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Mitel Networks 5312 IP Phone

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    2 Reviews
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      04.04.2012 14:53
      Very helpful
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      Great set of phones

      We have recently has a new batch of phones delivered and set up in the office. The mitel 5312 IP phones seems to be pretty common amongst offices (it's the batch that BT tend to recommend) but is not a practical phone for home use.

      The first thing you notice about the phone is that there are a lot of buttons and the face of the unit its pretty big yet I feel it looks quite good. The phone takes a bit of getting used to as it has such a huge range of functions. We had a guy who set the phones up give us an explanation of the basic functions and I would recommend you do the same if you purchase these phones.

      The unit has the standard number buttons as well at 10 special function buttons. There are also 12 other buttons which are used access other lines or extensions. There are the basic functions such as hold, redial, volume control, voicemail etc. There are pretty much standard on all office phones. However the MItel has additional features which makes it stand out from our previous phones. There is night service activation mode which allows the phone to automatically play prerecorded message to anyone that calls and diverts them straight to the voicemail box, which is very handy to set during breaks such as Christmas. There is also a call forward button which allows all calls to automatically be diverted to a mobile of different number, which has also proved very useful.
      The phone has a large screen which constantly displays the time and date and has a blue back light. When someone calls their number is displayed on the screen which I find very useful. It is also very handy for if a call is missed or you forgot to take someone's number as you can scroll back through the call history and recover it (just like a mobile). You are able to create and address book so when someone calls their name will appear on the screen, but we have not tried to set this up yet so cannot comment on its reliability or usability. I have been informed that the phones can be used for VOIP (calls made via the internet) but have no idea how this works, we use it as a normal, everyday phone.

      Once of the huge benefits of the phone is that you do not need a separate power connection. The power and the connection is made through the same LAN cable which makes it easy to move about and it cuts back on the amount of wires scattered under the desk.

      The sound quality is very good in general (obviously the other end also has an impact on this) and the volume of the call can be altered which is handy as some people are painfully quiet on the phone. However this is common place on most phones so nothing to get particularly excited about.

      The headpiece of the phone is a good size and fits well in the hand. The cable is a bit short but for me this is a good thing as means less clutter on my desk.

      This is a great phone for the office. I have only covered basic functions but we only use it as a basic phone. We pay monthly for the phones so cannot give you an exact price but deals can be made, especially with BT who we went through.


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        27.07.2011 11:30
        Very helpful



        Very good for business use

        We currently have about 100 of these phones in use at our company. There are very easy to use, provide a wide variety of functions and also look smart.

        To begin with the phone has 12 feature keys which can be programmed accordingly providing such features as Callback, Call Pickup, Park and Page, Tannoy, Speed Dial and Call History among many others. They are located down the centre of the phone unit and you are provided with blank labels with can be changed with no problem.

        The multline display unit provdes the time, date and extension number as well as the telephone number of incoming and outgoing calls. It is also beneficial when dealing with multiple calls at the same time.

        A head set can be used with this phone, which plugs directly into the back of the base unit as well as allowing for the telephone to be connected through a desktop PC or a network cable.

        The phones can be programmed via the network using the Mitel Communications Director Tool which is extremely easy to use for setting up users. Setting up a new phone only takes mintues, once out of the box and assembled, set up the new device and connect the telephone to the network. Once done diall *** then the extension number and use the superkey to send the PIN. After a minute or two it will be programmed and ready to use.

        All in all this is a very good phone which I would highly recommend.

        Features of the 5312 IP Phone include: (taken from the mitel-uk website)

        Two-line by 20-character white, backlit, graphics display with contrast control and auto-dimming
        Twelve programmable multi-function keys with dual-color LED indicators (for speed dialing, line appearances, feature access)
        Eight function keys: hold, menu, message, speaker, mute, transfer/conference, redial, cancel
        Browser-based desktop user tool programming for easy access to telephone system features
        Handsfree speakerphone operation (full duplex)
        Speed calling
        Call hold (place/retrieve)
        Call transfer
        Last number redial
        On-hook dial
        Off-hook voice announce and handsfree answerback
        Page send/receive
        Voicemail access - large message waiting lamp
        Conference call setup
        Hearing aid compatible handset
        Dedicated headset jack
        Customizable center panel
        Automatic call distribution (ACD) agent support
        Chinese characters support
        Dual mode: MiNet and SIP support
        Phonebook support on Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP)
        Mitel Teleworker Solution support
        Mitel Wireless LAN Stand and Gigabit Ethernet Stand support
        UC Express and UC Advanced support
        Two-position, 35-degree tilting stand for better viewing angle
        Multiple powering options (802.3af-compliant)
        Backwards compatible with previous system platform releases
        Designed for power conservation: reduces power consumption for overall energy savings
        IP licence may be required


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