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2 Reviews

Brand: AEG

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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2009 14:55
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      Excellent machine if you can't afford a Miele and don't have space for separates.

      I bought the AEG L16830 in 2007 after reading a largely positive review in 'Which' magazine. It was listed as a 'best buy' product and as I couldn't afford a Miele I thought I'd purchase this machine instead.

      I've been very happy using this washer dryer. It cleans extremely well, has a good sized drum and the 1600rpm spin extracts a lot of water - the clothes feel close to dry once they're out of the machine. In addition to this, the machine is well designed with a clear and easy to use control panel. The countdown display is useful and there are a number of additional features such as extra rinse and prewash should you need these.

      I use the 'economy' wash programme for bedlinen and towels. Although this cycle takes around 109 minutes to complete it uses less water, electricity and cleans very well. The eco programme runs at 60 degrees and so I can't use it for any clothes that are strictly 40 degree washable. This is my only major criticism of the machine - an eco 40 degree programme would be very useful and would no doubt use a fraction less power.

      This machine has served me exceptionally well so far and has allayed any apprehensions I had about washer dryers before I bought it. If you have an open plan kitchen/lounge, limited space or a small household I would definitely recommend the L16830. The machine is solidly built, sturdy during operation and much quieter in operation compared to other washers I've used. Overall an excellent product and I would consider buying a similar model if and when this one dies!


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        27.08.2006 23:45
        Very helpful



        Quiet, competent and nice to use

        I got an AEG L16830 delivered earlier this morning.

        It comes in a big, white, box with a few buttons and one knob. Styling-wise, you know it is a washing machine!

        There are about 10 programs - a reasonable balance between functionality and simplicity.

        Its very quiet, has good ratings for economy and performance. The cycles are not particularly quick. A normal wash takes ~ 2 hours, or 1 hour if you use the time saver button. There is a countdown timer that shows how long is left to run. This is reasoably accurate for a real wash. On the first run with an empty load, it skipped through some bits more quickly than the original quoted time. The drum takes 7kg of washing and it takes 3.5kg for drying.

        The dryer is OK. If you have the space, having a seperate dryer works better, and will be more reliable but I don't. I think having a bigger drum should help the performance of the dryer.

        The best feature is the door lock. When the final spin has finished, the drum is stationary for about a second before you can open the door. When the wash cycle is running, you can pause the cycle and open the door so long as the drum doesn't have enough water to flood out. Its almost like having a top loader. With my old washer, the door wouldn't open for 3-4 minutes after the end of the fast bit of the spin and you had to drain it mid-cycle if you wanted to add something. Its nice to be treated as an adult.

        I paid £465 at www.dixons.co.uk including delivery and disposal of my old machine. To get this price took a combination of 5% cash back from Egg, a £10 discount voucher from Pricerunner and 2% from a click through site. A couple of days later, and I could have used another £20 voucher from Dixons.

        The warranty is only 1 year. John Lewis used to sell them and then you would have got a 2 year guarantee. They seem to be out of stock now - presumably as their own brand washer dryer is pretty close competition (although that only has a 6kg drum).

        AEG is the top-end brand from Electrolux. In general each range has the same design, with a few extra features added on and faster spin speeds to differentiate the models. The build quality is not to the level of a Miele, but their washer-dryer is £400 more and it only has a 5kg drum. LG and Daewoo have washer dryers with 8kg and 10kg drums, but I decided to go for a company I had heard of as a washing machine manufacturer. AEG have done reasonably well in the Which? Magazine reliability surveys in recent years.


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    • Product Details

      Front Load Drum All-in-One Washer / Dryer, Efficiency: B, 15.43 lb / load, Features: Fuzzy Logic, Colors: White / Short name: AEG L16830

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