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Nelsons Rhus Tox 30C Pillules

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Brand: Nelsons / Rhus Tox

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2012 07:40
      Very helpful



      Not impressed and I so wanted them to work for me :-(

      As many of you may know by now if you regulary read my reviews is that I suffer alot with terrible back pain brought on by M.E plus a condition in my spine called Ccoxidina (an extra piece of bone). Due to this I usually take a lot of pain killers which really doesn't do any of us any good to do regulary of course.

      Up until being diagnosed with M.E which was only a few weeks back (though I did know prior in my own mind that I had been suffering with it on and off for years) I was a pill popper. Then I had an appointment with a specialist and discussed alternative therapies, homeopathic and a more hollistic approach to my ailments in general and very much wanted to ditch some of the more orthadox tablets I felt I could replace with more natural things.

      Knowing nothing really about the subject I ordered loads of well being books and the likes from Amazon and contacted my best mates mum who knows everything about homeopathic medicines there is to know. I explained to her about how bad my back was and when me and my mate went there for lunch an she presented me with these to try as she'd been out and treated me to them.

      The Packaging:

      The pillules comes in a glass and plastic click to use, cylinder container with a light green screw on/off cap to the top of if and on the front of it we are told that they are Nelsons Rhus Tox 30c (you can also purchase these in a 6c dose which I will touch upon later) then on the back of the container we are given directions for taking them, we are told how many pillules there are in the container (84), we are told not to touch the pillules (body temperature kills their effectiveness) and contact details for Nelsons are given. Nice enough, handy packaging this is, small and neat however when you go into a chemist or wherever no information is stated on the packaging about what they are meant to do for us which seems more than a bit silly to me as are no ingredients on them stated.

      What Are You Meant To Take Rhus Tox For?:

      Well these are meant to be the number one treatment in homeopathy for arthritis and bad joints in the main, either because of having a diagnosed problem or you can take them when you have a cold or flu and your body is generally hurting you. Course these are made from completely natural ingredients, with no known side effects and you can give these to children and even animals they are that safe.

      This is also meant to help with sprains, think after lifting heavy boxes and its meant to sort of help warm joints up for you. But only that this is meant to be a good treatment to take if you have any red, itchy skin such as having chicken pox or hives and is also good to take when you have coughs, colds and even a cold sore, so a multi tasker this is!

      Like I said earlier though their are two different doses as well as a cream actually you can use on the market. The idea with these 30c pillules is to take them for 6 days and if you find them effective say on your long term back problems this boosts you then you can move down to taking the 6c dose for as long as you want to.

      Taking these is so very simple. You don't touch them, dispense them into the cap and simply chew up the sweet little crunchy like white round beads and thats that. They do leave an odd sweetener taste in the mouth for a while but that isn't awful or a major issue to be fair to them. It doesn't say on the labelling on them that you can shouldn't drink for a while after taking them but I was told this in a book I read so I always have these between meals (as advised on the labelling) and leave off eating or drinking for at least half an hour.

      The first day only of taking this dosage you should take two of them every 2 hours for the first six doses then for the next five days take them 4 times a day x2.

      I had high hopes for these as my friends mum simply swears by them. I ditched my usual pain killers and put all my faith in these working but I have to admit these were totally unsuitable for me sadly. I felt no better in any way shape or form at all. Not only was my back and spine untouched by these I also suffer with hoarseness in my throat due to an underactive thyroid and felt no difference to that either!

      For me these would have, if I had gone out and bought them been a complete waste of my money and I would have been gutted! Worth a go if you have the money to spend but in all honesty they did nothing at all for me and I was consistent in taking them for the whole 6 days on the dot!

      Available in all good chemists such as Boots and Holland & Barrett at about £6.00 for an 84 pillule container.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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