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Tesco Odourless Garlic Capsules

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Brand: Tesco / Dosage: Capsules / Dosage Form: Capsules

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    4 Reviews
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      15.08.2013 20:25
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      Highly recommended

      I buy a lot pf products which are Tesco's own brand, and a lot of thee are their own range of health care products. I always find they represent excellent value for money and generally speaking, they are very high quality. I have been taking odourless garlic capsules from Holland and Barrett for some years before I discovered these (much) cheaper ones from Tescos own range. I have taken garlic in tablet form for many years as I am well aware of the health benefits. I also eat a lot of fresh garlic, but as it has fairly antisocial properties in terms of giving me the most horrendous bad breath the day after I have consumed even the smallest quantity, I also try to take odourless capsules at the same time.

      In case anyone doesn't know the health benefits of eating garlic, they include circulation benefits (including heart), they also have antibacterial properties and my own mother swears that taking these is the reason she hasn't had a cold or flu in about fifteen years!. They are also good for boosting the immune system in general and helping to lower cholesterol levels - which is the main reason I make sure my husband takes these every day too, as his blood pressure is on the high side.

      These little plastic pots come with a twist off lid in Tescos and they are available in a choice of two sizes. I veer between the larger tubs (240 tablets) or the smaller ones (90 tablets). Either way, they both represent excellent value for money at less than five pounds.

      Thee exact ingredients include the following:

      Sunflower Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Beef Gelatin, Glycerol), Silicon Dioxide, Odourless Garlic Extract, Triglycerides and Sunflower Lecithin.

      As per the instructions, which are clearly outlined on the tub, we each take between one to three tablets daily and I prefer to take mine every morning alongside my breakfast. They really are odourless too, and I can vouch for the fact that I have never experienced anyone taking a few steps backwards whenever I have swallowed these tablets (unlike fresh garlic). I cannot taste anything after I have swallowed them, either.

      They are easy tro swallow, despite being quite a frighteningly large capsule and they slide effortlessly doe to the ca of my throat, allowing me to swallow them with ease.

      I am sure they do me some good as I realty catch cold or feel ill and I am told my cholesterol levels and blood pressure are both perfect. I will happily continue to buy these capsules in favour of the much more expensive ones I was using previously from Holland and Barrett.

      Highly recommended.


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        30.07.2013 18:52
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        worth taking just in case it works

        Tesco Odourless garlic Capsules are £1.6 for 90 at 2mg strength, which is a fairly mild strength for garlic Capsules. In comparison to other garlic Capsules I have used, these Tesco ones are easy to swallow being smaller but less powerful the other ones from Healthydirect were 8 mg of pure garlic extract per capsule and they were a lot bigger and harder to swallow , I used to take just 1 of those a day with a lot of water. The Tesco ones I would tend to take a couple of times a day with a small amount of water or none at all. You can take up to 3 capsules a day.

        I have never had any side affects from taking garlic Capsules and as far as I know it is one of the safest herbs/medicines there is to take , having been around and used for thousands of years.

        Garlic has been used throughout history going back to the Greeks and and was even used as a supplement for the builders of the pyramids to give them strength. The first ever strike was because there was no garlic for the workers, apparently. Garlic has many beneficial properties to it in its raw state including being an antibiotic, and was used to treat First world war soldiers before the penicillin was discovered.

        I'm a big fan of garlic and use raw garlic in cooking a lot, I started taking supplements as well because I wanted the effects a whole clove a day would bring without having to eat it every day. I do not know whether garlic is as effective in capsule form as it is in its natural state. I use a garlic crush or thinly slice it for cooking or just eat it raw. When I have taken the capsules I have not noticed an immediate change in my health, nor when using garlic in its natural state. I do still do both on and off however as there is so much evidence that it Is good for you.

        The main benefits I am looking for are regulating blood pressure / preventing stomach cancer / decreasing risk of stroke and heart attack / acting as an overall healthy food.


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          21.04.2013 12:11
          Very helpful



          Garlic without the smell

          I wanted to improve my skin and hair as I'm sick of spots and my hair grows slowly. I looked on line to find a supplement that might help and up popped garlic. I knew about garlic's benefits for blood, the heart and circulation so some claims I found about good skin and hair made sense to me. Although as with all websites there's conflicting advice, some say garlic causes hair loss but I thought I'd try it- I figured I could do my heart up while I was at it.

          The benefit's look great and are many (most claims are not proven) for example:

          cancer prevention
          skin and hair improvement
          lowering cholesterol
          heart care
          prevents high blood pressure
          anti viral, bacterial etc
          anti fungal
          boosts the immune system
          treats depression

          I looked around and settled on Tesco's capsules as they were not only cheap but also didn't have as high a potency as other supplements and I wanted to start off on a low dose as they do have side effects.

          They come in a red tub with the info written on it, the dosage- which is 1-3 aday and the ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Beef Gelatin, Glycerol), Silicon Dioxide, Odourless Garlic Extract, Triglycerides and Sunflower Lecithin.

          They come in 90 or 240 bottles of which 90 cost me £1.20 so cheap. These contain 20mg which is equivalent to 200mg fresh garlic, so quite a lot lower than some supplements I was looking at- although you are told you can take upto 3 a day, I didn't I only took 1 or 2.

          The capsules are gel cased and easy to swallow. These don't produce an after taste or bad breath or anything.

          I started taking one before bed time. Within days I woke up with a banging migraine headache. I didn't think anything of it as I get bad heads anyway. The strange headache continued. Still I thought nothing of just a bug coming or just one of them things. Anyway I had a feeling it was the supplements so I looked it up and found headaches can be a rare side effect, so I stopped taking them and hey presto headache gone. That was the only side effect I think I had they didn't give me heartburn for example which is also listed as side effect. Also you shouldn't take Aspirin with it as garlic can cause blood thinning.

          Apart from a headache any benefits?

          I'm undecided, without a before and after blood test or high blood pressure test I can't say if there was an improvement on that score, but I didn't want them for that anyway. I can say that my skin improved after only a month or so of taking them. It could have been a coincidence but I wasn't doing anything else different- not changed hand cream or soap or anything. My hair hasn't grown but was shiny while I was taking them (but I had changed shampoo) and my nails did and do feel stronger. I didn't get a cold whilst using these supplements but again I can't be sure if this is down to the garlic as I may not have caught one anyway. It will be interesting to see if my skin goes back to having dry patches now I've stopped taking them. It does feel less 'moisturised' already though so maybe it was the garlic benefiting it. Apart from my skin seeming better I didn't notice any difference in me- except a bad headache (although I can't be 100% it was the garlic supplements causing it but it seems likely as the ache stopped when I stopped taking them).

          It's a shame about the headache as I would have liked to continue taking them as I did notice an improvement in my skin (I think) and that's what I wanted them for- I still got spots though.

          3 stars from me it would have been more except for the headache


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          12.10.2012 11:25
          Very helpful



          Keeping healthy with garlic without the unpleasant bits


          I generally like keeping healthy as far as possible. I believe in helping my body maintain my general wellbeing and I am a firm believer of supplementary helpers for my body. I regularly take garlic capsules and other supplementary tablets to boost my immune system. Thanks to the odourless garlic capsules, I can take them without the fear of bad garlic breath.

          ~Availability, Visibility and Price ~

          The odourless garlic capsules are readily available in most supermarkets, pharmacies and outlets which sell health related products. You do not need a prescription to buy them so you find them in the non prescription medicine section. Tesco brands them "General wellbeing."

          The capsules are sold in a white plastic bottle with a red screw cap lid and a red label paper wrapped around it. The bottle opening is sealed off with a foil which you have to remove if you are using them for the first time. This inner seal helps to keep them fresh and also assures you that the product inside has not been tempered with. There is usually a drawing on the label which shows the actual shape and size of the capsules inside.

          I noticed that in Tesco these "general wellbeing" tablets seem to be colour coded and for the ones I use; Red for garlic, Blue for multi vitamins, Orange for Vitamin C.
          In Tesco, odourless garlic capsules come in quantities of 90 or 240 and the prices vary with quantity. They are usually on offer together with the other general wellbeing tablets and you can buy any 3 for the price of 2 with the cheapest one free.

          You can store them in your cupboard, in a cool dry place as long as the lid is kept tightly closed to avoid moisture getting in which can cause the capsules to start disintegrating.

          Useful information
          * 90 for £1.22
          * 240 for £2.91
          * concentration 2mg (equivalent to 200mg fresh garlic)
          * recommended daily intake 1 to 3 tablets a day.

          ~Ease to take/swallow~

          The capsules are quite a reasonable size so not easily mislaid. They are almost egg shaped, translucent and have a smooth surface right round. The capsules are also soft, a bit rubbery as they have liquid garlic extract in the centre. They should be taken with water, swallowed whole and not chewed. Because they are smooth, they are also easy to swallow. Once swallowed the garlic extract will be released in the stomach during digestion and absorbed in the body like any other stuff which we eat. I normally take these together with the other well being supplements after meals and last thing before I go to bed and let my body do the work whilst I am asleep.

          ~Safety consideration~

          Always read the label in case you are allergic to some of the ingredients.
          Store out of the reach of children.

          Not recommended for pregnant woman or those planning to get pregnant.
          Consult your doctor if taking any other medication.

          ~The Health Benefits of garlic~

          According to research findings, garlic is one of the oldest known medicinal plants, and it has been credited with the following benefits:
          * reducing heart disease
          * lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
          * helping to fight off colds
          * has antibacterial effects
          * just one clove a day will top up your body's supplies of vitamins A, B and C, as well as minerals including selenium, iodine, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.
          Crushed/chopped fresh garlic can also be added to food whilst cooking.

          ~The undesirable bits~

          Some of the reported side effects include:
          * garlic can be the cause of heartburn as well as flatulence (can be embarrassing if this happens)
          * the smell is unpleasant - this can be overcome by using odourless garlic capsules
          * the taste is too overpowering - this can be overcome by using odourless garlic capsules


          I would highly recommend these capsules to anyone who wants to have good general wellbeing. They work for me, together with the others I take and I rarely suffer from major colds, sore throats etc. Bear in mind that benefits will be seen over time.

          Appreciate some people are predisposed to various illnesses for various reasons so these are not meant to replace proper medication.


          Thank you for reading and rating this review.

          © hildah11 October 2012


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