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Vicks Vitality Booster

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Brand: Vicks / Dosage: Powder

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2013 11:19
      Very helpful



      Try them if you see them cheap and are curious by all means!

      One thing that gets me down in my life more than anything is a severe lack of energy. I suffer with M.E, Hyperthyroidism and an eating disorder, all illnesses that on there own are exhausting enough without having all the 3 problems kicking you up the bum all the time, so I struggle in my life which leads to depression and I have other health problems as well! Not good!

      I am a pro active person though, yes some days I give in to my tiredness and completely do not a lot however if this was to help and refresh me I'd do it more often but for me it has the opposite effect and makes me more tired so I do try to get and keep moving as much as I can!

      Whenever I do get out (which isn't as often as I like or for as long as I like!) I do always browse at vitamins and supplements and have bought many different things over the years but looking back I don't think I've ever ended up not wasting my money or finding anything to help me at all and I spend alot of time on M.E websites and the likes looking at what other people are trying, recommending and dissing and then looking online on places like Amazon to see if they stock it (thank you God for Amazon for someone like me who for obvious reasons is a fan of home shoppin!).

      These I bought on a market, actually they were so cheap at about £1.00 a box and being a Vicks product and called 'Vitality Booster' I bought several boxes of them and had high hopes for them, a quick check online tells me that that a box of 20 of these sticks can retail at as much as £7.99 a time though they are not readily available and I can't find a high street stockist of these.

      The Packaging:

      These come in a very nice quality dark blue, orange and green box with a picture shown of a silver coloured man on the front of it and we are clearly told that they are indeed Vicks Vitality Booster 'Top-up your natural defenses' and that they are Anti-oxidant 'Green tea & vitamins + citrus bioflaonoids' and that they have a delicious citrus taste and that they are to be directly popped into the mouth and are a powder and that mine come in a 20 stick pack. Other information on the sides and the back of the box include being told a bit about the product and what they should be used for, dosage advice and the composition of them and the ingredients are given, there are lots of warnings given and contact details for Procter & Gamble (the manufacturer of the product are clearly stated). Inside the box there is a large white leaflet again giving us yet more information on the 'sticks' and the sticks themselves are little foil, oblong in shape sticks and simply on the front of each one we are told again what they are and who they are by and that to use them there is no need for water and to stick them straight into your mouth and on he back of them we are told to refer to the box if we need any further information about them. Easy to open sticks these are and the packaging is all very highly informative too.

      The Sticks/POwder:

      These (according to the packaging) are meant for all round, daily use to help people get on with their lives, especially when the days get shorter and colder!

      The powders are made from all natural ingredients and have a high dose of vitamin D to help give energy and to help support your immune system, Vitamin D is meant is meant to help with winter blues and the immune system, Vitamin B is meant to help maintain vitality and your energy levels, Green Tea is meant to be a great antioxidant and meant to help to give your a skin a natural, healthy glow and the Citrus Biofavonoid is a very powerful antioxidant apparently and it is meant to help with the absorption of Vitamin C as well, handy as these contain Vitamin C eh?! lol.

      The dosage advice is very simple indeed to follow. You can take up to 2 of the sticks per day so I take 2 of these to try to get the best effects from them possible and they are suitable for most people over the age of 6 years old to take though there are exceptions to this clearly listed on the box the sticks come in and on the leaflet provided of course.

      All you do with these is to tip them directly on the tongue, no water or drink is required at all and the light orange coloured powder tastes sweet and tasty and a bit tarty of oranges. Its refreshing and really nice and melts to like a syrup very quickly indeed and that's it job done, its that simple to take them. The sticks are easy to always keep on you as they are so small and they are convenient to take no matter the situation your in!

      Do I Find The Effective Though?:

      After all I have written about them I'd love to report yes, taken on a very regular basis with the maximum dose and one take of a morning and one day, every day I'd like to say that the word on the box Vitality is what I have and its all thanks to these....but sadly I can't report that I feel any better in any shape or form, my immune system is just as bad as ever and I am not bouncing off the walls or have I taken up jogging!

      I can't say of course if the extra vitamins I am getting from these is helping me, I just don't 'feel' better for taking them and I have taken these now about 4 months regularly with the boxes I originally invested in. These are not easy to get hold of and I don't think they are work tracking down or anywhere near the rrp of almost £8.00 a box so unless you see them going cheap somewhere I really wouldn't go hunting them down if I was you!

      I'm disappointed in these to be honest and think its a shame that they are so easy use and taste so great but all that they would do is cost me a fortune....not for me these sadly!


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