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Tums Extra Strength Assorted Fruit

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Brand: Tums / Dosage Form: Tablets

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2013 16:21
      Very helpful



      May not be perfect for every problem but suits me to a T

      After suffering through two days with Gaviscon tablets I decided enough was enough and placed an order with Amazon. It took another two days to arrive, but thankfully I can now eat something that tastes nice again after living on cereal, potatoes, white bread and milk. These cost £5.24 for 72 but this actually works out cheaper per tablet than the Gaviscon at £4.30 for 32 and they work better, so I expect I will continue to buy from Amazon.

      These are very nice. They dissolve easy and do not stick to your teeth. I am guessing these to be lemon, cherry orange and grape flavours. There is a difference in taste in the colours, but all of them are pleasant. In fact I could eat these as sweets which presents another problem. I could easily see a toddler sitting down and gobbling up a whole jar of these. I don't think they are highly toxic - they are just calcium after all - but I wouldn't want to find out with a young child in the hospital. Like all medicines this needs to be kept out of the reach of young children, and if you have older children in the house it needs to made clear that this is a medicine, not a sweet. They are not intended for use by children under 12.

      I ended up taking 4 of these last night, but it was the first night I have had in days without major problems. I had no further stomach problems whatsoever and was able to enjoy a good nights sleep. I also feel comfortable knowing these rally are just calcium, something most women need more of anyone ( although I highly doubt I need more - after berries and nuts my favourite foods are milk, cheese, and yogurt). Still it isn't a nasty chemical to worry about long term side effects from. These are even safe in pregnancy. They may cause constipation with high does though, which of course is more likely to be a problem when you are pregnant. As much as I like these and hated the Gaviscon this time, I did find the Gaviscon the most effective when pregnant - although you were limited with Gaviscon. I imagine it just depends on the problem. I take these now for severe acid reflux, whish has resulted in acid being aspirated in respiratory system and all sorts of problems. I find them very effective for this purpose. For the general heart burn of pregnancy, I found Gaviscon better.

      I think these are fine for self medication for the occasional bout of indigestion. I am taking these long term and for more extreme issues which include vomiting large amounts of blood at times. I would not continue to just treat the problem with these and ignore the issue though. I do have prescription drugs as well, and I do take them. The doctor is aware I use these as well and does not have a problem with it. I honestly do believe these treat the problem more efficiently than the prescription medicines. that doesn't mean it will treat every problem - but it works for me :)

      Tums help to neutralise excess stomach acid - which is my main problem. They are also advertised as effective for heart burn, indigestion and trapped wind - but ironically increased wind may be a side effective of the medicine. I find them very effective for excess acid, and moderately effective for heartburn. I have not noticed any effect whatsoever with gas - perhaps I should try a massive bowl of cabbage and find out :)

      These do contain sugar and are not suitable for diabetics, several other health warning exist and these may reduce the efficiency of some other medications. If in doubt ask your doctor or chemist. I also noted an Amazon reviewer claiming to use these for a small dog - I presume for constipation. This is an incredibly stupid idea, unless you know exactly what you are doing or are acting under a veterinary surgeons advice - giving human medications to an animal is quite dangerous, especially considering the size difference between a very small terrier and a human.


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      Relieves heartburn and sour stomach