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Nutrisport 90+ Protein

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2 Reviews

Brand: Nutrisport / Type: Protein supplement / Dosage Form: Powder

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2012 15:38
      Very helpful



      Great protein good price and great all rounder

      Nutrisport 90+ protein strawberry flavour


      You can buy this product in various sports shops and locations across the country, these places are bodybuilding and health stores (can also be bought in many gyms) but for a wider option you are better off looking online. www.amazon.co.uk and www.ebay.co.uk

      The reason why I use this product is because I am currently bodybuilding and preparing for a show, so I wanted a supplement with full nutritional value.
      Container size and packaging:

      This product comes in many different sizes; these are 900g 2.5kg and 5kg. This is very good for people with different training aspects. If you have a short term goal then a smaller tub will do you, but for someone who is training all year round this product is perfect for you in the 5kg sized tub. By buying in bulk you will also save yourself a considerable amount of money and save yourself a lot of trips either to the shop or time on the internet.

      This product is clearly labelled and has very simple instructions and nutritional guide lines to follow. If you follow these instructions it will tell you step by step as to when and how to take the supplement and how many scoops and calories are in each serving.

      To use this product you will need to buy yourself a shaker which can also be bought from the websites given above. The prices for the shakers can be bought as from as little as £1.99 to as much as £9.99 depending on the quality you go for.

      Once you place the relevant scoops are into the shake, add the amount of water told, close the lid and shake well. This can also be used with milk. Other products can be added to the shake i.e. fruits, yoghurt, honey, jam and cream (this is not a requirement though, only depending on training values of the person).

      Flavour texture and taste

      This product mostly mixes well with the amount of scoops of protein and water added, however there is times were you will find that the product does get caught up amongst the bottom of the shaker, therefore sometimes having to use a folk to release it from the bottom.

      The flavour and taste of the product is nice however it is very bitty and very powdery even once mixed well. The taste of the strawberry flavour I find to be very nice but with the after taste of the bitty and powdery taste to be too much and over whelming.

      If using this product you will find that it is not too thick or runny to drink.

      Price and value

      Prices for these items can be found on the websites given above. Prices do range from as little as (5kg tubs) £45.99 to £47.45.

      I found the product to be very good in price for the amount you get. Also the size of the scoops isn't very big making this product last a long time. Again this is very good value for money and will help you with you save money in the long run.


      Nutrisport 90+ protein worked for me because it has different types of proteins in it, from slow digesting to fast acting, giving this a great all rounder and perfect for beginners. This helped me as I needed a protein shake with less carbs and more protein helping me on the way to complete my show preparation.
      This product does work and has worked well for me by not adding excess weight on and keeping the muscles full and recovered from soreness. I would buy this again however the only off putting thing is the bitty and powdery after taste. There are many other good products out there on the market but over all great for the results and gains.

      I have not stopped using this product and could not tell you what the difference would be if I were to come off it, i.e. losing size or strength or gaining excess weight or losing excess muscle.
      There was a period when I started to notice the difference using this product. This taking 4 to 6 weeks of training and eating healthy. I did notice strength gains but not as much as other shakes.


      Overall this entire product is good for money (when buying in larger tubs or in bulk). It has a good taste to it but a let down with there being a bitty and powdery after taste to it. Value for money is by far out standing what with it lasting along time. I would recommend this to other people to buy however I would also let them know about the after taste. I do believe that what the nutritional information says and states on the tub to be true. I have enjoyed using this product but with there being a massive let down in that one key area due to after taste. As for effects and gains, it has proven to do the job it says to.


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      26.08.2011 15:44
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive either- Id recommend

      Anyone who takes suppliments will tell you of the importance of doing so. Ive been taking suppliments- protein, carbo drinks, Ready to drink proteins and amino acids for years and I would say that Ive built up a good knowledge of whats effectvie and whats not- depending on your goal. These days I dont lay into the weights as much as I used to- last year I took USN products and got up to 13st on a 5.11 frame and im naturally fairly wirey. But now I concentrate on building lean muscle for endurance and power sports like my climbing and boxing.

      Protein powders are the linch pin though, if you dont want to spend a fortune or get too into it, Protein is the single most importnat suppliment that will have the single biggest impact on improvement to muscle growth. If your sport is far more endurance based then this is carbohydrates- but for building muscle , its protein.

      I have explained before that Whey protein is the most commonly used becasue it is the most effective. You can also use Soya, Egg and Milk but none of these will deliver the same gains. Whey is a by product of cheese creation and the market is absolutely huge for it. The myriad of products can be quite bewildering. I must have tried around a dozen or so different makes and thats probably only 5% of the market. Whey protein Isolate is the best as it is concentrated.

      So anyone who knows will tell you that generally the sort of percentages of total volume vs protein volume is typically around 60-70% value, so with a typical 30g serving , you should be aiming for at a 20g-25g hit of protein. Anything lower then this is sub-standard.

      So Nutrisport's 90+ range market a 90% protein boost per serving. For each serving of 53g, this will give you 45g of protein. Typically for each KG of the body you wnat to be aiming to deliver a gram of protein, but this ratio can be up to 1.5-2 grams for more serious body builders and this is with your normal diet. So aim to take two servings of 4 scoops in total with your daily meals. You get a bleand of both Whey Isolate and a Micellar Casein blend. Where this is imporant is the whey isolate will go to work straight away, take a serving up to 20 mins after workout and one before bedtime. The whey isolate is the fast shot. The Miceller Casin help to rebuild muscle fibres slowly over time, so this will drip feed protein to the muscles over nightight.

      Its not unusual for these two elements to be put together, indeed some proteins have up to 4 different blends to drip feed muscle at different times.

      In terms of tatse you can get the usual Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla but also Raspberry unusually- I dont know maybe to appeal to the American market. Thank god they dont do cookies n cream or strawberry cheesecake as the yank proteins have, they love their flavouring and it always tastes rank ! The chocolate is my favourite and tastes very nice. The strawberry is slightly grimacingly passable, but I wouldnt rave on about it. Mixing is important too, you dont want lumps or a too chalky taste, and this mixes rather well providing you use a proper coil or grate mixer bottles and not just a mug and fork. Use milk for best taste and mix effects, water is good for the old rehydration if you have to use it, but it will not taste as nice.

      Important stuff:

      Prices- for a 0.91 kg tub £12.90, for a 2.5kg tub £32, for a 5KG tub £48

      Based on a 53g (two scoop) serving in 1 pint of water/ milk (milk will add to some nutritional values).

      Calories: 199.2
      Protein: 45.58g
      Carbohydrates: 3.6g
      Of which Sugars: 2.5g
      Fats: 1.48g
      Of Which Saturates: 1.48g
      Fibre: 1.0g
      Sodium: 0.047g
      Ingrediants: Undenatured Cross-Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate (65%), Isolated Undenatured Micellar Casein (33%), Stabiliser (pea fibre), Sweeteners (cyclamate, Saccharin), Natural Flavour.


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