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Sanatogen Mum To Be

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3 Reviews
  • everything you need
  • cost effective
  • large vitamin size
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    3 Reviews
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      13.09.2014 11:52
      Very helpful


      • "everything you need"
      • "cost effective"


      • "large vitamin size"

      Great cost-effective vitamins

      I started taking these when I was trying to have a baby and due to a congenital heart defect I have everything I read pointed to taking folic acid as soon as I decided I wanted to become a mum to help prevent my baby from being born with the same heart defect. Later, during genetic counselling, this was confirmed with my doctor that I should start taking folic acid immediately, before I started trying to fall pregnant.

      I started out taking it as part of another vitamin range before I was trying to conceive, but once we’d made the commitment in full I swapped over to Sanatogen due to the Vitamin A that was in the other multivit, which can be harmful during pregnancy. I instead went for the Sanatogen Mum to Be vitamins which were in my local Savers store for £3.49 for 30 tablets. They come in an attractive pink packaging.

      I suffered no side effects from the change of vitamins and the multivit offers everything I used to take with my non prenatal tablets (minus vitamin A of course). It offers the recommended amount of vitamin D and Folic acid for a pregnant woman in her first trimester (or those aiming to conceive) along with many other vitamins to supplement your diet.

      I mainly chose these vitamins due to the price, as prenatal vitamins seem quite costly when bought from the larger pharmacists. However, since then I have read several books on pregnancy and they seem to offer everything a mother to be should be taking, albeit some of the doses are smaller than the recommended daily amount, but in a lot of cases this should be because it is no alternative to having a healthy and nutritious diet.

      The only problem is that the tablets are quite large. Whilst I have no problem taking them I know some people who would find it difficult to swallow these tablets comfortably.

      Overall, I recommend these multivitamins for anyone who is pregnant or trying for a baby as they are a cost effective way to ensure you get everything you need for a healthy diet. I am now pregnant and am taking boots own brand vitamins as they include my omega 3's, but these were fantastic for trying to conceive and first trimester.


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      08.12.2013 23:46
      Very helpful



      Good supplement providing a comprehensive range of vitamins with no side effects.

      During the first trimester of pregnancy, I.e the first three months, it is recommended that women have a healthy diet, as well as taking supplements of 10 micrograms of vitamin D and 400 micrograms of folic acid. The Sanatogen tablets contain both of these supplements as well as a full range of vitamins and minerals that would be found in a normal multivitamin tablet. I took the tablets once daily as soon as we started trying to conceive and continued throughout my pregnancy.

      ==The product==
      Each pack contains 90 tablets, so if you just want to take them for the first trimester, one pack is enough. It costs around £10 per pack - not cheap but then you only have to take it once! The tablets are pink and about the size of a large rectangular paracetamol tablet. I never had any problems swallowing them and they don't leave any unpleasant tastes behind. The packet is bright pink and conspicuous, great for remembering to take the tablets but do make sure you hide it if you have a visitor coming and you don't want the news of your pregnancy to get out.

      I had no issues with my pregnancy or the baby, and the extra vitamin D and folic acid has definitely been shown to improve the chances of healthy bone and spine development. More importantly, at a time when most things I swallowed tasted foul I had no problem with these tablets, and they didn't lead to any other unpleasant symptoms (I've had bloating and gas from other multivitamins in the past). They may he a bit on the pricey side for a pregnancy supplement but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.


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      16.03.2013 16:31
      Very helpful



      Excellent supplement

      In the early days of my pregnancy, I was taking Pregnacare as supplements and I had a lot of weird problems which I had never experienced before- I felt like my gut had essentially stopped working. I was constipated, nauseated and I didn't feel like eating anything . I dont know whether this was down to my pregnancy or Pregnacare but I sopped taking it after a week and I did feel much better.

      My midwife then suggested that I try the Sanatogen mum-to-be tablets and she gave me a sample of 14 to try initially.
      I did try them and I felt they were much better, so I stuck to them.
      The one difference that I noticed was that Sanatogen has 14 mg of iron as compared to the 17mg in Pregnacare, perhaps this made a difference.

      Sanatogen tablets are pink in colour, and much smaller than the Pregnacare ones which I liked as I hate huge tablets, they tend to get stuck in my throat. The size is probably comparable to regular paracetamol tablets.

      As for what is in them:

      Typical values Per tablet
      Vitamin D 10μg
      Vitamin E 8.5mg
      Vitamin C 90mg
      Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 1.6mg
      Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 1.8mg
      Niacin 19mg NE
      Vitamin B6 2.6mg
      Folic Acid (Folacin) 400μg
      Vitamin B12 2.5μg
      Biotin 200μg
      Pantothenic Acid 8.7mg
      Calcium 170mg
      Phosphorus 133.3mg
      Iron 14mg
      Magnesium 100mg
      Zinc 7.5mg
      Copper 1000μg
      Manganese 1mg

      This is supposed to be a complete mix of eighteen essential vitamins and minerals essential for a pregnant women and a growing baby. The amounts contained in them are not 100% RDA for each one of them, but I suppose the RDA is not applicable in pregnancy.

      These tablets come in a small plastic bottle, which is mostly white with a pink design and a picture of a mum and baby on it. The cap is child proof and in a deep pink colour. These are available in packs of 30 or 90 tablets, and are available in most supermarkets and pharmacies. The cost is around £5 for a pack of thirty tablets and around £13 for a pack of 90 tablets, which I think is quite reasonable.

      These tablets can also be taken after pregnancy, during breastfeeding although there is a separate version for postpartum women. I did continue to take it for a while after my delivery.

      The major advantage for me was that I did not find it as troublesome as the Pregnacare tablets. I tolerated these much better, so I stuck to it. Perhaps I might have been able to take them if I had tried them after my early pregnancy troubles had settled own, but I was quite reluctant to try them again, especially as I found it quite hard to swallow the huge tablets in the first place.

      I did not have any major problems during pregnancy or afterwards, and my son is quite healthy and well, and I am sure these tablets had some role to play it in all.

      I am happy to recommend these tablets to any new mum-to-be.


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