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Whirlpool WD142IX

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Brand: Whirlpool

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2012 20:48
      Very helpful



      A Whirlpool warmning drawer to keep food warm or to heat up plates.

      I was fortunate enough to have a brand new kitchen put into my house just over a year ago now when I first moved into it, along with a brand new sparkling bathroom as well. Despite my dad protesting that sending my mum and I to purchase a kitchen was going to end in disaster, we managed to get quite a bargain from a local kitchen showroom. The showroom was changing its displays shortly and wanted to get rid of many of the fixtures and fittings that were currently in the showroom at the time. Therefore we managed to get several additional features that, had they not been disgustingly cheap, we would never have dreamed of purchasing. One such feature was a Whirlpool Warming Drawer (WD 142 IX) which I was quite excited about owning!

      A warming drawer is very much an optional feature in a kitchen, by that I mean that if you don't have one it will have pretty much no impact on your life whatsoever. It's very much what my dad calls a "ridiculous gadget" that "will end up costing a (swear word) fortune as it'll break within about a month!" A warming drawer is exactly what the name suggests... it's a drawer that is often located underneath an oven and it helps to keep things warm. It can be used to warm plates up or serving dishes prior to using, or alternatively it can be used to keep food warm if someone is due home late or if part of a meal is ready earlier than the rest of it!

      The Whirlpool Warming Drawer that we acquired is silver in colour and sits just below my oven which is at waist height in my kitchen. It's stainless steel in colour which matches the exterior of the oven so it blends in nicely, there was the opportunity to have it encased behind a drawer door so it would blend in with the rest of the counters and cupboards in the kitchen. Overall it isn't really noticeable in my kitchen at all; it doesn't stand out by any means. It is 59.5cm in terms of width, 13.5cm in terms of height and fits in a single oven cavity with 45cm appliances according to the instructions booklet that came with it... luckily I didn't fit it!

      The drawer itself is opened by pushing gently on the stainless steel outer cover which results in the drawer popping out. You can then pull it to open it fully before pushing it back in to close it. The controls are hidden from the front exterior and are actually attached to the inside of the drawer. The warming drawer is turned on by setting the temperature using a single dial. The temperature is manually controlled and can be set between 30 and 85 degrees using the six temperature settings. I find it takes a couple of minutes to heat up and remains warm for up an hour hour after it has been switched off as long as the drawer is kept closed.

      It has room for six place setting inside which means it can store up to six dinner plates loaded with food if you wish. I've never had any need to put so much in (for some reason, people rarely come for dinner to my house!) but, to ensure I meet the high standards of DooYoo reviews, I've just been to check that it can hold six dinner plates. After the conversation with my boyfriend that consisted of me assuring him that no one was coming for tea, no I was not attempting lasagne after last time (I have no idea what he means) and that I'm not losing my marbles by placing things in the wrong cupboards, I can report back that it does hold six plates!

      I've had this warming drawer for over a year now and I can say that I wouldn't miss it if it suddenly vanished out of my kitchen! At best I use it about once a month when my boyfriend is going to be late (much to his disappointment I keep his dinner warm for him) and I have used it once or twice to heat up serving dishes (but I forgot where they were and ended up serving the vegetables in pink and green Tupperware boxes). I can see that if I were the type of person to hold lots of marvellous dinner parties (I'm more of a pizza in a box, help yourself kind of girl) then it would be a good investment but I prefer to use the microwave to heat things up!

      My mum thought that it might end up drying food out if it were left in there to stay warm for too long, but as long as it's not more than an hour or so we've never noticed any drying out as such. Most foods taste "just cooked" when kept warm at one of the lower settings, but certain foods (such as fried foods) taste better when crispy and fresh so don't really work too well in here. I should also point out that a warming drawer is not designed to cook or reheat food initially; you should always use a standard appliance to do this. Also for food safety it's recommended that you always preheat the actual drawer before placing any food in it.

      According to the accompanying booklet it combines best with the Whirlpool Ambient and Fusion ranges although I can't see why you couldn't use it with any range as it's very much a standalone appliance. It also comes with a one year guarantee and you can take an optional future guarantee. Despite my dad's initial worries it hasn't broken but that could be because it's not be used enough! It currently retails at £549.99 in Currys which is an extraordinarily high price in my opinion or at Kitchen Science it's £444.99 which is marginally better. I think I paid about £100 for this and a stainless steel bin as they were being thrown out!

      In conclusion I think that if you were having a new kitchen there are far more useful and worthwhile products to spend around £500 on than a warming drawer. It's an unnecessary luxury in my mind... although not really a luxury as I've never heard Victoria Beckham talking about her diamond covered warming drawer!

      Thanks for reading.


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      Whirlpool 14cm Warming Drawer / Short name: Whirlpool WD142IX

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