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Vitabiotics Jointace Gel

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Brand: Vitabiotics / Dosage Form: Gel / Contents/Size: 75ml / Type: Cosmetics

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    2 Reviews
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      04.03.2012 16:37
      Very helpful
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      I really rate this wonderful gel

      For anyone who reads my reviews regularly you will be aware that I am on a mission to get fit and keep fit, and as such I have been attending weekly skipping sessions at my local Community Centre with my dear other half. I have gone every week since the first week in January and to date I have lost 15 pounds but I have been cutting down drastically on my food intake at the same time, so I cannot give all the credit to the skipping.

      My poor old bod isn't used to a lot of exercise and for the first few weeks in particular I was finding I was suffering with a lot of muscular and joint pain. Being slightly averse to taking traditional painkillers I was looking for something a bit more 'natural' and discovered Vitabiotics Jointace in gel form in a 75ml tube. I paid only £4.99 for this and have been pleasantly surprised with the good results I've obtained.
      The active ingredients in this concoction are as follows:

      Glucosamine Sulphate, Chondroitin Sulphate.
      Aroma ActiveTM Essential Oils: Ginger Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Clove Oil, Lavender Oil, Fennel Oil, Menthol

      The gel is primarily designed to assist sports people who are prone to pulling muscles and experiencing joint pain and I really cannot rate this solution highly enough as personally it has been a Godsend for me.
      I suppose it is a kind of aromatherapy application. It contains no manmade ingredients and everything is 100% natural. I love the smell of this. There is an aroma of ginger and menthol, combined with clove and eucalyptus. It feels fantastic when it is lightly rubbed into the affected area and totally relaxed my tired and aching muscles and eases pain incredibly quickly.

      I tend to use it most days once I get back from a session and find that my joints and muscles which have been working the hardest are relatively pain free and relaxed. It takes the pain out of the exercise and stops me from dreading my next session, which is what was happening before I started to use this product.

      I like it when my other half massages it gently in for me as this is far more relaxing and beneficial than having to do it myself. If I m in a really bad state ten I take an aspirin or a Ibuprofen at the same time and it is perfectly safe to use the two in conjunction with one another.

      Overall, I am delighted with this product and cannot praise it highly enough.


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        29.06.2009 18:18
        Very helpful



        I just wish it was a bit cheaper!


        For the last couple of years I have been suffering with ME, or Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. Whilst this has many symptoms, one of the most annoying and painful is muscle aches. I get these particularly badly in my knees, ankles and hands. Recently I had been using the internet a lot, and the constant typing and mouse clicking had aggravated the pains in my hands, leaving my hands constantly aching, tingling and even throbbing, especially at night. I looked around for something to help and stumbled upon Jointace Gel.


        Jointace Gel is an 'aromatic massage gel with glucosamine, chondroitin and aroma-active essential oils'. The combination of these ingredients is supposed to provide relief for muscle pain and help you 'maintain supple and flexible joints'.

        HOW DO I USE IT?

        Directions for the gel are very simple: the box tells you to massage it directly into joints and muscles as and when required. For best results the box says that you should use it between 2 and 3 times every day, though I tend to use it only once a day so as not to get through too much of it, and it still makes a substantial difference.


        The gel comes in a 75 ml tube which is nicely coloured in metallic silver and blue, with a blue plastic flip top. The tube is easy to squeeze and to get the gel out of, though extracting the final doses can be tricky and if you have weak hand muscles you may need someone to help you get the last bits out. The tube comes in a cardboard box which also includes a leaflet with information about other products in the Jointace range.


        The gel is an orange colour, though it is quite a dull colour and not a scarily bright, synthetic looking shade.

        The gel has a thick, slightly gooey and squidgy consistency. It is easy to rub into your joints and absorbs reasonably easily, although it does leave some residue on the skin even after massaging, which lasts for around half an hour in my experience. This isn't a problem if you're not doing anything with your hands, though it may annoy you if you had to something like tend to a baby afterwards.

        The smell of the gel is really strong. The essential oils that it contains consist of ginger, eucalyptus, clove, citrus, lavender, menthol and fennel. The ones that smell the strongest to me are ginger, citrus and menthol. The scent not only lingers on your hands for a few hours but will fill a small room and not disperse for many hours. I actually like the smell, but if you are sharing a room with a partner who is not so keen then the strong aroma may be a disadvantage to you.

        DOES IT WORK?

        I noticed a difference within two days of starting to use this gel. Within that short amount of time the tingling in my hands vanished and now only comes back very occasionally. The throbbing also diminished, as did the aching. My hands are still a little painful but the gel has definitely reduced how much they hurt. I imagine if I used the gel three times a day as recommended, the pain might go away completely, but unfortunately the price of the gel is too high for me to do this. It's also too expensive for me to use it on my knees and ankles as I would like to do, although occasionally if I've really been suffering I have applied it to those places and it has provided a little temporary relief.


        The gel costs around £9 to buy from a pharmacist or supermarket. I have seen it for as little as £7.94 online, but then you would need to pay postage on top. Using this gel just once a day on my hands, a tube lasts me around two months. If I used it on my hands, ankles and knees three times a day, I'd probably need a tube a week, which would work out at £468 a year! Therefore I really wish they'd reduce the price a little so that I could use this excellent product as much as I'd like.

        I would recommend this gel to anyone suffering with joint pain, but be aware that it is annoyingly pricey.


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      • Product Details

        Jointace® Gel; is an advanced massage gel for healthy joints and muscles, combining the beneficial properties of glucosamine and chondroitin, with aroma-therapeutic essential oils including Ginger, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Clove Bud / Unique gel combination / Soluble Glucosamine and Chondroitin / Aromatic essential oils / Menthol / Lipophilic formula Jointace® Gel's unique formula represents a major advance in gels designed to help support sports people and help maintain general joint health, as it combines the benefits of soluble glucosamine and chondroitin in a lipophilic formula with aroma active essential oils and menthol / Aromatherapy, the use of concentrated fragrant oils from plants for the purpose of health and wellbeing has been used for hundreds of years / Jointace® Gel contains a specially formulated blend of six aroma-therapeutic essential oils, including ginger, orange, eucalyptus and clove bud oils which have been used to help relax tired muscles / These oils release their naturally balancing and aromas when the gel is massaged into joints and muscles / Jointace® Gel has been formulated using scientific research and is produced to high GMP standards of quality control / If desired Jointace® Gel can be used with any of the other products in the Jointace® range.

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