bit. I've lost weight, feel weak and sleep plenty, including when I pop a great dvd in to watch much to my boyfriends disgust! I can't get warm, my hayfever is making me feel like I have flu daily and in the end my flat mate, whilst out shopping decided to nip into Boots to ask for any advice on anything that may be of help to me and she was offered this. Because I'm on so much medication including thyroid tablets I have to be very careful indeed what I take!

      Initially I was concerned when she plopped this down in front of me because I read the box and on the front of it, it says its for children. Well at 36 years old I am certainly not a child so I had it down as useless from the get go till I read more information given on the box and noted that this is also for adults too, well literally for anyone at all and its even safe for pregnant women to take!

      The Packaging:

      The tonic comes in an orange box telling us clearly all over it that it is Minadex tonic, Orange Flavour 'For children during and after illness' and that it contains Vitamins A and D Plus Iron. Other information listed on the box tells us a bit more about the product and ingredients and warnings and things like that plus dosage advice is clearly stated as well as nutritional information and the size of the bottle (which in this case is a 200ml bottle) and contact details for Seven Seas Health (the manufacturer of the product are given). The bottle is dark brown and see-through with a twist on/off orange safety cap to the top of it and basically all the information listed on the box also makes an appearance on the bottle too.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Packaging:

      Liquid for oral administration.

      A vitamin and mineral supplement for children and adults, particularly during and after illness.

      Minadex is formulated to contain Vitamins A and D, Iron, calcium glycerophosphaten and important trace minerals, and has an orange flavour.

      The Tonic:

      Well this liquid is orange and very sweet in flavour and not unpleasant but sticky and orange in colour and very runny. To take it you simply pop 1 teaspoon, twice daily to children 6 months to 3 years, children 3 years to 12 years and pregnant or lactating women can take 1 teaspoon three times a day or adults can take 2 teaspoonful three times a day and it can be taken from a spoon or stirred into water or milk after meals.

      Personally I simply take it off straight off the spoon and thats it job done. Do be aware that this is very sweet and contains 3.93g of glucose and 17.5g of sucrose per 30ml dose and thats need to be taken into account by people suffering diabetes melitus.

      So taking it is really easy, it isn't unpleasant and that is that! Now I have take this daily now for the past few weeks and can I vouch for the fact that it works? Not really. I wish I could. Do I feel less tired, more awake, less ill????...no. In fact I'm not sure what it should do for me to be honest with you. I mean I don't feel its hurts me to take it but the vitamins it contains..A, D and Iron plus a few other traces of minerals doesn't seem to have perked me up none not even temporarily.

      I don't mind persevering with this, at almost £3.00 a bottle it isn't expensive and I keep taking it in the hope it may help me feel better in the long run but so far...nothing!

      Available in all good chemists and supermarkets etc.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        02.06.2010 21:55
        Very helpful



        Great product, very impressed

        *About the product*

        Minadex Tonic has got me and my family through some trying times, including through the swine flu outbreak ; me and my whole family had been struck down by the illness and I just couldn't get any good Tonics to help me get better.
        Minadex Tonic had all the vitamins and the nice taste that when you smell it you think " Mmmm, Yummy!". The flavour of the tonic is orange flavour which sort of portrays the vitamin C.

        Children aged 6months-3years are to have 1teaspoon(5ml) 2wice a day.
        Children 3yrs-12yrs 1 teaspoon(5ml) Three times a day
        Adults- 2 Teaspoons (10ml) Taken from the spoon or with food.

        Vitamin A 640 I.u
        Vitamin D 65 i.u
        Iron 12.0mg
        Potassium 2.25
        Calmcium 11.25g
        Magnese 0.38mg
        Copper sulphate 0.5mg

        The product is sold in 200ml which for me would last (depending on if i was ill or not) about 2-3 weeks. I bought my product in a Lloyds Pharmacy for £3.99, a little bit pricy but i mean come on it does the trick right?
        The company that make Minadex are actually Seven Seas which brought us products like Femibion and Califig.

        The product really brought me out of the dumps when i just couldn't face leaving the house and seeing the peak of sunlight gazing through my window and i just transformed with so much energy and lifted up the covers and i was immediately, not only awake but alive!

        I can safely say that there are no disadvantages to this product whatsoever.


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          30.03.2010 11:40
          Very helpful



          Worth a try for reassurance

          Shortly before Christmas last year, my youngest son was struck down with Swine Flu. As he was only two years old at the time and isn't a particularly big child, it was disturbing to see just how much weight he had visibly lost within a few days of sickness. Even after he had recovered from the sickness and had started to regain his appetite, his little vest just seemed to hang off his shoulders and he had lost that cute 'baby belly' that he previously carried.

          One of my colleagues suggested offering him a tonic called 'Minadex' to help him whilst he was fully recovered from the illness. I'd actually never heard of this before although I am familiar with the Seven Seas brand under which this is produced. I'm not a big fan of supplements and/or vitamins in general, for either children or adults, as I believe that a overall healthy diet and healthy lifestyle should be enough to provide everything that the body needs. Given my son's forlorn appearance and the number of days that he'd gone without either eating at all or being unable to keep food down, I decided to track this stuff down and picked up a 200ml bottle from my local Lloyds pharmacist.

          Minadex is marketed specifically for children although it can also be taken by adults (even pregnant or breastfeeding women). It is even suitable for babies, providing they are over six months old. The packaging suggests that this should be used during and after illness but I gather that the traditional use of a 'tonic' is as a general pick-me-up and way of safeguarding against further illness. The main active ingredients of this stuff are Vitamins A and D, iron, calcium and 'important trace minerals.' Obviously, the full ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging and I would recommend checking that this is suitable for the needs of specific children/adults before purchase.

          We started giving this to our son when he was still fairly weak and compliant after his illness and he willingly took the 5ml teaspoon recommended for his age group twice a day without any difficulties. As he got closer to his usual (more strong-willed!) self, he started to get reluctant to swallow this stuff and we actually only used it for a few days but I did feel better for getting him to take this tonic as an aid to his recovery.

          More recently, the whole family has been struck down with a nasty (but mercifully not long-lasting) tummy bug and I got this bottle out of the cupboard. Unfortunately, having been left for a few months, the 'child-proof' lid had been stuck fast and was now 'adult-proof'! I'm not sure whether this was due to over-tightening or whether some tonic had dried on to the bottle and stuck the lid on. We did manage to open it eventually after running the lid under very hot water and it seemed to do the trick!

          With a bit of clever 'marketing', this tonic has been sold to our boys as medicine that 'makes you strong' and now they have both been clamouring to have some twice a day! This method would be useful for kids of this age group as the taste of the stuff isn't particularly pleasant. It certainly doesn't have the moreish appeal of the likes of Calpol! It has an orange flavouring added, similar to the taste of Infacol, if you've ever had the misfortune of trying to get a colicky baby to swallow that. I find it unpleasantly sweet with that strange aftertaste associated with artificial sweeteners.

          Now that the boys have become convinced of its amazing powers, they are more than happy to take it so it can't be as bad as all that. It also gives me some reassurance that they are getting some of the essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need, particularly as they can both be picky eaters at times. I can't say that this provides any immediately noticeable benefits to the children's physical health but I'm confident that it does help to replenish some vitamins and minerals that might have been depleted thanks to illness.

          Since buying the initial bottle, I have noticed that this is actually quite readily available and I've seen it for sale in most supermarkets as well as chemists (costing just under £3 for a 200ml bottle). I think it's worthwhile keeping a bottle in the medicine cabinet, just as an extra reassurance for those all too frequent occasions when the little ones are unwell and will probably be purchasing another bottle soon, although I hope we'll all be free from illness for a while!


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            06.03.2007 20:13
            Very helpful



            A handy tonic for young children

            amThis seems to have “been around” forever. I remember giving it to my eldest when he was a toddler (about 15 years ago), and the tradition continued from then. It’s one of those things my mum swears by, and so the children have to have the stuff every winter- not that any of them ever seemed to need building up! However, I have veered slightly from the tradition, and forgot to buy it before the onset of winter; with the advent of her second (very unusual) cold since October, I decided it was time to ply her with the stuff again.

            The tonic is supposed to build up children fast, although whether this means in size or in general good health is not made clear. I assume that it means their general good health and immune system, because with the growing concern regarding child obesity, I don’t think it would be a good idea to sell something which would make children balloon out!

            It does suggest that it should be used after illness, for loss of appetite or when children are generally run down; it will apparently help to restore their vitality

            ~~What does it contain?~~

            The tonic contains all the vitamins and minerals which children need. I know they can get these in their diet, but sometimes, I like to feel 100% certain that all is well in the health camp.

            The vitamins and minerals in the tonic are: Vitamins A and D; Iron, Potassium Glycerophosphate; Calcium; Manganese Sulphate and Copper Sulphate. Actually, when I consider them, it seems very few compared to multi vitamin tablets I have seen.

            ~~Product and Packaging~~

            Open the box to reveal…. A glass (not good) bottle containing 200ml of the tonic.

            The tonic itself is quite syrupy and has a kind of tangy sugary orange smell. It is marketed as having an orange flavour which children love. Not quite! It does have a sweet and syrupy orange taste but remember that the consistency of the liquid means that it IS a medicine. It is more an acquired taste than a one children will love. It’s not the kind of thing they will be begging for more of, but similarly, in my experience of three, it’s not something which will leave them gagging, although I do know some children who hated it and spat it out!

            ~~Administering the stuff~~

            Give the bottle a good shake to distribute those minerals and vitamins.
            Remember that once administered, it should be kept in a cool place

            This can be taken from the spoon or stirred in water or milk. I think it’s best to take it from the spoon and then it’s over and done with rather than sipping a drink; I could imagine it would be disgusting in milk!

            ~~Who is it for?~~

            Children 6mths- 3 years should take 1 5ml spoonful twice a day; children age 3-12 years, and pregnant women take one 5ml spoonful three times a day; adults take two 5 ml spoonfuls three times a day.

            I always like things when they can be given to very young children because it tends to reassure me that there is nothing very nasty in it. Possibly nothing that does any good, but definitely not harmful.

            ~~Who makes it?~~

            Seven Seas Health Care Ltd
            Hull HU9 5NJ


            They are the makers of lots of well known health products, such as Haliborange for children. They also produce homeopathy products, and the website is well laid out to find any information for products for a particular health issue.

            ~~Price and Availability~~

            The tonic costs around the £3.50 mark for 200ml, so easy to work out approximately how much it would last depending on how many people are taking it.

            It is available in most chemists and supermarkets.

            ~~What I think of it~~

            As I said before, I have used this for years, and yes, to show solidarity, I take the recommended two spoonfuls three times a day. Sometimes for myself I do forget, but with Little Miss, I do try to make sure she gets the recommended dosage.

            The smell and taste are not unpleasant, although it’s best to have a drink close by to “take the taste away”. It’s not the kind of tangy taste you want lingering in your mouth. I find it easier to give to young children than the chewy vitamin tablets because medicine is quicker to swallow and be gone.

            This is something I tend to give in the winter, because children tend at school to be closeted in the classroom, with central heating, and if it’s raining, not a breath of fresh air all day. Not healthy! They breath each others germs, and whilst not neurotic in any way about germs, I think that once they have one cold, it’s often easy for them to catch another and another until their poor little noses are red and sore looking.

            This tonic does seem to help children shake off colds and if they do catch something, does tend to help them maintain their appetite. This is obviously just what I think of it; my children could have been the types not to catch many colds, and to never lose their appetites whatever I did, but I still claim this helps. So, I don’t have proof that it works, but I think it does.

            It’s a reasonably priced tonic, with an ok taste, and for peace of mind to know your children are getting all the minerals and vitamins they need, I would recommend it.

            Thanks for reading.

            Daniela xx


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