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Myprotein Goat Whey Protein

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Brand: Myprotein / Form: Powder / Type: Protein

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2013 12:01
      Very helpful



      Decent tasting, moderately priced soy free whey powder.

      About a year ago my doctor recommended I increase my protein intake, particularly at breakfast. I already eat more than the average amount of meat and frequently snack on plant based proteins like nuts throughout the day, but first thing in the morning there's only so much I can stomach (not to mention needing something quick so I'm not late for work). I decided the solution was making a morning smoothie and adding a scoop of whey protein. I started using One World Whey which tasted great and left me feeling amazing (it's the brand my dad uses when training for marathons), but the price tag was astronomical and I really couldn't justify it so I started looking at more moderately priced options. I settled on MyProtein's Goat Whey Protein.

      ===Why Goat Whey Protein?===
      Goat's milk has a number of benefits over cow's milk. It is far easier for the human body to digest (likely because the structure is far more similar than cow's milk to human milk) and goat's milk passes through the digestive track much quicker. Many people who are intolerant to cow's milk do just fine with goat's milk. It is also high in a number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and promotes a more alkaline environment when consumed when compared to the acidic reaction of cow's milk.

      Now, I do just fine with cow's milk, but I chose this whey powder for another reason: unlike most other protein powders, this product does not contain soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is used to make powders more mixable, but it contains phytosterols which have a mild estrogenic effect on the body. Since I use a form of natural birth control that relies, in part, on subtle changes due to the shifts in the balance of progesterone and estrogen in the body, I try to limit my soy intake (saving it for things like chocolate and the occasional stir fry or Chinese take away). Also my mum and brother are both highly allergic to soy so I try to limit my intake just in case eating too much might trigger a reaction in me. Plus it's nice to be able to share when they are visiting.

      ===Taste and Mixability===
      Myprotein Goat Whey Protein is unflavoured. In fact, the only ingredient is goat whey protein concentrate. This suits me just fine as I don't do well with lots of processed sugar, particularly on an empty stomach, but there's no way I'm drinking any protein powder in just water or juice, so I'm probably not the best person to ask about taste. That said, this powder is very nice in a smoothie. I personally think it improves the taste by giving it a mild creaminess and a slightly fluffy texture. There's no hint of "goatiness." (I tried Pink Sun's Goat's Whey Protein and thought it smelled and tasted quite foul but this powder from Myprotein is absolutely fine). I'm not sure how it does in a hand shaker, but it mixes up just fine in a blender. I've never had any issues with clumping.

      My morning smoothie (for my husband and me) generally contains:
      1 banana (2 if very small)
      1 heaped scoop Myprotein Goat Whey Protein
      A handful or two of frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, cherries)
      Sometimes a few fresh grapes, melon or pineapple
      A slosh of apple juice (sometimes I use grape, pineapple or mango juice- or a blend)
      2 spoonfuls natural or Greek yogurt
      A dollop of honey or a small spoon of coconut sugar
      Optional: a dash of vanilla extract or a spoonful of coconut milk
      A few ice cubes if using fresh fruit instead of frozen.

      The first week I experienced slight gassiness, but that disappeared after just a few days. My husband never had any problems with it. I have a lot more energy in the mornings when I have my protein smoothie, my mood is generally better and I'm no longer waking up starving in the middle of the night. So this powder is getting 5 stars from me. It is, by far, the least expensive soy free whey powder I've found and it tastes better than any other goat's whey powder I've tried.

      ===Price and Availability===
      This product is available only from MyProtein.com where you can get a 1kg bag (which lasts my husband and me about 3 months, with daily use) for £30.99. If you go through topcashback, you get 2% cash back and this goes up to 10% for new customers. For any students out there, NUS card holders get 10% off all orders. They also their own loyalty scheme where you get 1 point (worth 1p) for every £1 you spend which you can save up or use on your next order. I generally spend a bit extra to get the next day shipping from DPD (they text you a one hour time slot the morning of delivery so you don't have to wait in all day) because I think the standard delivery is provided by Yodel- who I avoid like the plague.
      Update December 2013: I haven't been able to buy this product for the last few months. I am now using MyProtein Impact Native Whey 95 (see review for more details).


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