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Snom 360 - VoIP phone - SIP

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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2014 13:05
      Not Helpful



      Great for the price but as your business expands invest in something more substantial

      It is incredibly easy to set up users on the system and to change volume levels and ringtones etc. However, the instruction manual that it comes with is not great. If we have any problems, we have to contact support rather than the manual; which is helpful but not ideal when you are pressed for time.
      The speaker phone element works very well, it is good quality and therefore perfect for dialing into conference calls.
      The redial function can be quite temperamental and we have found that the buttons get stuck quite easily. I have had 2 replacements in the space of 18 months.
      The intercom makes it incredibly easy to gain access to the building and it is easy to transfer calls directly. However, it is slightly more complicated to transfer calls when you speak to the person who you are trying to transfer through to first. Again, this is down to the poor explanation in the user manual.
      Overall ,I would say that it is great for the price, but as your business grows to more than say 10 employees - I would recommend stretching to something more advanced.


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      02.12.2006 16:56
      Very helpful



      A great Phone

      Before starting work at my current job I had never even heard of VOIP, let alone a Snom! The Snom 360 is a voip phone (voice over ip address) and works on the power of internet.

      Voip phones give you much cheaper calls both to the UK and worldwide, so it's definatly a money saver, especially for businesses.

      The handset itself is very modern and slick. A professional black colour, with many different functions - call transfer, hold, multiple call reciever etc. We have a chain of them at work that are all synchronised to each other, so when a call comes in it can easily be transferred to whichever phone it needs to be.
      This function was set up using the online menu. There is a question mark button on the hand set, that when pressed reveals that particular phones IP address. You simply type that into your web browser and that phones interface will come up on screen. The interface is primarilly the 'information hub' of the phone. You can do many things from changing the ringtone, to adding contacts to the address book, aswell as setting up the phone to transfer calls to other Snoms here.

      The Snom needs to be connected to a power socket, a computer, and an open internet connection. This is done through the use of 2 ethernet cables. One end of one ethernet cable plugs into the back of the phone and the other to your computer, the other cable plugs into the back of the phone and then into your internet connection (this could be directly into an adsl router).

      The phone connection relys on your internet connection to function properly. Thus, if your internet connection goes down, you've guessed it ...so does your Snom! We've had this problem quite a bit at work over the months, but on upgrading to a faster more reliable internet connection - voila!...problem solved. If your internet connection is good you get a fantastically clear line.

      The thing about voip is it allows you to connect with colleagues, friends and family all over the world by the amazing use of internet. And as mentioned earlier you can save a bucket load on phone calls! Each Snom has it's own number and if you call that number directly from another Snom, calls are free! (as used at work very successfully!).

      Although calls are very cheap the product itself is a little pricey, and rightly so as you're paying for a quality product that will last years and save you a heck of a lot of money along the way. At present our phone provider sells them to us for £260 each.


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    • Product Details

      Labor cost is the most expensive production factor in many companies. In these environments, simple and fast access to the most common functions increases the productivity and gives your investment in telephony infrastructure a positive ROI.

      The snom 360 was designed for maximum productivity in the business environment. Functions for audio and call control are directly accessible through dedicated keys. Context-sensitive menus offer you the additional functionality that you need just at that moment. The backlit graphical display can be tilted to the desired reading angle. If you need to access the more complex functions of the phone, you can use any web browser to access the snom 360. It gives you detailed information about the calls on this phone and the configuration and helps you to understand what went wrong if something unexpected has happened. If you have Macromedia Flash installed on your browser, the phone will dynamically change the content. Next time you receive a call you will be able to see the image that comes as caller ID.

      Customized ring tones can be downloaded on the fly from web servers to give you that special ring tone that you like so much. Incoming calls can be marked with special ring tones to indicate the destination of the call.

      The new snom handset guarantees optimal audio performance, its well-balanced weight leaves a good-old-telephony impression and its organic shape makes it a pleasure to take phone calls. The optional snom 360 headset allows you to work with both hands free for long telephone calls and delivers excellent voice quality. The digital signal processor-powered hands free mode makes the snom 360 a conference phone and lets you roam freely around your room.

      Twelve programmable keys can be used to customize the functionality specific to your needs. The LED behind the function can show you if your colleagues are on the line - or any other person on the Internet who allows you to access their presence status. Needless to say that this is done using SIP, making your investment a safe investment.

      Speaking of presence, the snom 360 naturally integrates with the presence functionalities offered in SIP. Your buddies can put you on their list and see when you are available.